Fairy Tail vs. Atlas Flame is a fight fought between the Mages of Fairy Tail and the Dragon Atlas Flame.


Future Rogue announces the dragon era

Atlas Flame controlled by Future Rogue

As the opening of the Eclipse Gate begins, everyone is shocked to see Dragons coming from it. Later, while Lucy and Yukino successfully close the gate with their Celestial Spirits, seven Dragons, including Atlas Flame, have already descended upon it.[1] However, Future Rogue appears, saying that seven Dragons will suffice and that humanity will come to extinction as the "Dragon Era" starts. With his Dragon Supremacy Magic, Future Rogue orders the seven Dragons to find Mages and eliminate them.[2] Meanwhile, as the Dragons roam throughout Crocus, Atlas Flame appears before the Fairy Tail Mages, much to their shock and fear.[3]


Makarov punches Atlas

Makarov attacks Atlas Flame

As Atlas Flame states that they shall now experience the flames of hell, the Dragon attacks the Fairy Tail Mages with his Dragon's Roar, sending them away.[4] While the Fairy Tail Mages regroup, Atlas Flame is surprised to see them breathing even after his attack and asks them if he is in the presence of Mages. Makarov uses his Giant and punches Atlas Flame, telling the Dragon that what he is dealing with is a family. However, the Fairy Tail Mages are shocked to see their master's attack ineffective against the Dragon. Atlas Flame states that they cannot defeat a Dragon even with their Magics, and attacks them once again.[5] Later on, Laxus appears before Atlas Flame and attacks him with his Dragon Slayer Magic, damaging the Dragon.[6]


Laxus tells the others what to do

Laxus tells everyone to fight Motherglare's minions instead

Laxus then tells everyone that he will fight Atlas Flame while they deal with Motherglare's minions. Romeo says that he cannot handle the Dragon alone, but the Thunder God Tribe appears, stating that they will assist Laxus. Mavis tells the Fairy Tail Mages to leave Atlas Flame to Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe as only Dragon Slayers can defeat Dragons.[7]


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