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Fingers (フィンガーズ Fingāzu) was a member of the Sabertooth Guild.[1]


Fingers was a large, burly man with purple hair locked into a ponytail. His clothing consisted of a white tunic with diamond designs and a brown undershirt. Along with that, he wore black pants, colored white on their inseam, finishing with pointed shoe wear. His most distinctive feature, though, was his completely bandaged face, with only his eyes being shown.[1]


During Minerva's training, Fingers was used to spar with her until she managed to defeat him. After losing, Jiemma ordered his daughter to finish him, with the latter refusing as she considered him a friend from the guild. Jiemma then takes the deed, killing Fingers with his Blast Magic.[1]

Magic and Abilities

Fingers, utilizing his Magic

Energy Blast: Fingers can form and launch a wave of energy that explodes on contact, damaging the target.[1] (Unnamed)


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