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This is the talk page for the article "Fight Summary Guild".

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Applications for the Fight Summary Guild are currently closed. Any application forms posted below will not be considered.
Thank you.


Applying users must use the application form found here.

For example:

|Nickname?=Reli, Dark Tyrant
|How long have you been on the Fairy Tail Wiki?=1-2 years
|Team?={{Project|Relación Seis}}, {{Project|Time Sorcière}} and {{Project|Dragons of Design}}
|Other Guilds?={{Project|Image Guild}}
|Do you edit any other wikis?=Eden no Ori Wiki, Fairy Tail en Espanol Wiki, One Piece Wiki, Reborn Wiki, Avatar Wiki, some others
|If yes, can any users from those wikis vouch for you being a good editor?=Yes.
|If you answered yes to the previous question, provide their usernames.= William Ken, some others
|Can you write credible fight summaries in a grammatically correct fashion?=Yes
|Do you have sufficient knowledge regarding basic wiki codes, such as adding images to the text, creating links and formatting text?=Yes
|Will you be able to get your own pictures? If yes, can you please give us a sample?=Yes. [[:File:Bixlow.jpg|Sample]]
|Do you have any experience with referencing?=Yes
|Why do you want to join the Fight Summary Guild?=I'm already in it! I'm the Guild Master.
|If accepted, when could you start?=Started over a year ago.

Would produce:

RelikzTalk PageTalk 03:28, June 6, 2012 (UTC)