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Fairy Tail Gaiden: Rhodonite

フェアリーテイル 外伝 ロードナイト


Fearī Teiru Gaiden: Rōdonaito


Kyouta Shibano

Published By

Magazine Pocket

Original Run

November 18, 2015 – March 30, 2016



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Fairy Tail Gaiden: Rhodonite (フェアリーテイル 外伝 ロードナイト Fearī Teiru Gaiden Rōdonaito) is a Japanese manga series by Kyouta Shibano and a spin-off of Hiro Mashima's manga series Fairy Tail. It is the second sub-series of the Fairy Tail Gaiden meta-series.


The story centers around Gajeel Redfox.


Written and illustrated by Kyouta Shibano, Fairy Tail Gaiden: Rhodonite is a weekly spin-off manga first serialized in the Magazine Pocket smartphone app on November 18, 2015, which is where the series has continued its serialization until March 30, 2016. The individual chapters had been collected and published in a tankōbon volume by Kodansha, which was released on May 17, 2016. The series amassed a total of 17 chapters (originally 18 during it's serialization, before being re-numbered for the volume release) and 1 omake chapter during its run.

Volume List

Volume 2

Japanese Release Date: North American Release Date:
May 17, 2016.[1]
June 6, 2017.[2]
Fairy Tail Gaiden Volume2cover Chapters English chapter titles Cover character(s)
  • 001. ガジルはどこだ
  • 002. オレの町だ
  • 003. デニッシュの出会い
  • 004. 違法魔法薬物
  • 005. 夜道の騎士
  • 006. 私の知らないガジル
  • 007. うるせぇよ おまえは
  • 008. 彼の決闘
  • 009. 黒幕
  • 010. 友
  • 011. ロードナイト
  • 012. First Bout
  • 013. 奴隷売り
  • 014. 絶対の対策
  • 015. 有効活用
  • 016. 覚悟という名の願い
  • 最終話: 帰る場所
  • 番外編: Intermission

  • 001. Where is Gajeel
  • 002. My Town
  • 003. The Meeting in Denish
  • 004. Illegal Magic Drug
  • 005. The Road Knight
  • 006. The Gajeel I Never Know
  • 007. Will You Just Shut Up
  • 008. His Fight
  • 009. Man Behind the Curtain
  • 010. Friend
  • 011. Rhodonite
  • 012. First Bout
  • 013. Slave Trade
  • 014. The Infallible Counter-plan
  • 015. Effective Use
  • 016. A Wish and a Prepared Soul
  • Final Chapter: A Place to Go Home to
  • Side Story: Intermission

List of Chapters

Volume 1
Name Summary Cover Release Date
1 (Part A). Where is Gajeel
Outside of the council's prisons, a man is shown gladdened at his escape, vowing to find Gajeel. In Magnolia, Shadow Gear has arrived from a long mission, with Levy thinking about Gajeel. At the Guild, they encounter a council messenger, demanding Gajeel. The frog then shows them a wanted poster of a prisoner which Gajeel is accused of helping escape, much to the guild astonishment. As they recall his history, full of no good things, Levy then turns to the messenger, stating the Gajeel won't do something like that, in which he responds that they can ask him himself. He states that his lack of presence will be taken as the possibility of him being the offender, just to be surprised by the Dragon Slayer appearing behind him. Levy states the impossibility of having accomplices in the guild as the frog leaves puzzled. Turning to Gajeel, Levy addresses him as Mira, which turns out to be Mirajane Strauss much to the others' surprise, with Lily interrupting them, as he was the one asked the Mage to do so. The Exceed explains that his partner was away for three days and that he found newspaper and a poster of the same prisoner on his bed, hinting to a connection between the Iron Dragon Slayer and the runaway. Rhodonite 1 Cover November 18, 2015
1 (Part B). Where is Gajeel
Wondering where Gajeel went, Levy decide to go to look for him, as Jet object on searching without clues, Juvia proclaims she might know where is Gajeel as there was a news article talking about lawbreaking incidences in Denish, the city which the Iron Dragon Slayer used to live in before joining Phantom Lord. Levy then decides to go their by train, in which Jet opposes. Not being derived from her quest by her teammates' warning, Juvia asks if her hurry is because Gajeel didn't tell her anything, stunning Levy. Her Shadow Gear colleagues then decide to use force in order to stop their teammate, just to be forced back by Juvia. Lily then asks Levy to hurry to find Gajeel, joining her with her journey. At Denish, Gajeel is shown attacking thugs in the roads, as they retreat, the prisoner mocks the former for letting them escape, in which he replies that the latter would have killed them if he was their opponent. The man, named Mash, then invite his "friend" to go wild once again. Rhodonite 2 Cover November 25, 2015
2. My Town
Having returned to their hometown, Gajeel and Mash are seen chatting in a local bar, being recognized by the citizens. Suddenly, Sanroe Pepper, the head of the Pepper Family, enters addressing the latters as the "Two Redfoxs" and inviting him to join his side to rule the city. As the other main forces in the city, The Dorotsupu Brothers and Vodka Killer step in asking both Gajeel and Mash to unite with them, the main parties then start arguing until Gajeel states that they are talking a path on their own, announcing the city as their's. Having defeated the main criminal parties in the city, Gajeel claims that the Redfoxs who ruled Denish a decade ago, have returned. Rhodonite 3 Cover December 2, 2015
3. The Meeting in Denish
Arriving at Denish, Levy and Lily start questioning about Gajeel's whereabouts, just as Sanro Pepper and the Dorotsupu Brothers state that they have nothing to tell them about their "boss". As the two now are certain about their comrade's location, they ready to engage in a fight with the latters just to be stopped by the missing Dragon Slayer. As Levy starts reproaching him for disappearing, Gajeel jumps towards the couple attacking them with his magic. Moderately injured, Lily lies hurt as Gajeel continues to attack the confused Levy. Meanwhile, Gray and Juvia arrive in Denish on a mission, just to encounter Mash, the runaway prisoner. He addresses them as a couple and welcomes them, wielding a sword, as Gray claims that he doesn't look so welcoming. Rhodonite 4 Cover December 9, 2015
4. Illegal Magic Drug
After encountering Mash, Gray and Juvia are served a big meal, with the fugitive overchatting with them. When the latter asks about the reason behind their visit, they reply stating that they've come to investigate about an illegal Magic drug called "Rhodonite", just for Mash to show them a pill of the said drug, as his subordinates to wield their swords at the two Mages' neck. Having defeated the two men, Gray and Juvia claims that they will turn the runaway in to the council as Mash states that Gajeel will be angry at him. Having recognized the Iron Dragon Slayer, Mash leads the Fairy Tail members to their imprisoned comrades, Levy and Lily, who are surprised to see them. They tell them how they ended up her, in which Mash proclaims to be Gajeel's instructions. As the kidnapped Mages acknowledge the former, in an attempt to attack him, Mash proclaims that he is in the need of the Fairy Tail's help. Rhodonite 5 Cover December 16, 2015
5. The Road Knight
Gajeel is shown attacking an illegal trade at the harbor. As the Dragon Slayer scolds them for bringing "Rhodonite" into his city, the leader appears asking for the latter's autograph as he is fan of the Iron Dragon Slayer. Then he creates a Magic sword attacking Gajeel with it, as the other traders, under the effect of the Magic drug, charge at him. As he manages to knock all the user, he threatens the leader to tell him about the drug's effects just to be surprised as the defeated men raise up again, unaffected. As the Fairy Tail Mages rush alongside Mash, he explains to them the pain-numbing abilities of the drug, making the user a true Dark Knight, revealing that their comrade Gajeel is in danger. Rhodonite 6 Cover December 23, 2015
6. The Gajeel I Never Know
As Mash continues searching for Gajeel alongside the Fairy Tail Mages, he reveals to them his old history with their comrade and how they have been always a team. By the time they reach near the harbor, they hear a loud sound from coming for their destination, after arriving, they discover that Gajeel have defeated all the Rhodonite's users all by himself, as he shouts at them for being here. As he starts bragging that he could take down such an enemy, he is given a light punch on the stomach from Levy as a payback. She then states that she is glad that he's safe. As Mash congrats his friend for his victory, Gajeel approaches him, wielding his Iron Dragon's Sword at the latter's face, claiming that it's not over yet. Rhodonite 7 Cover December 30, 2015
7. Will You Just Shut Up
(うるせぇよ おまえは)
At the harbor, everyone is surprised at Gajeel for threatening his old friend, with the latter stating the the traders revealed that Mash was the source of Rhodonite. Gajeel then questions him, to hear it from the man himself for the sake of their past together. Mash giggles, admitting that he isn't the one who brought the drug into the town, with Gajeel unwielding his sword. Suddenly, the Dragon Slayer punches him in the face, claiming that he was lying as he always touches his face with his left hand when he is deceiving. With his trick revealed, Mash laughs that even Gajeel noticed such things. Refusing to hear his fellow's advice, Mash proclaims his annoyance at the fact of Gajeel's continuous watch over him and he quickly deals the Magic drug. The two then charge at each other in anger. Rhodonite 8 Cover January 13, 2016
8. His Fight
As Gajeel and Mash clash, the Iron Dragon Slayer's attacks are uneffective against the Rhodonite Dealer, overwhelming the latter. Meanwhile, Lily and Gray prevent Levy from helping him, stating that it is his battle, and block the dealers from attacking Gajeel. As they continue their battle, Mash scolds Gajeel for becoming soft and reveals his old hatred to him and his determination to defeat him. As Mash brutalizes Gajeel, the latter catches a sight of Levy, therefor he regains his balance and then blocks Mash's attack by biting his sword. He then strikes his old friend with his fist, defeating him. Rhodonite 9 Cover January 20, 2016
9. Man Behind the Curtain
After Gajeel defeats Mash, the latter wonders what his old friend will do to him, in which the Dragon Slayer replies that doesn't care about what he will do. As they decide to leave, Gray stops them, doubting that Mash was really the mastermind behind Rhodonite's spread. His suspicion is revealed to be true, as the real mastermind is revealed to be one of the main forces, Vodka Killer, with latter blaming Mash for his lost. The Fairy Tail Mages are now relieved, much to Killer's annoyance, as they now only have to destroy the mastermind. Rhodonite 10 Cover January 27, 2016
10. Friend
Vodka Killer then unleashes a poisonous green gas from his torch, blurring out the vision of the Mages, as his subordinates attack them. The gas. Vodka then walks up to Mash, ordering him to drink a drug to clear his memory, as his plan is to hand the runaway in to the Council, therefor taking all the responsibility of the Magic drug, as his "apology". Gajeel then appears, unaffected by the gas, punching the latter away, saving his "friend". Rhodonite 11 Cover February 3, 2016
11. Rhodonite
After defeating Vodka Killer and his guards, Mash admits his old friend's strength and that he can't beat him, in which Gajeel replies that Mash forgot that he saved the Dragon Slayer many times. After the fog disappears, the Mages are back at Denish, celebrating, while Gray and Juvia returned to hand Mash to the council. As Levy and Panther Lily are talking about their past experience, a heavily drunk Gajeel suddenly enters falling on Levy's bed, resulting in her hitting him with her Solid Script: Iron. Rhodonite 12 Cover February 10, 2016
12. First Bout
(First Bout)
Half a year after Fairy Tail's disbandment, Gajeel is seen chasing Cobra in Bambina Highway. The Iron Dragon Slayer attempts to arrest the Poison Dragon Slayer and attacks using his Iron Dragon's Club. Cobra blocks the attack and fires his signature Poison Dragon's Roar, not at Gajeel but at an escaping carriage. He then goes to the overturned coach where he frees a group of hand-cuffed children, much to Gajeel's shock. Rhodonite 13 Cover February 24, 2016
13. Slave Trade
Gajeel argue with the Poison Dragon Slayer, Cobra, questioning him saving the children, in which the latter replies that they have been a lot kidnaps in the past months due to the Council's break. One of the kids states that there was another carriage before them, carrying their older brothers, moaningly. Cobra tells him not to and live his life out, before asking Gajeel if he would take good care of the children. Gajeel then builds an iron cage, provided by they might need, as a safe place to stay, much to Cobra's displease. Gajeel promises that he will bring their brothers back, just as one of the traders rises up, pointing a gun towards the Dragon Slayer. Gajeel and Cobra charge at the man, defeating him. The two now team up to stop the kids slave trade. Rhodonite 14 Cover March 2, 2016
14. The Infallible Counter-plan
In an unknown hideout, the slave traders are reporting the destruction of the carriage to their master and how Gajeel of the Magic Council and Cobra of Oración Seis teamed together, in which he replies he that he will have to greet them himself. As the two Dragon Slayers arrive in the hideout they find nobody, much Gajeel's annoyance. As Cobra assures him that their targets are present, two of the traders ambush them by surprise, just to be wiped out easily by the two. Suddenly, the master appears attacking both of them by surprise with his Fire Magic. Fortunately, Cobra dodges the attack and kicks the master to the ground, stating that he can't be surprised. Gajeel appear unharmed, much to the slave master's shock, and the two then charge at him one more time. Unexpectedly, the master orders three of the children to protect him, causing the Dragon Slayers to stop, just to be striked again. Rhodonite 15 Cover March 9, 2016
15. Effective Use
As the kids continue attacks the Dragon Slayers, the slave master starts brutalizing the restricted Mages. He states his carefree about them and tends to leave to kidnap more of them. As he leaves he claims that it could be easier of they just killed the children, stating that justice is foolish belief. Cobra then reveals that he doesn't care about justice either and rapidly wipes out the whole room with his Poison Dragon's Roar. As the slaves fall down, astonishing the master, Cobra charges at the former, defeating him. Rhodonite 16 Cover March 16, 2016
16. A Wish and a Prepared Soul
The master, overwhelmed by the fact of his defeat, tries one more time to attack Cobra, just to be knocked out by Gajeel. As the master provokes the Poison Dragon Slayer for killing the children he came to save, Gajeel shuts him up with his club and states that Cobra didn't use his full power on them and that it was just to get them out of the way. Gajeel watches as Cobra checks on one of the children and encourages him to move forward. Suddenly after that, Cobra clashes with Gajeel suddenly, stating that he will play with him a little. Rhodonite 17 Cover March 23, 2016
Final Chapter: A Place to Go Home to
(最終話: 帰る場所)
Later, Cobra is seen with with the rest of Crime Sorcière who were woundering about his whereabouts in the last night. Back at the Council, Levy is reproaching Gajeel for not arresting Cobra, in which he replies that he didn't find him. Gajeel then recalls his last meeting with Poison Dragon Slayer where he let him escape indirectly and told him that Fairy Tail is still his home. Levy calls back Gajeel's attention to their work, in which he says that it can't be helped. Rhodonite 18 Cover March 30, 2016
Side Story: Intermission
(番外編: Intermission)
At the Magic Council Headquarters, Gajeel and Levy are discussing the latter going on an undercover investigation. He then jokes that she won't be spotted due to her shortness, much to her dismay, resulting in Panther Lily to state that this is his way in worrying about Levy. Gajeel argues that he isn't as Levy is very capable of such thing, leading her to stare at him for a minute. He then tells not to mess up, in which she replies she won't. Rhodonite Intermission Cover May 17, 2016



Magic Council
Gajeel Rhodonite
Gajeel Redfox
Gajiru Reddofokkusu
Levy Rhodonite
Levy McGarden
Rebī Makugāden
Panther Lily Rhodonite
Panther Lily
Pansā Rirī
Jura Rhodonite
Jura Neekis
Jura Nēkisu
Crime Sorcière
Cobra Rhodonite
Erik (Cobra)
エリック (コブラ)
Erikku (Kobura)
Macbeth Rhodonite
Macbeth (Midnight)
マクベス (ミッドナイト)
Makubesu (Middonaito)
Jellal Rhodonite
Jellal Fernandes
Jerāru Ferunandesu
Meredy Rhodonite
Gray Rhodonite
Gray Fullbuster
Gurei Furubasutā
Juvia Rhodonite
Juvia Lockser
Jubia Rokusā


Mash Rhodonite
Rhodonite Dealer
Rhodonite Dealer

Vodka Killer Rhodonite
Vodka Killer
Uotsuka Kirā
Tuly Village
Slave Master Rhodonite
Slave Master

Kidnapper Rhodonite


Main Forces
Sanro Pepper Rhodonite
Sanro Pepper
Sanrō Peppā
Dorotsupu Brothers Rhodonite
Dorotsupu Brothers
Dorotsupu Kyōdai


  • Transformation Magic (変身魔法 Henshin Mahō): A type of Magic that allows its user to physically transform into any one person that they desire.[3]
  • Water (水流(ウォーター) Wōtā): A type of Magic that utilizes and manipulate water.[4]
  • Iron Dragon Slayer Magic (鉄の滅竜魔法 Tetsu no Metsuryū Mahō): A version of Dragon Slayer Magic that gives it's user, Gajeel, the power of iron, allowing him to incorporate the element of iron into his body and thus change parts of his body or entirely it to iron.[5] As well as making constructs such as iron cages, toys[6] or pillories.[7]
    • Iron Dragon's Club (鉄竜棍 Tetsuryūkon): The user turns his hand into an iron club which is used to attack the enemy with high power.[5]
    • Iron Dragon's Sword (鉄竜剣 Tetsuryūken):The user turns his hand into a spiky flat iron sword.[8]
  • Ice-Make (氷の造形魔法(アイスメイク) Aisu Meiku): A form of Molding Magic involving the creation of ice.[9]
    • Ice-Make: Shield ((シールド) Shīrudo): The user creates a large shield in front of them that shields everything behind it.[10]
  • Solid Script (固体文字(ソリッドスクリプト) Soriddo Sukuriputo): The user materializes solid words in their depicted form (i.e. writing "fire" would create fire) and then throws them at the opponent.[11]
    • Solid Script: Iron ((てつ) Tetsu): The user writes the word "Iron" in the air, causing the word to materialize into iron.[11]
  • Poison Dragon Slayer Magic (毒の滅竜魔法 Doku no Metsuryū Mahō): A type of Magic which allows the user to incorporate the element of poison into their body, granting them exclusive traits possessed by a Poison Dragon.[12]
    • Poison Dragon's Roar (毒龍の咆哮 Dokuryū no Hōkō): The user quickly gathers and releases poison from their mouth in the form of deadly, poisonous stream that, when it makes contact with the target, injects a lethal virus into their body that slowly weakens them and restricts their movement before ultimately killing them.[12] The user is also able to control how strong the poison it is, making it weak enough to not kill the target.[13][14]
    • Poison Dragon's Crushing Fang: The user charges at the enemy, with his hand engulfed in poison, slashing the target rapidly.[15](Unnamed)
  • Fire Magic (火の魔法 Hi no Mahō): A type of elemental Magic that utilizes Fire in combat where the user can use this Magic to send strikes of fire at the target.[16]
  • Slavery Magic (隷従魔法 Reijū Mahō): A form of magic, capable of mind controlling a group of people. Those controlled are in a hypnotized state and will follow orders given to them.[17] However those under control are still able to think.[18]

Important Terms


Fairy Tail (妖精の尻尾(フェアリーテイル) Fearī Teiru): Fiore's strongest guild, in which Gajeel belongs to. It is currently disbanded after the events of the battle against Tartaros, about six months has passed.[19]

Oración Seis (六魔将軍(オラシオンセイス) Orashion Seisu): A Dark Guild that formed a third of the Balam Alliance. Cobra was a member of this dark guild prior to it being dissolved.[20]

Crime Sorcière (魔女の罪(クリムソルシェール) Kurimu Sorushiēru): The Independent Guild that Oración Seis move to alongside Jellal Fernandes and Meredy.[21]

Magic Items

Musica Sword (ムジカの剣 Mujika No Ken): A Magic sword used by Panther Lily that has the ability to change its size.[22]

Rhodonite (ロードナイト Rōdonaito): An illegal Magic drug that increases the user's Magic Power and cuts his senses of pain.[23] However, it has side effects as it breaks the user's body if used continuously.[24]

Mist Lantern: Used by Vodka Killer, it spreads a green mist around an area making the targets unable to see. However it can not block the a Dragon Slayer's sense of smell.[10]

Brainwashing Drug (洗脳剤 Sennō Zai): When used it is able to alter the target's memories, how many memories are changed depends on the user.[25]


Denish (デニッシュ Denisshu): The town Gajeel Redfox used to live in before joining Phantom Lord.[26]

Bambina Highway (バンビナ街道 Banbīna Kaidō): This highway has bamboo forests around the sides, it is by an edge of a bamboo thicket.[19]

Tuly Village (チューリィ村 Chūri Mura): A village located in the Kingdom of Fiore, it is where the children Cobra saved from a pair of kidnappers are from.[27]


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