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Fairy Tail 2: After The Grand Magic Games, Each Individual Day (FAIRY TAIL2 大魔闘演武その後、それぞれの1日) is a light novel by Miu Kawasaki, based on Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail. It was released on August 1, 2014.

Following the conclusion of Grand Magic Games, as six guilds decide to participate in an exchange program, Natsu and other Fairy Tail members embark on a visit to other guilds: Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, Quatro Cerberus, and Sabertooth.



Scene 1: Something's Being Produced?Edit

Scene 2: My Family!Edit

Scene 3: Student Exchange System, Begin!Edit

Scene 4: Knowledge is TreasureEdit

Scene 5: Boys in DressEdit

Scene 6: A Man's ConfrontationEdit

Scene 7: The Place You Came BeforeEdit

Scene 8: Power of BondsEdit

Scene 9: Farewell, My FamilyEdit


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