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Fairy Tail DiceMagic (FAIRY TAIL(フェアリーテイル) ダイスマジック Fearī Teiru DaisuMajikku) is mobile RPG released as an app for Android and iOS by Fuji Games, Inc.


The game features an original game-exclusive story which focuses on a mysterious magic called "DICE" which suddenly appeared in the land of Ishgar. Because of DICE's control of everyone's fate, everybody's freedom was stolen.

In the midst of all these, some Mages suddenly hears a mysterious voice speaking directly to their heart which can also be heard by the other Mages being controlled by DICE. Then the Mages who were released from DICE's control were entrusted with a "DICE Lacrima."

Since many of the Mages in Ishgar are controlled by DICE, in the state of emergency, the Magic Council sent a large-scale request to the Guilds in Fiore to release Ishgar from DICE's control. Which leads to a new adventure and battle for Natsu and the other Mages.[1]



Character original to the game:

  • Viseru
  • Brigante
  • Trahison


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