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Fairy Tail Goku • Mahō Ranbu (FAIRY TAIL(フェアリーテイル) 極・魔法乱舞 Fearī Teiru Goku • Mahō Ranbu, lit. Fairy Tail Ultimate • Dance of Magic) is the official mobile RPG for the Fairy Tail anime released as an app for Android and iOS by COPRO. It includes character stories and events, never-before-seen spells for the cast, original characters and magics, as well as collaborations with other games and series alike. The game's services officially will end on April 28th 2022.


Story Quests

The game has several additional extra story lines completely original to game that expands on the main story. As well as "Another Story", which are "What If" scenarios retailing key moments of the main story set in alternate realities where one change causes much different events.

The Adventures of Kiseki

Focused around a young girl name Kisaki who is on a quest to gather the 3 Magic Gems to grant her wish of reviving her mother, while being perused by a Pirate; Largo who is also father the stones.

The Tale of a Certain Hero

A Fairy Tale about the "hero" Acnologia, told by Layla Heartfilia to her daughter Lucy Heartfilia when she was young. While recovering in a village, Acnologia protects the town from Motherglare and slays the evil Dragon.

The Princess' Day Off

A story about Princess Hisui. Kagura and Meredy meet.

Kiseki ☆ Magical Girl ☆ Kiseki

A story about Kiseki and Juvia as Magical Girls. Mavis appears, with Zero as the main antagonist. Irene Belserion and Wendy Belserion also appear at the end.

The Dreaded Fairy Mansion

A Small Summer Adventure

Resolution of the Three Warlords

The Goddess and the Legendary Hero

Another Story: The Calamity Witch

Just as Deliora is freed from the unbreakable ice, Ultear reveals herself to Gray and Lyon to use her Arc of Time to reverse the melted ice revive her mother; Ur, using Deliora's Magic power to do so. With Ur alive again, she finishes off the weakened demon, Gray however noticed that it wasn't Ur as she only used one hand for her Molding spell. To everyone's shock, the imposter revealed itself to actually be Deliora revived in Ur's body. The three mages square off against the demon but proves to be too strong for them, Deliora tries to finish them off but has not yet adjusted to its new body and therefore makes its escape. Years later right after the Tenrou group return, Deliora is already a member of Tartaros and its team the "Ten Demon Gates", under the title "Calamity Witch".

Another Story: The White Wizard & The Fairy's Voice

Mavis Vermillion stops Zeref from stealing the Fairy Heart and uses for herself, obtaining her own Fairy Heart form. She unleashes her new power, changing the tide of the war with Alvarez by sending Thought Projections of herself to past battles. Mavis then attempts to finish off Zeref one and for all which he openly accepted his loss as he'll be freed from his curse. However, Zera manifests from Mavis' subconscious mind combined with her image of Fairy Tail to intervene, saving her friend from being succumbed by revenge and taking on all the burden by herself, making her no better than Zeref. The two girls then face each other with Zera bringing Mavis back to her senses who then calls back her copies and restores history to how it was. Zeref then states that she will regret not ending him, Mavis agrees but also states her guild will never lose to him. Zeref laughs as he makes his exit. Natsu then wakes up confused, but soon prepares to face Acnologia with the other Dragon Slayers. Zera grants him a boost of Magic power while Mavis charged it with her White Magic powers, Natsu then heads out as Acnologia approaches.

Another Story: 6th Anniversary War

Alternate worlds collide and crossover within one another across the battlefield.

Lucy and Brandish, both with Star Dress: Aquarius, battle Deliora. Zera (who had been manifested from the power of Fairy Tail's feelings in the prior story) assists them and asks if they have seen Mavis. Igneel, Metallicana and Grandeeney arrive to help battle Deliora, Zera augmented all their power before leaving. However before Lucy and Igneel can strike the final blow the Etherious stops the ground to create a dust cloud and flees. They all then prepare to fight a horde of Dragons on their way.

The wounded Deliora attacks Levy who was helping others escape, but she is saved by Gajeel who has temporary manifested from death with a new form but is nothing more than a lump of Magic Barrier Particles. He tells her to run away as he faces the monster himself. Deliora tries to flee as Gajeel goes after him, Levy decides to come with but warns her to stay back as his body is too dangerous to be near. She does so but promises to find a way for them to spend more time together and gives him some metal and wishes him luck.

Deliora then encounters Gray in his demon form who kills the demon, noting this is was the fourth Deliora he has defeated and is bent on killing every version he can find. He is then met by the Calamity Witch Deliora who inhabits Ur's body and attempts to eliminate her too, Juvia tries to stop Gray as he is being overcome by the Demon Slayer Magic while Deliora Ur goes to kill Juvia in response, only to be stopped by another Gray. Gray and Juvia then used a Unison Raid to defeat Deliora Ur only for it to escape, with demon form Gray giving chase.

Elsewhere, the revenge corrupted Kagura is hunting Jellal, killing all who stand in her path to find him. In response Jellal flees to avoid having to battle the sister of his friend. Kagura continues on and encounters another Jellal who is still corrupted and laughs at her attempts to avenge her brother's death. However, Archenemy absorbs all of her power in her grudge-filled rage during battle which weakens her, before the evil Jellal can kill her, the good Jellal attacks him, saving her. She faints as the Jellals battle.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the Balam Alliance; Hades, Zero and Mard Geer are revived and gather together, Zero jokes that he will destroy Hades and Mard since everything else around is already destroyed, but reveals he actually enjoys working with them, and so Hades suggests they go and gather more magic power. They are then confronted by the Dragonised Rogue and Sting, while Laxus battles Hades with his Eight-Jawed Lightning Dragon power and Cobra goes up against Zero, the battle soon turns to a free for all. Hades noticed they're not just using Dragon Force but also some form of Dragon Slayer Magic, he also realizes he must find the source of this wars conflict and take control of it.

Natsu and Acnolgia battle one another while both are Dragonized. Acnologia states that Natsu will eventually lose control and be consumed by the Dragons power just like himself, Natsu denies this saying he got this power from Igneel but Acnologia claims it makes no difference but Natsu still tries to remain true to himself and his family. The two then clash with their Dragon Slayer Secret Arts.

Zeref and Mavis face each other while both are in Fairy Heart forms and the two white mages are the "core" of the whole phenomenon, due both of them possessing the same power in the same present, causing a contradiction that brought multiple different timelines and possibilities to collapse into one. Thus, one of them has to be defeated to restore order. Zeref then states that their battle should be witnessed as Zera arrived finally meeting up with Mavis, soon a young August also arrives to witness it from Zeref's side. Zera noticed that August somewhat resembles Mavis, both she and Zeref with their new powers realise who August truly is in relation to them. Zeref asked him if he can bare to see this fight, August answered that he is completely loyal to him and wishes to see him victorious. Both of their respective allies wish the two white mages luck as they clash with full power.

The story concludes with the outcome remaining unknown, leaving it up the player's imagination to fill in the answer.

Playable Characters

The following characters are exclusive to the game, designed personally by Hiro Mashima himself for the game-only story The Adventures of Kiseki (奇跡の冒険 Kiseki no Bōken), written by Ren Kanan which ran from September 2018 to December 2018 in-game.[1]


The following characters are originally from other franchises that are playable in the game.


  • Haru Glory
  • Elie
  • Hamrio Musica
  • Let Dahaka
  • Shuda
  • Sieghart Caeser
  • Shiba Roses
  • Lucia Raregroove
  • Haja
  • Wonderful Gocche
  • Kalen Berg
  • Marco Belunjay

Fire Force

  • Shinre Kusakabe
  • Arthur Boyle
  • Maki Oze
  • Iris
  • Tamaki Kotatsu
  • Hibana
  • Benimaru Shinmon
  • Shō Kusakabe

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

  • Rimuru Tempest
  • Benimaru
  • Shion
  • Shuna
  • Milim Nava
  • Shizu

Quintessential Quintuplets

  • Futaro Uesugi
  • Ichika Nakano
  • Nino Nakano
  • Miku Nakano
  • Yotsuba Nakano
  • Itsuki Nakano

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