Law is the 10th chapter of Fairy Tail Zerø, a prequel to Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Zera runs around Magnolia Town in search of Mavis Vermillion, who is preparing to use Law to counter the effects of the Tenrou Jade and stop Yuri Dreyar from destroying the town. Despite Zera's warnings about the dangers of using the spell, Mavis does so anyway and successfully returns Yuri back to normal. However, the spell knocks her unconscious.


Warrod finding the empty cage

Warrod finding the empty cage

Warrod notices the empty cage that was supposed to contain Geoffrey, and ponders where Blue Skull's master and his teammates are, hoping that they are alright. Elsewhere, Zera asks Precht where Mavis is, but he ignores her so she keeps on running. Meanwhile, Mavis goes to confront Yuri, who has been forced into the form of a skeletal Dragon by the Tenrou Jade. Whilst heading towards him she thinks back to the time when Zeref was teaching her Magic. She demanded that he teach her Magic that could be used in combat, and he asked her if she wanted to learn Black Magic. To which she replied she didn't care if the Magic was black or white, so long as she could use it to fight.

Mavis jumping on Yuri's back

Mavis jumping on Yuri's back

Mavis finally makes it to Yuri and tries to distract him from destroying the town by using Illusion Magic to make a pile of gold coins appear in his line of vision. While he is distracted, Mavis jumps on his back and prepares to cast Law. At that moment, Zera appears and tells Mavis to stop because Zeref told Mavis that the spell would take ten years to complete. However, Mavis tells her that she has no other choice, and says that as long as she has even a small chance of saving Yuri, she'll take it.


Mavis casting Law

Zera asks Mavis why she is willing to go so far for him, and Mavis replies that Yuri brought them off of the island, and that she wants to remember their adventure together fondly. Mavis then tells Zera that she should get off of Yuri because it's dangerous, however, Zera tells Mavis that she's her friend and she refuses to leave. Mavis smiles and then jumps in front of Yuri and casts Law, engulfing the entire vicinity in a bright light. The spell releases Yuri from the effect of the Tenrou Jade, which breaks as it falls from the sky. Zera is visibly pleased at the spell's success, however, she panics when she looks over and sees Mavis lying unconscious on the ground.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Warrod Sequen
  2. Precht Gaebolg
  3. Zera
  4. Mavis Vermillion
  5. Zeref Dragneel (flashback)
  6. Yuri Dreyar

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