Fairy Tail Movie Original Soundtrack was released as a collection of songs from the Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess. It contains 29 songs.

Song List

  1. Prelude to a Journey ~OVERTURE: FAIRY TAIL Main Theme~
  2. The Firebird's Dance
  3. A Village Covered in Blood
  4. Main Title
  5. Bucks Thieves
  6. Lucy in High Spirits
  7. Return to the Guild
  8. Éclair's Memory
  9. Fellow Traveller
  10. Rose Garden, Town of Magic
  11. Shadow Attack
  12. Chase! Natsu & Gray
  13. Colored Mansion
  14. Last Words
  15. Good Fellow
  16. Carbuncle's Attack
  17. Two Firebird Stones
  18. Save Éclair!
  19. Siege at Veronica
  20. Hard Battle
  21. End of the Fierce Battle
  22. Revival Ceremony
  23. The Firebird Reborn
  24. Éclair, Priestess of Fate
  25. Natsu vs. Dyst
  26. A Blaze that Burns Evil Hearts
  27. The Firebird and Its Power of Destruction
  28. An Arrow for Interrupting Fate
  29. Eternal Éclair


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