("The dragons of design are currently looking for one new member")
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<center><big><big><big>'''{{color|blue|APPLICATIONS ARE <u>CLOSED</u>!!}}'''</big></big></big>
One spot has been opened to join the Dragons of Design. If you would like to join, please apply below. Please remember that we are looking for a user that is good with coding. If possible, show a sample of your work. {{User:Relikz/Sig8}} 17:34, October 14, 2013 (UTC)
<big><big>'''{{color|blue|Applications for the {{color|blue|Dragons of Design}} are currently <b>closed</b>. Any application forms posted below will not be considered.<br>Thank you.}}'''</big></big></center>
== Application: Bereisgreat ==
Sup bros, remember me? So I heard you guys need another member and both Ummy and Choko wanted me to put an application in, so here I am. Ummy told me I don't have to be fully active to be accepted, so I hope you guys can overlook my activity on this Wiki and just look at my "design quality". About that, I can show you my "work" on the [[w:c:kurokonobasuke|Kuroko no Basuke Wiki]] and my [[w:c:bereistesting|Test Wiki]]. Basically everything on there is something I have created/majorly contributed to, so I hope it's enough to accept me into this wonderful team!! :~)<br>{{User:Bereisgreat/Sig3}} 15:50, October 20, 2013 (UTC)
== Application:FairySapphire ==
Sigh....I guess I'll give it a go.
I don't really see much requirements, but to see "coding examples" I suppouse you should go to my userpage, and signatures and stuff. ( [[User:FairySapphire| here]])
I'm frequently online here almost everyday, though I don't edit often unless I see a page that has to be edited. I'm familiar with coding from my experience with many other wiki's, so I hope this application will be considered ^^
--{{User:FairySapphire/Sig 2}} 03:50, September 29, 2014 (UTC)
Thank you for applying. Your coding skills are good, but it is not up to the standards and professionalism the team is looking for. Sorry for the inconvenience. {{User:Relikz/Sig9}} 00:13, October 2, 2014 (UTC)
=="The dragons of design are currently looking for one new member"==
:Hmmmm.... I'm not so sure about this guy, Reli. He has no user page to show us his coding abilities and apparently he only has 166 edits. >:D {{User:IamJakuhoRaikoben/Sig9}}19:21,10/10/2014
::Joke is on you, Reli already accepted me--{{User:Godisme/sig3|19:30,10/10/2014}}
:::Well that was a waste of a perfectly good joke. >_> {{User:IamJakuhoRaikoben/Sig9}}19:54,10/10/2014

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Applications for the Dragons of Design are currently closed. Any application forms posted below will not be considered.
Thank you.
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