This Team is now officially disbanded, due users' inactivity and lack of good jobs.
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Welcome to the Team Element Seven Team Request Board!

Team Element Seven

Team Element Seven (エレメントセブン, Eremento Sebun) is an official team of the Fairy Tail Wiki under the Anime Summary Guild.


The person who had the idea to create the group is MagicalKey and the one who thought of the name was Animaltamer7. The team was formed when MagicalKey and Animaltamer7 were discussing about various Magic. And later, the team was approved by ChaosKnight.

Team Statistics

Team Colors  Red   Orange 
 Yellow   Green   Blue 
 Indigo   Violet 
Team Mascot Virgo PNG
Team Crest TES Temp Badge
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Rules of Team Element Seven

The following are the duties of Team Element Seven:

  • Correcting Fairy Tail wiki pages.
  • Watch out for vandalism, and helping new users.
  • Aid the wiki as much as possible.
  • Accept request that such as projects, creating new articles, ect....

Former Members


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Unlike the Wiki's Guilds, things are done a little differently here in Team Element Seven. If there is a project the members will work together, however, if it's a simple job that requires the attention of only one Mage, only one Mage will be allowed to work on that job. We also accept requests from nonmembers so if you want a particular job to be completed, simply leave a message on our talk page and the job will be posted in the request board. The jewels rewarded for each job varies depending on the character. At the end of the month, Animal or MK will tally all the points and award the title Mage of the Month to whomever earns the most Jewels. If you see a job that you want to take, simply put *taken* and your signature beside it. Once you are finished, place *jobcompleted* beside it, and it will be checked for completion.

When signing up for a job, please use ~~~ instead of ~~~~ so that you're timestamp isn't left.

Joining Team Element Seven

There are currently no vacant spots available. Once a spot is vacated, aspiring users may leave a message on our talk page. Their works will be reviewed and if deemed qualified, their names will be added to the list of members. All users must not be anonymous users. If you wish to join the team, you must create an account.

Excommunication from Team

Any users that goes three months without completing a 1,500 jewel job, will be excommunicated from Team Element Seven. When you are excommunicated, you must take the team's badge off of your userpage within two days of being notified of your excommunication. If you do not remove it, one of your fellow team members will. Excommunications aren't permanent and if you wish to rejoin the team, simply re-apply.

Team Mark

For use by Mages only!!!

TES Temp Badge This user is a member of Team Element Seven

Type {{Team Element Seven}} on your user page; this mark is a symbol that you're a member of the team.

For use by Former Mages only!!!

Former Mage This user is a former Mage of Team Element Seven.

Type {{TESFormer}} on your user page; this mark is a symbol that you're a former member of the team.

Completed Requests/Projects

This is the list of Request that were done this month.

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Glass Heart
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Monthly Total

This is the spot to total all the Jewels that all our current mages have. At the end of the month, whoever has the most Jewels is named the Mage of the Month.


  • Mage of the Month is colored  Red 
  • Runner up is colored  Blue 


January February March April May June
MagicalKey 500Jewel  10,000 Jewel  11,000 Jewel  12,000 Jewel
Rinne gan 400Jewel 1,500Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
RedFemaleKnight  1,100 Jewel 1,500Jewel  14,500 Jewel
Glass Heart 9,500Jewel  18,000 Jewel
IgnaciusARG 0Jewel 1,500Jewel 0Jewel 1,500Jewel
Animaltamer7  1,200 Jewel  4,500 Jewel 7,500Jewel 5,000Jewel
Paraphineas 0Jewel 1,500Jewel 4,500Jewel 4,500Jewel
Shriniket 1,500Jewel 3,000Jewel 1,500Jewel
July August September October November December
MagicalKey  1,500 Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
Alois-pyon 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
Glass Heart 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
IgnaciusARG 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
Animaltamer7  3,000 Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
Zeref Vermillion 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
Shriniket 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel

Mages of the Month



  • Even so the team's name started with references about the night sky (some of the first suggestions were: covenant lights, dark constelation and twin moons) the two final option names end up being "Team mega fighters" and "Team Element Six" which was later changed to "Team Element Seven".
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