The Kingdom of Fiore (フィオーレ王国 Fiōre Ōkoku) is one of the countries located on the Earth Land.[1] Fiore is also the main setting of "Fairy Tail".


Fiore is a neutral nation with a population of almost 17 million people.[2]


Fiore is located on the westernmost peninsula. It is surrounded on three sides by ocean, and has land borders with Bosco and Seven. Additionally, Caelum and Fiore combine their sea trade routes.[3]

Administration and Government

Fiore - the Royal Emblem

It is a state in which the current regime is a monarchy and is ruled by a Queen,[4] who is the head of the government. Next to the Queen is the power exercised by the government. The part of the government responsible for the supervision of the Magic and the guilds is the Magic Council.[5] It supervises guilds, including outlawing their activities,[6] has the ability to appoint Wizard Saints,[7] gives official orders and sends complaints to the Guild Masters.[8]

The capital is Crocus,[9] and the monetary unit in Fiore Kingdom is Jewels Jewel.png.[10]


Name Rank/Title Team/Hierarchy Status
Toma E. Fiore King Royal Family Retired
Hisui E. Fiore Queen Royal Family Active
Darton Minister of Defense None Active
Arcadios Cherry Blossom Holy Knight Squadron Chief Cherry Blossom Holy Knight Squadron Active
Yukino Agria Sergeant Cherry Blossom Holy Knight Squadron Left Squad
Kama Leader of Garou Knights Garou Knights Active
Cosmos Garou Knight Garou Knights Active
Kamika Garou Knight Garou Knights Active
Neppa Garou Knight Garou Knights Active
Uosuke Garou Knight Garou Knights Active
Riana Leader of White Tiger White Tiger Active
Zash Caine Secretary of State None Defected
Aegis & Bandou Soldier Anti-Magic Unit Active

Notable Events

In X792, The dreaded Alvarez Empire launched an all out attack on Fiore in order to gain control of the wizard guild Fairy Tail's greatest treasure Fairy Heart. They once tried to invade but were stopped years ago by the Magic Council's powerful weapons Etherion and Face.[11] their invasion started out with a vanguard of 50 aircrafts, 2 of the Spriggan 12 and numerous soldiers.[12] while Fairy Tail was engaging the Vanguard, else where Alvarez already deployed 4 separate forces from all directions.[13] From the west is a force of 1,000,000 strong, accompanied with one of Spriggan 12 and the Emperor himself.[14] To the north is a force of 300 ships and 3 more of the Spriggan 12. To the south, a force of 300 ships carrying 3 of the Spriggan 12 and 300,000 troops seized the port town of Hargeon. To the east, comes a force of 1,000,000 troops and the last 3 members of the Spriggan 12 who had just finished conquering the neighboring country of Bosco.[15] in response to this threat, the Wizards of Fiore where deployed to the different locations, Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus to the north, Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel to the south, the currently strongest four members of the Ten Wizard Saints in the east, while Fairy Tail will assist in those battles by sending some of the members to different fronts.[16]

In they year X793, one year after the war with Alvarez, the Queen has been working at making a mutual relationship with their opposing western country.[17]


Cities & Towns in Fiore


  • "Fiore" is the Italian word for "flower," and all of Fiore's city and towns are named after flowers or trees.[18]


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