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Applications for the Manga Summary Guild are currently closed. Any application forms posted below will not be considered.
Thank you.

Application Form

|Image=(Put none if an image is unavailable. Also, you guys don't need to add "[[File:.....|thumb]]".)
|How long have you been on the Fairy Tail Wiki?=
|Other Guilds?=
|Do you edit any other wikis?=
|If yes, can any users from those wikis vouch for you being a good editor?=
|Can you write credible manga summaries in a grammatically correct fashion?=
|Do you have sufficient knowledge regarding basic wiki codes, such as adding images to the text, creating links and formatting text?=
|How often can you edit?=
|Why do you want to join the Manga Summary Guild?= 
|If accepted, when could you start?=




Due to the number of jobs remaining and the number of Mages in the guild, the Manga Summary Guild is currently NOT looking for any applicants. We thank aspiring members for considering joining our guild and hope that you will join other guilds. Thank you! Tutles Sig 02:17, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

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