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Farewell Fairy Tail Armor is an unnamed special armor of Erza's that she uses during Fairy Tail's farewell ceremony when a respective member or ally leaves instead for combat.


Unlike most other armors, this one is given a much more elaborated appearance in the anime than it is in the manga.[1] In the manga, its breastplate is fairly plain, with the waistguard attached to it being similar to the one in Erza’s second Heart Kreuz Armor, composed of simply two hanging plates, paired with a ruffled cloth sprouting from under it over some chainmail; all of which surmount a long skirt, reaching down to Erza’s knees and covering the rather featureless greaves. The gauntlets, covering the entirety of her arms, are similarly unadorned with only her pauldrons, composed of overlapping plates, having some decorations over the upper plates.[2] In the anime, this armor is depicted with an extravagant theme, emphasizing the metal pauldrons and tasset with yellow decorative markings. The skirt is given a more renaissance theme, featuring white frills along its edge and a blue banner hanging down from her waist with yellow markings, similar to the ones visible over the armor. Erza's winged headpiece extends from her ears symmetrically pointing upwards, with similar wings appearing over her pauldrons and footwear. The entire armor set is complemented by a velvet cape that is tucked under her pauldrons, which possesses a white fur finish and a yellow frilled edge.[1]



  • Banner: This armor comes equipped with a banner that sports intricate decorations on the shaft and a massive spear-like head, with a flag bearing Fairy Tail’s symbol (surrounded by a laurel wreath) tied on by two slim ribbons.[3] In the anime, the banner is substituted with a unique lance that can be held from the center of its shaft, while maintaining the flag's appearance.[1]


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