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This page exists for the purpose of requesting assistance from an administrator. Leave a message here if you:

  • Need a user/IP to be blocked due to vandalism or severe disruption.
  • Need a spam page to be speedy deleted.
  • Need a page to be protected, maybe because of an edit war, or an unregistered user's continued vandalism.

All administrators should have this page in their watchlists.

Administrative Requests
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This section is to be used to report users who you believed have violated our policies in such a way that it warrants a block. This section is where users can request for a page to be protected from edits by anonymous users or all users for a specific reason. This section is used to request the deletion of a file or a page that you believe does not belong on the site. This section is used to request the renaming of file pages that were incorrectly named. This section is for general discussions that you believe deserves an administrators attention.
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Blocking Requests

When reporting users, please use Template:Block-Request. The fields to be filled are


Deletion Requests

Move Requests

Protection Requests

General Discussion

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