Father Brock (ブロック 神父 Burokku Shinpu) is a priest of a church in Magnolia Town.[1]


Father Brock appears like an average chubby man. He has pale skin, a thick mustache, a big nose and grey hair which is partly covered with a blue miter pointed with a golden accent and a golden cross on it. He wears a colorful decorated cassock with flowers. He also wears a red flower lei round his neck and a blue stole.[1]


Nothing much is shown about Father Brock's personality, except for his disapproval regarding Cana's alcoholism.[1][2]


Father Brock yells at Cana

Father Brock yells at Cana for bringing liquor

When Cana and Wendy arrive at a church, Father Brock is shown admonishing Cana for bringing alcohol to the House of God. As they enter the building, the priest continue criticizing the Mage's habits and behavior. The children of the church appear overjoyed upon seeing the Fairy Tail members. Father Brock and Cana then watch as the kids surround Wendy, wanting to take to her after seeing her performance in the Grand Magic Games. He then compliments the young girl's taste in fashion, in which Cana replies that she thought he would be mad at her dress.[3][2]



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