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The Fairy Tail Intro & Outro Themes Vol.2 is compilation of anime openings and endings from Fairy Tail.

Song List

  1. Fiesta by +Plus
  2. Be as One by w-inds
  3. Evidence by Daisy*Daisy
  4. Hitori Samishiku by ShaNa
  5. The Rock City Boy by Jamil
  6. Don't think. Feel!!! by Idoling!!!
  7. Towa No Kizuna by Daisy*Daisy feat. Another Infinity
  8. Kimi Ga Iru Kara by Shimokawa Mikuni
  9. Kono Te Nobashite by Hi-Fi CAMP


  • It also includes a DVD, with all Openings and Endings in TV length.


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