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Profile Picture Changes

  • As per the Image Policy, nominate and discuss changes to the profile pictures of the character articles here and only here.
  • All discussions must be left open for a minimum of two days before any change takes place, however, in the case of a clear results supported by a necessary number of votes, the voting may be closed earlier than that.
  • Furthermore, the image-lead administrator has the ability to veto any voting and thus stop the change from happening, if it's clear that the proposed image does not meet the standards of Fairy Tail Wiki's profile pictures.
  • The typical requirements for a profile picture are that it shows the character facing forward, in their typical attire and should not be battle-worn. They should be centered, have good lighting, and be of good quality.
  • Candidates also must have valid and complete {{Fairuse}} and {{Fair use rationale}} templates attached to them or else they will be rejected.
  • Anonymous users are not allowed to vote here!
  • Neutral: When you are voting neutral, please provide an adequate reason as to why you are voting neutral. Otherwise, there is no point in casting your vote as in the long run, it has no effect on the final tally.
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