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Fairy Tail Portable Guild (FAIRY TAIL(フェアリーテイル) ポータブル ギルド Fearī Teiru Pōtaburu Girudo) is the first video game of Fairy Tail released by Konami for Playstation Portable.


The game features an original game-exclusive story and covers the following story arcs from the manga: Macao arc, Daybreak arc, Lullaby arc, Galuna Island arc, Phantom Lord arc and Loke arc.


Up to four players can team up and fulfill guild requests. Part of the game’s strategy is picking the right team. In addition to Natsu and Lucy, Fairy Tail: Portable Guild has original characters made just for the game. There isn't an English Version available yet, so you must know Japanese in order to understand the game and the missions.

Playable Characters

Most of the Fairy Tail members revealed up to the Phantom Lord arc appear and are playable in the game. Characters that can be chosen at the beginning:

Characters unlocked in quests:

Characters original to the game:

Non-Playable Characters