Fairy Tail, "Edolas" (妖精の尻尾(フェアリーテイル) Fearī Teiru) is an alternate universe counterpart of the Fairy Tail Guild from Earth Land.


Edolas Fairy Tail

Edolas Fairy Tail building

Since the guild is constantly on the run from the Royal Army, the location of the guild constantly changes as well. The guild changes locations by moving under the ground, and emerges in other places in a way that resembles a plant sprouting.[1] The guild would later on be moved into the Royal City.[2]


After the King ordered all Magician guilds to disband, Fairy Tail became the last guild remaining, making them a Dark Guild.[3] Though other guilds tried to resist, the Royal Army destroyed them one by one until Fairy Tail was all that was left.[4] Due to this, they are constantly hunted by the Fairy Hunter, Erza Knightwalker.[5] After the arrival of Fairy Tail members from Earth Land, the members of the Edolas Fairy Tail initially refused to help their Earth Land counterparts.[6] However, they eventually came around and helped out their Earth Land counterparts against the Royal Army.[7] After Mystogan sucked all the Magic out of Edolas, they were unable to use Magic anymore, and were initially depressed at this loss, until Gray Fullbuster stated that they didn't need Magic to survive as a guild, as being with their friends and comrades is where their guild truly lies.[8]

Due to Edolas losing its Magic, the guild became a courier guild using carriages when doing their jobs.[9]


Though all other guilds fell to the power of the Royal Army, Fairy Tail is strong enough to have been able to survive the constant hunts.[4] They are strong enough to be able to hold their own against the Royal Army, which overpowered their Earth Land counterparts.[10][11]


Edolas Fairy Tail

Edolas Fairy Tail Members

The members are the same as the Earth Land Fairy Tail Guild, except for Erza Scarlet's Edolas counterpart, Erza Knightwalker, who is instead part of the Edolas Royal Army and is known as the Fairy Hunter.[12] At least half of the Edolas Fairy Tail members were killed by Knightwalker during her Fairy hunts.[13] Another big difference between the two guilds is that nearly all of the members of the Edolas' Fairy Tail Guild have different personalities and appearances than their Earth Land counterparts.[14]

Name Rank Team Status
Unnamed MasterGuild MasterNoneDeceased
Natsu DragionMemberNoneActive
Lucy AshleyMemberNoneActive
Gray SurgeMemberNoneActive
Wendy (Edolas)MemberNoneActive
Elfman (Edolas)MemberNoneActive
Mirajane (Edolas)MemberNoneActive
Juvia (Edolas)MemberNoneActive
Alzack (Edolas)MemberNoneActive
Bisca (Edolas)MemberNoneActive
Cana (Edolas)MemberNoneActive
Levy (Edolas)MemberShadow GearActive
Jet (Edolas)MemberShadow GearActive
Droy (Edolas)MemberShadow GearActive
Macao (Edolas)MemberNoneActive
Wakaba (Edolas)MemberNoneActive
Warren (Edolas)MemberNoneActive
Max (Edolas)MemberNoneActive
Reedus (Edolas)MemberNoneActive
Nab (Edolas)MemberNoneActive
Lisanna StraussMemberNoneLeft Guild
Lisanna (Edolas)MemberNoneDeceased

Major Battles


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