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Abel/Image Gallery

Aceto/Image Gallery

Acnologia/Image Gallery

Acnologia (Dragon)/Image Gallery

Aed/Image Gallery

Aegis & Bandou/Image Gallery

Ajeel Raml/Image Gallery

Akane Mascot/Image Gallery

Akula/Image Gallery

Aldoron/Image Gallery

Aldoron (God Seed)/Image Gallery

Alok/Image Gallery

Alzack (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Alzack Connell/Image Gallery

Angelica/Image Gallery

Animus/Image Gallery

Anna Heartfilia/Image Gallery

Aquarius/Image Gallery

Aquarius (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Araña Webb/Image Gallery

Arcadios/Image Gallery

Archbishop/Image Gallery

Aria/Image Gallery

Aries/Image Gallery

Aries (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Arius/Image Gallery

Artificial Lizardman/Image Gallery

Asuka (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Asuka Connell/Image Gallery

Atlas Flame/Image Gallery

August/Image Gallery

Azuma/Image Gallery


Bacchus Groh/Image Gallery

Bakel/Image Gallery

Bakshi/Image Gallery

Balsamico/Image Gallery

Banaboster/Image Gallery

Bappy/Image Gallery

Belletokia/Image Gallery

Belno/Image Gallery

Belserion/Image Gallery

Bero/Image Gallery

Berrick/Image Gallery

Beth Vanderwood/Image Gallery

Biamask/Image Gallery

Biby/Image Gallery

Bickslow/Image Gallery

Bill/Image Gallery

Bisca (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Bisca Connell/Image Gallery

Bloodman/Image Gallery

Bluenote Stinger/Image Gallery

Bob/Image Gallery

Bobo/Image Gallery

Bora/Image Gallery

Boze/Image Gallery

Brain/Image Gallery

Brandish μ/Image Gallery

Briar/Image Gallery

Byard/Image Gallery

Byro/Image Gallery

Byro Cracy/Image Gallery


Caelum/Image Gallery

Cake Shop Owner/Image Gallery

Cana (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Cana Alberona/Anime Gallery

Cana Alberona/Image Gallery

Cana Alberona/Manga Gallery

Cancer/Image Gallery

Cancer (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Cannon/Image Gallery

Capricorn/Image Gallery

Capricorn (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Cara/Image Gallery

Carla/Anime Gallery

Carla/Image Gallery

Carla/Manga Gallery

Celestial Spirit King/Image Gallery

Celestial Spirit King (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Chapati Lola/Image Gallery

Chapter Covers

Charlotte/Image Gallery

Chase/Image Gallery

Chico C Hammitt/Image Gallery

Chrisack/Image Gallery

Chronos/Image Gallery

Clap/Image Gallery

Clipper/Image Gallery

Coco/Image Gallery

Coco (Earth Land)/Image Gallery

Coordinator/Image Gallery

Cosmos/Image Gallery

Crawford Seam/Image Gallery

Cream/Image Gallery

Crux/Image Gallery

Cubina Gamal/Image Gallery

Curily/Image Gallery

Cyclops Monster/Image Gallery


D-6/Image Gallery

Daichi Shinagawa/Image Gallery

Dallas/Image Gallery

Dan Straight/Image Gallery

Daphne/Image Gallery

Dark Dragon/Image Gallery

Darton/Image Gallery

De Cybele/Image Gallery

Deliora/Image Gallery

Deneb/Image Gallery

Dimaria Yesta/Image Gallery

Dobengal/Image Gallery

Doll/Image Gallery

Doom/Image Gallery

Doriate/Image Gallery

Doscadon/Image Gallery

Draculos Hyberion/Image Gallery

Drake/Image Gallery

Droy/Image Gallery

Droy (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Dyst/Image Gallery


Eisenwald Chicken/Image Gallery

Eisenwald Twins/Image Gallery

Elbman/Image Gallery

Elefseria/Image Gallery

Elfman (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Elfman Strauss/Image Gallery

Elie/Image Gallery

Elizabeth/Image Gallery

Elkis/Image Gallery

Enno/Image Gallery

Erigor/Image Gallery

Erik/Image Gallery

Erza Knightwalker/Image Gallery

Erza Scarlet/Anime Gallery

Erza Scarlet/Image Gallery

Erza Scarlet/Manga Gallery

Eve Tearm/Image Gallery

Evergreen/Image Gallery

Everlue/Image Gallery

Ezel/Image Gallery

Éclair/Image Gallery


Fabrizio/Image Gallery

Fairy Girls/Image Gallery

Fairy Tail Blue Mistral/Image Gallery

Fairy Tail City Hero/Image Gallery

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry/Image Gallery

Fairy Tail Gaiden: Flash of Great Lightning/Image Gallery

Fairy Tail Gaiden: Rhodonite/Image Gallery

Fairy Tail Gaiden: The Twin Dragons of Sabertooth/Image Gallery

Fairy Tail: Happy's Heroic Adventure/Image Gallery

Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess/Image Gallery

Faris/Image Gallery

Father Brock/Image Gallery

Faust/Image Gallery

Fingers/Image Gallery

Flare Corona/Image Gallery

Fortune Teller/Image Gallery

Four Heraldry Knights/Image Gallery

Franmalth/Image Gallery

Freed Justine/Image Gallery

Frosch/Image Gallery

Fukuro/Image Gallery


Ga Maille/Image Gallery

Gajeel (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Gajeel Redfox/Anime Gallery

Gajeel Redfox/Image Gallery

Gajeel Redfox/Manga Gallery

Gaku Izumi/Image Gallery

Gapri/Image Gallery

Gatô/Image Gallery

Gazeel/Image Gallery

Gears/Image Gallery

Geese/Image Gallery

Gemini/Image Gallery

Gemini (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Geoffrey/Image Gallery

Georg Reizen/Image Gallery

Gildarts Clive/Image Gallery

God Serena/Image Gallery

Gogotora/Image Gallery

Goldmine/Image Gallery

Gômon/Image Gallery

Grammi/Image Gallery

Gran Doma/Image Gallery

Grand Magic Games Monsters/Image Gallery

Grand White Priestess/Image Gallery

Grandeeney/Image Gallery

Gray Fullbuster/Anime Gallery

Gray Fullbuster/Image Gallery

Gray Fullbuster/Manga Gallery

Gray Surge/Image Gallery

Greige/Image Gallery

Gren/Image Gallery

Griffon Kato/Image Gallery

Guttman Kubrick/Image Gallery


Hades/Image Gallery

Hakune/Image Gallery

Hammer/Image Gallery

Hana Adachi/Image Gallery

Hand/Image Gallery

Hane-Sakana/Image Gallery

Happy/Anime Gallery

Happy/Image Gallery

Happy/Manga Gallery

Haru/Image Gallery

Hawk/Image Gallery

Heine Lunasea/Image Gallery

Hibiki Lates/Image Gallery

Hilda/Image Gallery

Hiroshi/Image Gallery

Hisui E. Fiore/Image Gallery

Hodras/Image Gallery

Horologium/Image Gallery

Hughes/Image Gallery


Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki/Image Gallery

Igneel/Image Gallery

Ignia/Image Gallery

Ikaruga/Image Gallery

Imitatia/Image Gallery

Invel Yura/Image Gallery

Irene Belserion/Image Gallery

Iris/Image Gallery

Ivan Dreyar/Image Gallery


Jackal/Image Gallery

Jacob Lessio/Image Gallery

Jason/Image Gallery

Jäger/Image Gallery

Jean-Luc Neville/Image Gallery

Jellal Fernandes/Image Gallery

Jenny Realight/Image Gallery

Jerome/Image Gallery

Jet/Image Gallery

Jet (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Jiemma Orland/Image Gallery

Jiggle Butt Gang/Image Gallery

Jiggle Jugs Gang/Image Gallery

Joey Fullborn/Image Gallery

Jose Porla/Image Gallery

Jude Heartfilia/Image Gallery

Julia/Image Gallery

Juliet Sun/Image Gallery

Jura Neekis/Image Gallery

Juvia (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Juvia Lockser/Anime Gallery

Juvia Lockser/Image Gallery

Juvia Lockser/Manga Gallery

Juvina/Image Gallery


Kaby Melon/Image Gallery

Kaby's Wife/Image Gallery

Kageyama/Image Gallery

Kagura Mikazuchi/Image Gallery

Kain Hikaru/Image Gallery

Kalard/Image Gallery

Kama/Image Gallery

Kamika/Image Gallery

Kanaloa/Image Gallery

Karacka/Image Gallery

Karameel/Image Gallery

Kareem/Image Gallery

Karen Lilica/Image Gallery

Kashima/Image Gallery

Katja/Image Gallery

Kawazu/Image Gallery

Kemokemo/Image Gallery

Keyes/Image Gallery

Kinana/Image Gallery

Kiria/Image Gallery

Klodoa/Image Gallery

Krov/Image Gallery

Kurohebi/Image Gallery

Kurubushi/Image Gallery

Kyôka/Image Gallery


Lahar/Image Gallery

Laki Olietta/Image Gallery

Lamy/Image Gallery

Landlady/Image Gallery

Lapointe/Image Gallery

Larcade Dragneel/Image Gallery

Laxlis/Image Gallery

Laxus Dreyar/Anime Gallery

Laxus Dreyar/Image Gallery

Laxus Dreyar/Manga Gallery

Layla Heartfilia/Image Gallery

Lector/Image Gallery

Legion/Image Gallery

Leiji/Image Gallery

Leo (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Let/Image Gallery

Levia/Image Gallery

Levy (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Levy McGarden/Image Gallery

Levy McGarden (Future)/Image Gallery

Libra/Image Gallery

Libra (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Lijy/Image Gallery

Lisala/Image Gallery

Lisanna (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Lisanna Strauss/Image Gallery

Loke/Image Gallery

Lucy Ashley/Image Gallery

Lucy Heartfilia/Anime Gallery

Lucy Heartfilia/Image Gallery

Lucy Heartfilia/Manga Gallery

Lucy Heartfilia (Future)/Image Gallery

Lullaby/Image Gallery

Lulu/Image Gallery

Lusha/Image Gallery

Lyon Vastia/Image Gallery

Lyra/Image Gallery


Macao (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Macao Conbolt/Image Gallery

Macbeth/Image Gallery

Madmole/Image Gallery

Mag Drug Owner/Image Gallery

Magnolia's Mayor/Image Gallery

Makarov Dreyar/Anime Gallery

Makarov Dreyar/Image Gallery

Makarov Dreyar/Manga Gallery

Mako/Image Gallery

Mard Geer Tartaros/Image Gallery

Marin Hollow/Image Gallery

Marl/Image Gallery

Martam/Image Gallery

Mary/Image Gallery

Mary Hughes/Image Gallery

Mashima HERO'S/Image Gallery

Mattan Ginger/Image Gallery

Mavis Vermilion/Image Gallery

Max (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Max Alors/Image Gallery

Mejeer/Image Gallery

Meliodas/Image Gallery

Meredy/Image Gallery

Mercphobia/Image Gallery

Mest Gryder/Image Gallery

Metalicana/Image Gallery

Metro/Image Gallery

Michelia/Image Gallery

Michelle Lobster/Image Gallery

Michello/Image Gallery

Mickey Chickentiger/Image Gallery

Miko/Image Gallery

Mikuni Shin/Image Gallery

Millgana Mine/Image Gallery

Millianna/Image Gallery

Mimi/Image Gallery

Minajane/Image Gallery

Minerva Orland/Image Gallery

Mio/Image Gallery

Mirajane (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Mirajane Strauss/Image Gallery

Moka/Image Gallery

Mole/Image Gallery

Momon/Image Gallery

Monmo/Image Gallery

Motherglare/Image Gallery

Muganto/Image Gallery

Musica/Image Gallery

Mysdroy/Image Gallery

Mystogan/Image Gallery


Nab (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Nab Lasaro/Image Gallery

Nadal/Image Gallery

Nadi/Image Gallery

Nakajima/Image Gallery

Naked Mummy Mage/Image Gallery

Nakku/Image Gallery

Nasha/Image Gallery

Natsu Dragion/Image Gallery

Natsu Dragneel/Anime Gallery

Natsu Dragneel/Image Gallery

Natsu Dragneel/Manga Gallery

Natsu's Father/Image Gallery

Natsu's Mother/Image Gallery

Nebaru/Image Gallery

Neinhart/Image Gallery

Neppa/Image Gallery

Nichiya/Image Gallery

Nico/Image Gallery

Niggy/Image Gallery

Nobarly/Image Gallery

Nodding Chef/Image Gallery

Nullpudding/Image Gallery


Obra/Image Gallery

Ooba Babasaama/Image Gallery

Ophiuchus/Image Gallery

Ophiuchus (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Org/Image Gallery

Orga Nanagear/Image Gallery

Orochi's Fin's Monster Tamer/Image Gallery

Oshibana Town Thugs/Image Gallery


Panther Lily/Image Gallery

Pirate/Image Gallery

Pisces/Image Gallery

Pisces (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Plue/Image Gallery

Plue (Rave)/Image Gallery

Polaris/Image Gallery

Porlyusica/Image Gallery

Pyxis/Image Gallery



Rabian/Image Gallery

Rala/Image Gallery

Rayule/Image Gallery

Receptionist/Image Gallery

Red Knife/Image Gallery

Reedus (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Reedus Jonah/Image Gallery

Ren Akatsuki/Image Gallery

Riana/Image Gallery

Ribbon/Image Gallery

Richard Buchanan/Image Gallery

Rinka Himeji/Image Gallery

Risley Law/Image Gallery

Rita/Image Gallery

Rob/Image Gallery

Robert/Image Gallery

Rock Dragon/Image Gallery

Rocker/Image Gallery

Rocky/Image Gallery

Rogue Cheney/Image Gallery

Rogue Cheney (Future)/Image Gallery

Rollidillo/Image Gallery

Romeo Conbolt/Image Gallery

Roubaul/Image Gallery

Ruby/Image Gallery

Rufus Lore/Image Gallery

Rung/Image Gallery

Rustyrose/Image Gallery


Sagittarius/Image Gallery

Sagittarius (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Salberay/Image Gallery

Samagui (Character)/Image Gallery

Samuel/Image Gallery

San Jiao Shin (Character)/Image Gallery

Sawarr Junelle/Image Gallery

Sawyer/Image Gallery

Scissor Runner/Image Gallery

Scorpio/Image Gallery

Scorpio (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Seilah/Image Gallery

Seiya Chiba/Image Gallery

Selene/Image Gallery

Semmes/Image Gallery

Serena/Image Gallery

Shadow Gear/Image Gallery

Shagotte/Image Gallery

Sharkette/Image Gallery

Sharkina/Image Gallery

Sherria Blendy/Image Gallery

Sherry Blendy/Image Gallery

Shop Owner/Image Gallery

Shop Owner (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Shô/Image Gallery

Silver Fullbuster/Image Gallery

Simon/Image Gallery

Skullion Raider/Image Gallery

Skiadrum/Image Gallery

Snarl/Image Gallery

Sniper/Image Gallery

Sol/Image Gallery

Sonya/Image Gallery

Sorano/Image Gallery

Spetto/Image Gallery

Sting Eucliffe/Image Gallery

Sue/Image Gallery

Sugarboy/Image Gallery

Sugarboy (Earth Land)/Image Gallery

Suzaku/Image Gallery

Swan/Image Gallery

Sword/Image Gallery


Tablin/Image Gallery

Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail/Image Gallery

Taurus/Image Gallery

Taurus (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Team Blue Pegasus/Image Gallery

Team Fairy Tail/Image Gallery

Team Fairy Tail A/Image Gallery

Team Fairy Tail B/Image Gallery

Team Lamia Scale/Image Gallery

Team Mermaid Heel/Image Gallery

Team Natsu/Image Gallery

Team Quatro Puppy/Image Gallery

Team Raven Tail/Image Gallery

Team Sabertooth/Image Gallery

Tempester/Image Gallery

Tenrou Squirrel/Image Gallery

Thibault/Image Gallery

Thunder God Tribe/Image Gallery

Toby Horhorta/Image Gallery

Toma E. Fiore/Image Gallery

Tomekko/Image Gallery

Tono Rabbits/Image Gallery

Torafuzar/Image Gallery

Totomaru/Image Gallery

Touka/Image Gallery


Ultear Milkovich/Image Gallery

Uosuke/Image Gallery

Ur/Image Gallery


Vanish Brothers/Image Gallery

Velveno/Image Gallery

Vidaldus Taka/Image Gallery

Viernes/Image Gallery

Vijeeter Ecor/Image Gallery

Virgo/Image Gallery

Virgo (Eclipse)/Image Gallery

Vulcan/Image Gallery


Wakaba (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Wakaba Mine/Image Gallery

Wakaba's Daughter/Image Gallery

Wall Eehto/Image Gallery

Wally Buchanan/Image Gallery

Wan Chanzi/Image Gallery

Warcry/Image Gallery

Warren (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Warren Rocko/Image Gallery

Warrod Sequen/Image Gallery

Water God's Messenger/Image Gallery

Weisslogia/Image Gallery

Wendelle/Image Gallery

Wendy (Edolas)/Image Gallery

Wendy Marvell/Anime Gallery

Wendy Marvell/Image Gallery

Wendy Marvell/Manga Gallery

Weretiger/Image Gallery

Will Neville/Image Gallery

Winged Orca/Image Gallery

Wolfen/Image Gallery

Wolfheim/Image Gallery

Wraith/Image Gallery

Writer/Image Gallery

Wyvern/Image Gallery



Yajeel/Image Gallery

Yajima/Image Gallery

Yakdoriga/Image Gallery

Yokai/Image Gallery

Yomazu/Image Gallery

Youko/Image Gallery

Yuka Suzuki/Image Gallery

Yukino Agria/Image Gallery

Yuri (Magic Council)/Image Gallery

Yuri Dreyar/Image Gallery


Zancrow/Image Gallery

Zash Caine/Image Gallery

Zatô/Image Gallery

Zeeself/Image Gallery

Zekua Melon/Image Gallery

Zera/Image Gallery

Zeref Dragneel/Image Gallery

Zirconis/Image Gallery

Zirconis (Spirit)/Image Gallery

Zoldeo/Image Gallery