MSG Disbanded
After 11 months of dedicated service to the Fairy Tail Wiki, the Manga Summary Guild was officially disbanded on June 19, 2012 due to a lack of jobs. Thank you to all of its members and its longstanding Guild Master, B j .
Welcome to the Manga Summary Guild
Welcome to Manga Summary Guild. If you have any questions please contact the Master or one of our S-Class Mages, thank you.

  • Info on joining our Guild is posted below.
  • The Jewels received for the jobs are all equal.
  • Contact IamJakuhoRaikoben about info on manga summaries.
  • Enjoy your stay while with our Guild, and I hope that you will consider joining.

Manga Summary Guild

The Manga Summary Guild is a group of Fairy Tail Wiki Users who have the task of correcting and updating the chapter pages of our wiki, and writing new and correct chapter summaries as the chapter are released. These users are dedicated to the task of making sure the chapter pages within the Wiki are correct! All users should read our summary guidelines before you start writing summaries.

Guild Stats

Guild Colors  Navy 
Guild Mascot Gray Anime S2
Guild Crest Gray

Roles of the Manga Summary Guild

The following are the duties of the guild:

1. To write the new chapter summaries as the chapter debuts.
2. To correct and rewrite all old summaries.
3. To fix the format of the chapter pages.


Mage Signature Admission Date Current Status
Supervisor IamJakuhoRaikoben (Talk) Iam...    JakuhōRaikōben  July 25, 2011 Active
Guild Master B j (Talk)   BHappy ChibiJ   May 5, 2012 Active
S-Class Mage Gildarts Clive (Talk) Gildarts CliveNatsu and Happy November 4, 2011 Active
Mage Zeref Vermillion (Talk) ZerefLucy 12th openinhVermillion December 21, 2011 Active
Mage Noir Stylix (Talk) Noir StylixZeref wektorTalk Page January 07, 2012 Active
Mage AceCliveGT (Talk)  The LegendAceClive Foreign Finds - Chibi Elfman January 14, 2012 Active
Mage RedFemaleKnight (Talk) RedFemaleKnightErza Anime S2 March 5, 2012 Active
Mage Shriniket (Talk) Shriniket March 7, 2012 Active
Mage Rinne gan (Talk) talk  RinneGan  March 15, 2012 Active


  • Has the right to promote and demote users.
  • Has the right to allow users to Join the Guild and add their name to the registry.
  • Has the right to check completed jobs and move them to the completed list.
  • Has the right to remove inactive users.
  • Has the right to take and complete jobs.

Guild Master

  • Is the primary contact for the Guild
  • Has the right to check completed jobs and move them to the completed list.
  • Has the right to remove inactive users.
  • Has the right to allow users to Join the Guild and add their name to the registry.
  • Has the right to take and complete jobs.

S-Class Mage

  • Has the right to report inactive users to the Guild Master.
  • Has the right to allow users to Join the Guild and add their name to the registry.
  • Has the right to check completed jobs and move them to the completed list.
  • Has the right to take and complete jobs.


  • Has the right to take and complete jobs.


  • All users that go a month without doing at least two summaries will be tagged as "Inactive", and if you go two months without taking a job you will be excommunicated without warning.

Former Mages


Here at the Manga Summary Guild, you pick up jobs from the Jobs section below, and write the summary for it. We do jobs by arcs, meaning that all the chapters from one arc should be on the job list at one time. If an arc is complete then the Guild Master will post the new jobs. All Jobs are worth the same amount of Jewels, and at the end of the month, IamJakuhoRaikoben will tally all the points and whoever has earned the most Jewels will be called the Mage of the Month. If you see a job that you want to take, simply put *taken* and your signature beside it. Once you are finished, place *jobcompleted* beside it, and it will be checked for completion.

When signing up for a job, please use ~~~ instead of ~~~~ so that you're timestamp isn't left.

Joining the Manga Summary Guild

Gray Anime S2

Please note that the Manga Summary Guild is NOT looking for any applicants at this moment. If you wish to join the Guild, fill out the application below and post it on the guild's talk page, and after your application has been reviewed, I will add your name to the list of members. All users must not be anonymous users. If you wish to join the guild, you must create an account.

Excommunication from our Guild

Any users that go two month without taking at least four jobs or more, will be excommunicated from the Manga Guild. When you are excommunicated, you must take our Guild's Badge off of your userpage within two days of being notified of your excommunication. If you do not remove it, one of your fellow Guild members will. Excommunications aren't permanent and if you wish to rejoin the guild, simply re-apply.


|How long have you been on the Fairy Tail Wiki?=
|Other Guilds?=
|Do you edit any other wikis?=
|If yes, can any users from those wikis vouch for you being a good editor?=
|Can you write credible manga summaries in a grammatically correct fashion?=
|Do you have sufficient knowledge regarding basic wiki codes, such as adding images to the text, creating links and formatting text?=
|How often can you edit?=
|Why do you want to join the Manga Summary Guild?=
|If accepted, when could you start?=

Summary Guidelines

Now below are the Guidelines to keep in mind when writing summaries and they are also things that might be helpful if you writing a chapter summary for the very first time. They are also designed to comply with wiki best practice.

1. Please keep in mind that this is a wiki and so please do not speculate when writing the chapter summary. Just describe things as they unfold, and when in doubt, go for neutral tone and wording.

2. Links - please consider providing one where you think that the reader of the summary might want more information on either a character or a term.

3. Please do not forget to fill in the other chapter details when, before, or after editing the summary, such as the characters in order of appearance list and the powers and techniques list.

4. The Summaries should be written with in universe wording meaning terms such as the scene then switches or a flashback begins or the chapter begins with shouldn't be in the articles.

5. The articles should have a some pictures and the pictures should correspond to the text that is directly next to it. The pictures should alternate meaning if a picture is left in a previous paragraph then it should be right in the next. Also, our site policy is to use tankōbon images only so you should ask ChaosKnight for all images that you need, and if you upload your own images mark them with the category Needs Replacement by Tankōbon.

6. The chapter page should go in this order Introduction (the introduction should not have a header that says introduction), Summary, Characters In Order of Appearance, Fights, Magic, Spells and Abilities Used, and then Navigation.

7. Chapters must have a one line summary. Which is essentially a two to three sentence recap of the entire chapter that goes in the introduction.

Characters In Order of Appearance

To list characters, use the wikitext #[[Character Name]]

For example...

  1. Natsu Dragneel
  2. Lucy Heartfilia
  3. Mirajane


Each chapter should have a "Fights" section between "Characters in order of appearance" and "Powers and Techniques used."

Fights should be listed chronologically (in the order that they happened or began in that particular chapter) and organized using bullets by typing an asterisk ( * ) before the name of the fight. They should be set to default size, not bold or italicized, and should be linked to the appropriate fight page. When a fight concludes, add "(concluded)" to that particular chapter to indicate that the fight ends in that chapter. If there are no fights in an chapter, put "None" in the Fights section. If a fight begins and ends in the same chapter simply put that it (started and concluded) however if it simply started in that chapter then (started) is not listed.

For example, a proper listing for Chapter 1 would look like:

What is a fight and what's not?

  1. A "fight" will be considered to be the time from the initiation to the end of physical combat between at least 2 opponents in present time. They must be considered serious contests. Training sessions, petty brawls, and flashbacks to previous fights will not be listed as fights.
  2. If opponents physically engage in combat during an chapter, it should be listed in the section as a fight.

Special circumstances

  1. If opponents physically engage each other (i.e. clash swords) moments before an chapter ends, add the appropriate fight to the list. If opponents are talking or moving to engage without making contact and the chapter ends just before they clash, do not add it to the fights list.
  2. If a fight (or the conclusion of a fight) carries on to the next chapter, list it on the next chapter summary as well, and so on until the fight ends.
  3. If a fight concludes but a winner/loser or draw is not clearly established or is uncertain, continue the fight into the next chapter summary and add "(concluded)" after the name of the fight.

Magic, Spells, and Abilities Used - Example

To aid you in writing the powers & techniques section, here is an example of what it should look like. If there are no powers or techniques used, just write "None" under the heading. A couple of points that need clarifying:

The Magic, Spells, and Abilities Used sections should follow the example below, like the character pages follow the Layout Guide:

Magic used

Spells used

Abilities used

  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Swordsmanship

Armors used

Weapons used

Items used

Guild Template

For use by members ONLY!

Gray This user is a Mage of the Manga Summary Guild.

Type {{MangaSummaryGuild}} on your user page; this mark is a symbol that you're a Mage of our Guild. If you are excommunicated from the Guild, you must remove it from your user page, or another user will remove it for you.
For use of former members ONLY!

Former Mage This user is a former Mage of the Manga Summary Guild.

However, you can replace it with {{FormerMage|guild=Manga Summary}}, which is a symbol of you being a former Mage of our guild.


Completed Jobs

List of jobs that were properly summarized this month. For all the others, please view the completed archive to the right.

Erza working
Completed Jobs Archive

Monthly Total

This is the spot to tally all the Jewels that all our current mages have. At the end of the month, whoever has the most Jewels is named the Mage of the Month.


  • Mage of the Month is colored  Gold 
  • Excommunicated/Former Member is colored  Black 
  • (em dash) indicates that the user was not yet a part of the guild on the corresponding month.


Mage July August September October November December
Gildarts Clive 96,000Jewel 36,000Jewel
ChaosVoid 30,000Jewel 63,000Jewel 9,000Jewel
B j 12,000Jewel 9,000Jewel 0Jewel 18,000Jewel 0Jewel 3,000Jewel
Jinji 15,000Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
Azegawa 9,000Jewel
Zeref Vermillion 3,000Jewel
HisashiBleach 3,000Jewel
IamJakuhoRaikoben 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel


Mage January February March April May June
B j 0Jewel 114,000Jewel 96,000Jewel 12,000Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
RedFemaleKnight 42,000Jewel 3,000Jewel 9,000Jewel 0Jewel
Zeref Vermillion 6,000Jewel 36,000Jewel 6,000Jewel 3,000Jewel 3,000Jewel 0Jewel
Noir Stylix 0Jewel 9,000Jewel 30,000Jewel 6,000Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
Gildarts Clive 15,000Jewel 3,000Jewel 9,000Jewel 6,000Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
Rinne gan 24,000Jewel 3,000Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
AceCliveGT 9,000Jewel 3,000Jewel 12,000Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
Shriniket 9,000Jewel 3,000Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel
Azegawa 0Jewel 6,000Jewel
ChaosVoid 3,000Jewel 3,000Jewel
Shrig 0Jewel 3,000Jewel
IamJakuhoRaikoben 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel 0Jewel

Mages of the Month

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