Fire Armor is an unnamed armor of Coordinator's.


This armor is mainly composed of red and black plates with gold trimming. The upper half of the armor consists of a red chest plate that covers her neck and her chest that is styled like a leathery wing and is linked to the black colored pauldrons that also covers the lower part of the chestplate. While the upper half of the body is heavily armored, the lower part of her body and her upper arms are greatly exposed. It also comes with armored gauntlets which covers the entirety of Coordinator’s forearms and large faulds decorated with spikes of varying sizes on the waist and gold trimmings. Coordinator's hair is tied into a pair of high ringlets and adorned by two pairs of red horns and a pair of dangling pearl earrings. The armor’s weapon of choice seems to be a large jagged blade.[1]


  • Jagged Blade: This armor comes equipped with a large curved blade. The blade has red claw like hilt and a dark blade with red jagged edges.[1]


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