Zera is the 12th chapter of Fairy Tail Zerø, a prequel to Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Zera confirms Yuri's beliefs, admitting to Mavis that she died during the Blue Skull's raid and had been a creation of Mavis' Magic ever since that day. In disbelief, Mavis tries to argue the fact, though she ultimately accepts the fact that Zera isn't real, allowing Yuri to see her; Zera entrusts Yuri with the job of looking after Mavis before disappearing completely.


Unable to accept that Zera is an illusion, Mavis insists that she is standing there before Yuri, who reiterates that he cannot see her. Zera, however, confesses the truth. Seven years ago, on Tenrou Island she died. At that point, Mavis's talents with Illusion Magic blossomed, and she unconsciously summoned Zera into existence without realizing that she was an illusion. Because Mavis thought of Zera as real, Zera was invisible to everyone else, unlike the rest of her illusions. But now that Mavis is realizing the truth, Zera's illusion is starting to unravel.

Mavis refuses to accept the truth, but Zera gives her a hug, telling her that Yuri wants her to move ever forward, which requires dispelling Zera's illusion. Zera points out that Mavis' use of Law is not the only thing inhibiting her growth, but the strain of maintaining her illusion is as well.

As Zera reminisces about their time together, Mavis insists that she not leave, suggesting that she can summon her again. Zera says that is impossible, though, as doing so was something Mavis could only do subconsciously, and cannot do again once she knows Zera is an illusion. Mavis begs Zera not to leave her alone, but Zera says Mavis has real friends now and Zera will live in her heart, just like the fairies. As Mavis calms down, Zera asks her to summon her courage and make her disappear, apologizing for being a brat, thanking her for their time together and promising to be friends with her.

Zera vanishing

Yuri watches Zera vanish

As Zera fades, she appears before Yuri, asking him to watch over Mavis, and he agrees. Elsewhere in Magnolia, Precht and Warrod hear Zera's voice, and discuss how Yuri asked them to play along with Mavis, knowing that Zera was not real, as something only Mavis herself could see. Warrod concludes that the fact that they can see Zera means that Mavis has acknowledged that she is an illusion.

After Zera disappears, Mavis tells Yuri that for Zera's sake, she will move forward, and thanks Zera for everything.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Yuri Dreyar
  2. Zera
  3. Mavis Vermillion
  4. Warrod Sequen
  5. Precht Gaebolg

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