Fairy Tail: The Color Residing Within The Heart (FAIRY TAIL 心に宿るcolor) is a light novel by Miu Kawasaki, based on Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail. It was released on May 2, 2012.

The novel consists of several different stories, concluding with a return to the world of Edolas. The stories are chronologically set after the Edolas arc and before the Tenrou Island arc.



One day, in the Royal City of Edolas, while out walking, Mystogan happens upon Hughes, who he finds trying to fiddle with a contraption. Asking the former Captain of the 3rd Magic War Division what he is doing, Mystogan approaches, becoming shocked when he realizes that Hughes is trying to repair the Anima device. Pulling the man away from the device by his collar, Mystogan questions what Hughes was trying to achieve by fixing it, the man replying sadly that he can no longer stand a world without Magic. Understanding but not agreeing, Mystogan reminds Hughes of Earth Land, and tries to get him to think of the consequences both worlds might have faced should he have succeeded in his task. Before Hughes can reply, the two are interrupted by Lucy Ashley, who runs into the room to inform Mystogan that Area G is under attack.

Surprised, as he believed Area G was recently claimed by their troops, Mystogan tries to go straight to their aid, though Lucy Ashley grabs him, reminding the new King that he is still injured from his previous battles. Trying to hide the bandages that cover his arm from Lucy's eyes, Mystogan denies being in any pain, stating that he can't just leave the fighting to everyone else as he sits back and does nothing. Calling out for Hughes to accompany him, Mystogan again tries to leave, though Hughes refuses to move, ignoring the request even when Mystogan asserts his authority. Sensing the man's pain, Mystogan states that he understands the longing for Magic, but reminds the distraught captain that they need to focus and fight for their country, Magic or no Magic. Beginning to cry, Hughes responds that Mystogan has it easy, as he trained in Earth Land to fight without his Magic; Hughes and the other members of the army however were only trained with Magic weapons, these skills now being useless. Not knowing how to respond, Mystogan briefly recalls his time spent in Earth Land closing Anima portals, and the harsh decision he made to rid Edolas of Magic altogether. Coming to the conclusion that he did it all for the stability of Edolas, Mystogan rushes to the door, telling Hughes to join him at Area G when he has calmed down.

Looking at Hughes after Mystogan's departure, Lucy Ashley questions whether the man will obey the commands given to him, though Hughes responds by asking her what she feels about their Magic being taken from them. Unsure of her answer, Lucy replies that due to the temporary disbandment of the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild, her life is in a jumble; however, she remarks that the Earth Land Fairy Tail Guild would keep moving forward. Confessing that she looks up to both them and Mystogan as role models, Lucy states she will keep fighting. When Hughes questions if there truly is someone like him in a parallel world, Lucy states it is a definite, before leaving the man to go assist everyone else.

Watching her leave, Hughes sighs, repeating her words of never wanting to give up and wondering what the Earth Land Fairy Tail Guild is up to at that very moment.

Scene 1: Get Excited! The Burning Red Flame

Light Novel - Natsu Drags Lucy Out On A Job

Natsu tries to drag Lucy out on a job.

Walking through Magnolia towards the Fairy Tail Guild, Lucy comments on the great weather and her hope that today she will find a good job to complete. Arriving at the guild, Lucy is approached by Natsu, who grabs her arm and immediately tries to pull her off on a job. Angered slightly, Lucy demands Natsu let her go, and complains that he always picks the jobs and forces her to go on them. Recalling how the last time they worked they received no reward due to Team Natsu's habit of wrecking everything in sight, Lucy ponders not joining her friend and picking her own job. However, seeing Natsu's excitement, Lucy gives in and agrees to accompany him on his selected quest.

As Natsu fights the urge to vomit as they ride the train to their destination, Lucy questions Happy about the job, finding out that the guild received a letter from the Exceed living in Earth Land, asking for their immediate help. Questioning why the Exceed would need help after being in Earth Land for some time and having settled in, Lucy feels a bad premonition surrounding the request for assistance. Glancing out the window, she notes the mountainous wasteland the train is now travelling by, and asks Happy if the Exceed really decided to live in such a place. Happy replies that the cats are a little further out, living right on the border of Fiore.

Suddenly, the train comes to a screeching halt, Lucy instantly alert as she realizes they are not at a station; rather, the train is surrounded by a group of people holding weapons and advancing on them. Noticing the similar mark they all seem to bear, Lucy concludes that they are a Dark Guild looking to rob the train, and tries to wake Natsu up, only getting moans of pain in reply. Deciding it is too late to try and call the army for assistance, Lucy grabs her keys, determined to fight the group off with Happy and not tarnish her reputation as a Mage of Fairy Tail. Grabbing her whip and leaping out of the window, the blonde takes out two of the men nearby, the rest of the group spotting her and recognizing her as a Light Guild Mage. As Lucy commands the group to leave before she is forced to hurt more of them, she realizes that Happy has completely disappeared, and leaps behind a rock as some of the thieves begin shooting at her. Waiting behind her makeshift cover, she notices that the men don't seem to be running out of bullets, and concludes they must be magical in origin. Summoning Scorpio, Lucy waits as the Celestial Spirit leaps to her aid, using Sand Buster to create a whirlwind and obscure the visibility of the thieves, who retreat. With the enemy running scared, Lucy sends Scorpio back to the Spirit World, rising to the cheers of the passengers on the train, who were watching her fight. Heading back to Natsu, the Celestial Spirit Mage scolds Happy for running out on her, the Exceed offering the excuse that he had to go care for a crying toddler. Before Lucy can argue further, Natsu suddenly jumps up, leaping off of the train as he states he can smell food, and thinks there's a town nearby. As Lucy questions this, the group suddenly spot Nadi running towards them, the black cat stating that he has been waiting for them and leads the trio to the Exceed's nearby village to see Shagotte.

Walking into the Exceed village, Lucy notes that she can hear children playing, with Nadi happily stating that they have begun thinking about the next generation. However, the Exceed adds that they have been unable to track down any of the children sent away by the 100-Egg Evacuation, as they have no idea where to begin looking. When they arrive at one of the houses in the town, Nadi shows the group inside, where they are introduced to Shagotte once more. Noting how tired she looks, Lucy inquires as to their problem, Nichiya suddenly bursting into the room, injured and stating that recently Exceeds have been kidnapped from the village to be used as slaves. Adding on to this information, Shagotte and Nadi explain that there is a Dark Guild nearby, and that its members have been raiding their town for some time. With all of their fighters being wounded or captured, the town has reached its limits and the Exceed want to leave, though not without their fellow friends. Promising to find the Dark Guild and take care of the situation, Natsu and Lucy rush off, leaving Happy behind to guard the village just in case something happens whilst they are out.

Light Novel - Happy Defends the Exceed

Happy defends the Exceeds village

Arriving at the Dark Guild soon after, Lucy ponders where she has seen their mark. Finally remembering and believing the previous train robbers to be members, the Celestial Mage demands they call for help, only to realize the Natsu has already charged the base. Wondering what to do, Lucy is suddenly approached from behind by the very thieves she fought earlier, who ponder capturing and selling her. However, they soon spot Natsu terrorizing their guild hall, and rush off to fight him instead, screaming that they can't let him get to the dungeons. Concocting a plan, Lucy decides to let Natsu distract the men, and summons Virgo to dig a passageway into the dungeon from outside. Crawling underground and emerging in the basement of the guild, Lucy finds a group of men and cages filled with Exceed. When the men instantly spot and move to engage her, she summons Sagittarius to shoot them down. Concurrently, Natsu manages to take out most of the men outside, stopping his attacks when Lucy arrives and informs him that she has succeeded in freeing all of the prisoners. Deciding to abandon the rest of the attack, the duo lead the Exceed back home.

Meanwhile, back at the Exceed village, Happy stands guard with a giant stick, talking to Lucky, who has come to ask him to rest. As the two talk, and just before Happy can ask Lucky if he truly is his son, the two hear someone approaching, becoming delighted when Natsu and Lucy come into view with their friends. Joining them, Shagotte tearfully thanks the Fairy Tail members for their assistance, and Salberay offers Natsu a palm-sized orange-red jewel as a token of his thanks. As they prepare to leave, Lucy invites Shagotte to visit the Fairy Tail guild with the rest of her friends, stating that Carla would be happy to see her again. Bidding them farewell, the group get back on the train to head home.

Scene 2: Rosy Feeling

While heading to the Fairy Tail Guild, Lucy stumbles across an ill, very pale, Natsu. Before she can ask him what's wrong, Natsu sees her, screams, and runs off into the distance, which leaves her baffled. When she arrives at Fairy Tail, she learns that Natsu ran out the guild when accidentally ate Gray's cold breakfast from Mirajane, Gray, and Juvia. Not too impressed by the shenanigans, Lucy heads over to the request board, quickly choosing a job in Cactus Village, where the townspeople need a persistent fog to be examined. While heading out to leave, the blonde is interrupted by Gray, who tries to convince her to let the rest of Team Natsu to tag along; however, Erza is out on an S-Class quest and Gray also ate Natsu's hot breakfast, so Lucy concludes that she will take on the mission alone.

Catching the train to her destination, Lucy arrives at a barren wasteland, the previously sunny weather suddenly becoming overcast. Realizing that she still has to find some way to the nearby mountain range to reach Cactus Village, she ponders if she will have to walk, before spotting an elderly woman with a horse and cart passing by. When she asks for a ride, the woman rejects her; after hearing she is a Mage heading to the old mining town though, she reconsiders. Reaching the outskirts of the town some time later, Lucy notes aloud that there is nobody in sight, and the woman comments that the fog settling around the town slowly drains people of their energy and erodes the body, forcing the villagers into their houses. Continuing, the woman states that the town gains most of its income from mining a rare ore from the nearby mountain; however, due to the mist they have been unable to work, and are slowly losing clients. Fearing for the fate of the town, Lucy promises to try her best as a Celestial Spirit Mage, surprising the old woman, who comments that she once met a Celestial Spirit Mage many years ago. When Lucy inquires, the woman remembers that the Mage possessed a singing Spirit whose music caused people to cry, and Lucy suddenly realizes that the woman is speaking of her mother: Layla. Revealing her status as Layla's daughter, Lucy lies when the old lady asks over her mother's health, telling her that she is fine. Vowing to complete the quest and save the village in place of her mother, Lucy thanks the old woman and hops down from the cart, walking the rest of the way into the town.

The closer Lucy gets to the town, the thicker the fog seems to get, until eventually, standing in the middle of the village, the blonde can barely see that far in front of herself. Slightly gloomy due to the depressing atmosphere, Lucy eventually finds the home of the client, who invites her in and offers her tea, explaining quickly that the fog seems to originate from the nearby mine and must be removed immediately. When Lucy inquires as to when and how the fog appeared, the client seems reluctant to say much, and, when the man silences his wife as she begins to state that a shifty newcomer arrived shortly before the incident, Lucy realizes they are keeping information from her. Promising that the duo can confide in her, Lucy eventually convinces the two to speak, and they reveal that a man with a tattoo on his face was the one who arrived. Asking the couple to draw the tattoo on a sheet of paper, Lucy is shocked to see that the tattoo is the Phantom Lord guild mark, despite the fact that the guild was supposed to have disbanded quite some time ago. Queasy as she thinks back to how she was kidnapped and abused by members of the guild, Lucy wonders if they are trying to take over the mine to horde the rare ore for themselves, and leaves the client to go take a look for herself. As she leaves in the direction the couple tells her, Lucy doesn't miss them whisper that she is the third Mage they have requested to complete the job.

Light Novel - Lucy and Taurus

Lucy summons Taurus to fight

Navigating her way through the tunnels of the mine, Lucy comes to a halt when she hears some activity further down. Calling out, she states her status as a Fairy Tail Mage, her knowledge of Phantom Lord's involvement, and the fact that she will not hesitate to hurt them if they do not release the fog threatening the town. Through the darkness, she spots the silhouette of a figure approaching, and a voice saying her name: before she can react, two white fists made of fog come hurtling towards her, sending her flying backwards. Recovering, Lucy quickly summons Taurus, but the Spirit has a hard time fighting due to the darkness of the mine and the nature of the fog attacks. Sending him back to the Celestial Spirit World, Lucy tries to summon Sagittarius to fire from a distance, though the man hits her once more, causing her to drop and lose her keys in the blackness. Lucy grabs her whip, though the man uses his Magic to force her against a wall, finding her keys himself and marveling at the number of gold keys she has collected, all the while contemplating how much he can sell them for. Distraught, Lucy cries for him to release her and give her keys back, though the man only grips her around the neck, choking her. As Lucy silently apologizes to her friends at Fairy Tail for failing and falls unconscious, a Magic circle appears above her head, Aquarius appearing in an angry rage as she curses the man and creates a giant wave that floods the cave in seconds. Watching the man fall underwater and black out, Aquarius quickly picks up Lucy and moves her to the mouth of the cave, Loke also appearing and congratulating her on using the water in the fog as a means to summon herself. Resting Lucy on the ground and demanding Loke not say a word about her involvement in the rescue, Aquarius departs, leaving Loke to wait and awaken Lucy. As the blonde opens her eyes, Loke picks her up, telling her to rest as he carries her back to the village.

Some time later, the villagers all gather to thank Lucy for ridding their town of the Mage creating the fog. Bashful, Lucy tries to humbly accept their praise, though the villagers insist upon giving her a huge chunk of their rare ore alongside the promised Jewel reward. Happy to have helped, Lucy leaves with the palm-sized light-pink gem.

Scene 3: Freeze Over, The Blue Ice Blade

As she is sitting in the Fairy Tail Guild one day, Lucy is approached by Levy, who invites her over to the Fairy Hills dormitory, where some of the guild's female members are planning to have a get together for some girl-to-girl conversations. Grabbing some over-night belongings and making her way to the dormitory, Lucy is greeted by Erza, who takes her to where the others are in the cafeteria. When the two arrive they are greeted by Levy, Juvia, Wendy, Carla, Bisca and Evergreen, who are all enjoying some traditional food Bisca made from her homeland. Enjoying the dinner immensely, Lucy thinks over the idea of being in such a different environment with her fellow Fairy Tail friends, and begins to smile. When they question her, she simply remarks that she is happy and feels at ease, with the others wholeheartedly agreeing.

Light Novel - Fairy Hills Ladies

The girls all gather to gossip

After they eat, the girls move to Juvia's room; Wendy in particular admiring Juvia's princess-like layout. Whilst Juvia prepares some tea, the women discuss their particular rooms, with each commenting on the things they own and why they came to have them. Falling back onto Juvia's bed, Erza marvels at its softness, becoming flabbergasted when Juvia states she bought it from Heart Kreuz. Pulling Erza back into the room as the Requip Mage tries to go demand a bed of her own from the company despite the fact that it is late at night, the girls state that she has to stay, as they're going to start some secret talk. Marveling Erza's love of cute things, Bisca comments that she heard Max saying that Erza's figurine has sold very well at the guild's souvenir shop, with Levy wondering aloud what the man must do with his life if he has the time to design such things. Blushing, Wendy blurts out that she saw Jet and Droy buying Levy's figurine, and as the women gush that Levy is adored by the duo, Levy sips her tea, calmly replying that she does not think relationships between team members are a good idea at all. Not realizing the depth of her words, Juvia bluntly adds that she thinks Gajeel has feelings for the blunette as well, causing Levy to shriek and blush as she fervently denies such a thing, stating that Gajeel is simply being kind to her to make up for what he did when he was still a member of Phantom Lord. Not prepared to let the topic rest, Juvia comments that Gajeel is a very kind man at heart, and is very devoted to those he cares for, with the others feeling the same way.

Hearing Bisca's confirmation, Levy suddenly turns to the woman, openly asking if she has her heart set on Alzack. Becoming shy herself, Bisca confesses that whenever she and Alzack are alone he becomes incredibly shy and just seems to ignore her, to the point where she isn't sure he sees her as a woman. Smirking, Evergreen remarks that he is shy because he sees her as a woman, and that Bisca should already have confessed her feelings to him. Unconvinced, Bisca wonders if it is odd if she confesses, though the others reply that Alzack doesn't seem very traditional, and that there is no shame in a woman making the first move. Worried she could be rejected, Bisca is reassured by her friends, who state the two of them will be married in no time. Suddenly gasping, Juvia sinks into a fantasy as she imagines what the two would get up to on their wedding night, whilst the others all turn to Evergreen, commenting that she is also in a team composed solely of other males. Thinking quickly and smiling, Evergreen immediately crosses Freed and Bickslow from her list, stating soon after that she also has no interest in Laxus, as he can be incredibly cold. Thinking this over, Levy and Erza agree, and note that in all their years of knowing Laxus they have never heard any rumors of him being with a woman. Wondering if he will meet someone new due to his excommunication, the girls soon change the subject to Lucy, asking her if she has eyes for anyone: Lucy immediately denies. Commenting that Lucy has a great figure, Levy suddenly becomes slightly sad, pointing out her own body and stating that she likely won't grow anymore due to her age. As Wendy too begins to feel a little down, the others remind her of her Edolas counterpart, who was full-grown. As Bisca sits gobsmacked when she hears that her counterpart was already hooked up with Alzack's, Juvia suddenly cries out that she has been longing to go to Edolas for some time, as she is certain the Edolas Gray and her counterpart have already become a couple. Trying to distract her from her saddening thoughts, the woman move the topic back to Lucy.

Stating that they feel that Natsu has feelings for Lucy, the group discuss how Natsu once never agreed to be a part of any team, suddenly changing this idea when he met Lucy. Countering by commenting that Natsu just wanted a blonde girl to help him infiltrate the Everlue Mansion, Lucy tries to divert the attention from herself, though the others continue anyway, pulling up Gray as a potential partner for the Celestial Spirit Mage. Hearing the Ice Mage's name, Juvia suddenly blurts out that she is in love with Gray, and when the others question why she actually likes him, she tells them of how he caused the rain constantly following her to disappear. Remarking that it was probably just the result of a spell, Evergreen tries to rationalize Juvia's thoughts, though the Water Mage insists it was the power of love, dousing Evergreen with a current of water in her flurry of anger: an annoyed Evergreen states that she is now bored with the conversation, and leaves to return to her room.

Trying to cheer Juvia up when she sees the woman is sad at the turn of the conversation, Erza suddenly stands, stating that she has a gift she has been meaning to give to the Water Mage for some time and rushing off to get it. As Erza leaves, Levy strikes up the old topic of Lucy, and puts forward Loke's name as the next candidate. When Lucy replies that nothing like that is possible due to him being a Celestial Spirit, the others inquire as to if she would like him if he were human, with Lucy still denying an interest, stating she can't stand playboys; however, the others point out that they still seem to be a good match, as Lucy is like a princess, and Loke her handsome prince. As Lucy is questioned as to whether or not Spirits can even marry humans, Wendy suddenly asks if Erza has a love interest, piquing the others curiosity. Deep in thought, Levy comments that she has never seen Erza take a liking to any of the men in the guild, with Bisca concluding that she is not with anyone because she is the guild's feared female warrior. Knowing Erza slightly better, Lucy mentally notes that the female knight seems to long for Jellal, becoming slightly sad as she remembers that due to the latter's incarceration, the likelihood of the two ever meeting again is zero. Thinking there truly is love in Erza's heart, Lucy's thoughts are interrupted when Erza bursts back into the room, Hilda's box of jewels under her arm. Stating that she has decided to share the jewels in the box with the residents of the dormitory, Erza opens the box and offers one to Juvia, pulling out a sapphire necklace she thinks the Water Mage might like. Shunning her for her poor choice, Levy decides to search through the box too, and finds a nice gem at the bottom. However, as she tries to take it out, the jewel remains stuck. Each lady tries to pull it free, but it seems some sort of spell has been cast to prevent the gem's removal.

Deciding that there must be some reason for the spell, the women decide to keep the gem safe at the bottom of the box as a relic in honor of Hilda, whom they think is still watching over them all.

Scene 4: The Place To Return Back To Is The Seven-Color Rainbow

The day after she visits Fairy Hills, a worried Lucy sits in the Fairy Tail Guild, stressing that, due to a lack of jobs currently available, she won't make her rent money in time. Suddenly, she is approached by Gray, who surprises her by being dressed in a formal suit: the Ice Mage asks her is she is free to accompany him on a job, and she immediately agrees. Asking what they need to do, Lucy blushes when Gray pulls out two tickets to a luxury boat cruise, and her mind instantly jumps to the conversation she and the other woman had the night before about her being a potential partner for Gray. Gray, oblivious to her thoughts, merely comments that Natsu can't go on boats and Erza has been missing since that morning, leaving only her from Team Natsu. Mentally remembering that Erza stalked off to demand a soft bed from Heart Kreuz, Lucy inquires as to why Gray doesn't ask Juvia: the Water Mage herself has been eavesdropping on their conversation and glaring at Lucy the entire time. As Gray brushes this idea off by stating that Juvia went on a job, Lucy suddenly notices the very high Jewel reward for the request, and questions Gray as to if it is correct. Gray comments that the cruise is run by a group of auctioneers who are selling off rare jewels: hearing that a local thief was in town and targeting them, they are wanting some Mages to protect the auction items and bidders, offering an immense reward in return.

After arriving at the clients boat, Lucy is told -despite the fact that she put on her most expensive dress- that she is not dressed appropriately, and is rushed off by a maid for a change of attire whilst Gray decides to walk around and observe the layout of the boat. Forced into a fancy dress and recalling her time as Lady Lucy of the Heartfilia Konzern, Lucy runs into the client, who shows her the grand jewel of the entire auction: a crown embedded with pearls. Explaining that the thief apparently targeted this item in particular, the client states that he has come up with a plan to keep it from being stolen: he has fashioned a fake crown to be set up in the bidding room, and wants Lucy to wear the real one and keep it safe. Shocked, but wanting to obey the client's wishes, Lucy allows the crown to be set on her head, and promises to care for it. Leaving the room, she is found once again by Gray, who teases her about her attire and states that they should get ready for the start of the event.

Eating and drinking as they watch the party from afar, Gray and Lucy observe the start of the auction, and note that a member of the Southern Wolves has been hired alongside them as a bodyguard for the client. Slightly miffed, Gray feels like he is being underestimated, though Lucy notes that it seems logical that the client would feel the need to have as much protection as possible. As Gray suddenly becomes a little flustered as he thanks Lucy for accompanying him, the duo fail to notice a figure rush past in the shadows beside them and look intently at Lucy. Trying to change the topic to make them a little more comfortable, Lucy ponders aloud why someone would want to rob a ship, as escaping would be a difficult task. Gray replies that the thief is a Mage, and is therefore likely gifted with some form of ability that would make the escape easy, otherwise he wouldn't bother trying. Agreeing, Lucy is interrupted when the client calls out the last item of the night, and pulls forward the fake crown to show the bidders. Tense, Lucy looks around to see if anyone in the crowd seems to be acting suspicious, but only sees the waiters moving to and fro. Wondering if the thief would incorporate a disguise into his plan, Lucy jumps when a hand grabs her shoulder, and turns to see Juvia standing behind them. Seemingly angry, Juvia remarks that Lucy and Gray look very fancy, and compliments Lucy on her crown. Asking if she can see it, the Water Mage suddenly lashes out and tries to pull the crown from the blonde's head, causing Gray to intervene and yank Juvia away from Lucy as the Celestial Mage realizes that the Juvia in front of them is a fake. Pointing to the fake Juvia, Lucy demands the person reveal their identity, the disguised figure sighing as he points out the real Juvia from across the deck and states he only took on her form because she seemed to be stalking the two and he assumed she was their friend. Annoyed that he got his story wrong, the man cancels his Transformation Magic, revealing himself to be the thief.

Light Novel - Gray Ice-Make Bow and Arrow

Gray attacks the thief

Commenting that the client's plan was too simple to work out, the man makes a break for the now flustered group of bidders, running between them towards the client whilst he somehow manages grab their auction items and personal belongings as he goes. Trying to stop him, Gray creates a bow and arrow with his Magic, and fires towards the man; however, the thief -revealing a Titan Nose guild mark in the process- activates his own Magic and reflects the arrow into the crowd of onlookers, who flee for their safety. Cursing the thief, Gray fears his own attack will harm the customers, though they are swiftly saved by the real Juvia, who leaps into battle and uses a water shield to protect them. Trying and struggling to get to her keys no thanks to her dress, Lucy moves to assist, though is swiftly approached by the client, who grabs her and demands she leave to protect the crown. Concerned, Lucy looks back towards the battle, where Gray tries and fails again to hit the thief, who berates him for attempting to hit him when he can easily reflect his attacks. Seeing him struggle, Juvia rushes to Gray's side, blushing as she whispers a plan into his ear. Deciding she won't let the two fight alone, Lucy uses a fork to rip the bottom of her dress off, grabbing her keys as she joins the duo to face the thief; however, as she approaches, Juvia uses her Water Lock, distracting the thief as Gray uses his Ice-Make from the man's other side, successfully catching him off-guard and trapping him. A little miffed that she arrived in time to do nothing, Lucy is berated by Juvia, who comments that she and Gray as a team defeated the man. When Lucy asks how they did it, Gray replies that Juvia thought the man could only reflect one object at a time in one direction, so they figured attacking simultaneously from two sides would render him defenseless.

The trio celebrate their victory momentarily before Gray yells at Juvia when he realizes she abandoned her other job to follow them, causing the Water Mage to leap off the side of the boat and swim back to shore to go finish it. Watching her leave, Lucy and Gray wonder what to do next, but are suddenly surrounded by the auction bidders, who thank them immensely for stopping the thief. Overjoyed, a rich-looking woman hands Lucy a palm-sized deep-blue jewel, asking her to take it as a reward for being so brave. Noting she didn't actually do much, Lucy instead offers the gem to Gray, who happily accepts it. Later that day as the two ride the train home, Gray asks Lucy is she is actually fine with him keeping the expensive rock. Saddened a little, Lucy notes how she ended up using a lot of her reward money to pay for the expensive dress she ruined, but replies that she truly thinks Gray earned it. Smiling, Gray admires the jewel for the rest of the ride back to Magnolia Town.

Scene 5: The Scarlet Light That Surrounds All

During a peaceful day at the Fairy Tail Guild, Lucy is suddenly approached and dragged to a Magic Four Wheel Vehicle by Erza, who demands Lucy accompany her to the Heart Kreuz company. When Lucy realizes that Erza probably wants to shop with her, she comments that she hasn't got her wallet with her, though Erza states she won't need it, as they are only placing orders, not buying anything. Recalling that Heart Kreuz -a clothing company - makes all of Erza's armors at her specific request, Lucy asks why she was made to come, with Erza replying that she thought Lucy would like to order a new whip. Pointing out that she already has her Fleuve d'étoiles, Lucy states that she doesn't need another whip, though when Erza remarks she can then leave, decides to accompany the Requip Mage anyway. Leaning back to settle in for the ride, Lucy asks Erza if she is looking for some repairs or new armor, with Erza stating that she wants a new sword.

Arriving at the company some time later, Erza marches past the frightened guards and straight into the reception, being instantly greeted by Corneille Heartkreuz, the well-mannered and good-looking man who runs the company. Hearing that Erza would like a new item, the man leads them into a separate room, where he lays out numerous catalogs for the redhead to look through. Noting that the magazines aren't Heart Kreuz, Lucy learns that because the company doesn't specialize in weaponry, they allow Erza to look through other maker's weapon catalogs, and create what she demands based on the designs she likes. When Erza states that she'd like a sword, Corneille inquires as to if she'd like it to be made with any special effects, with Erza replying that she'd like it to have the ability to dispel evil. Bubbling off a long list of designs that would suit such a request, Corneille rushes out to see what materials they would need to make a sword with such abilities. Watching him leave, Lucy asks why Erza would want such a sword if she already has a lance with a similar ability: Erza replies that a sword is easier to use, and that her lance lately hasn't been working as well against the Dark Guild members she has faced. Continuing that she thinks the sword would have stronger dispelling abilities, Erza is interrupted when Corneille returns, stating that they have all of the required materials except one: a special ore from the Rose Mountains. Hearing that the company is unsure if the ore is even mined anymore, Erza states that she will just have to go and check, thanking Corneille, grabbing Lucy and heading straight for their car. When they arrive back at the guild, Erza storms in and demands that Natsu, Happy and Gray accompany them to help them find the ore, the two agreeing instantly when they see Erza's fierce resolve.

Light Novel - Natsu Rampaging

Natsu attacks the Rose Vulcans

Travelling swiftly, the group soon arrive at the Rose Mountains, Lucy marveling that they are red due to the roses that grow all over the peak. As Gray remarks that he once did a job for some people in a nearby town, Natsu tries to not throw up, almost flying from the car when Erza slams on the breaks. Questioning what made her stop, the team see a group of red Vulcans just up the road, with Gray commenting that they are Rose Vulcans, a species of female-only Vulcans that inhabit the mountain. Telling the group to leave Natsu and come help her fight the creatures, Erza leaps from the car, requipping to her Black Wing Armor and assaulting the creatures head-on. Not wanting to let Erza do all of the work, Lucy summons Aries to fight, whilst Gray also runs over to assist. The Vulcans retreating shortly after, Lucy notes that Erza seems tired, with the redhead admitting that she went too fast using the SE Plug for the car, and has drained her Magic substantially. Telling her to go rest for a minute, Gray and Lucy head towards the cave to search for the ore.

Heading into the cave with Gray, Lucy states that they are looking for an ore that shines with the seven colors of the rainbow. Digging together, the two only find silver and iron ores, and, even when Natsu recovers from his motion sickness and comes to help, still find nothing at all, with Lucy commenting that they may have received false information. Appearing at the mouth of the cave, Erza states that Corneille wasn't sure in the first place if the ore could be found at the Rose Mountains, and decides that they should all head back. As the group turn to go, their passage is blocked by a huge Vulcan, who screams that they are not allowed to take its gems and sends Erza flying. Spotting a group of smaller Vulcans also converging on their location, Natsu and Gray spring into battle, Lucy summoning Cancer to help them before she rushes to Erza's side. Ignoring her assistance and standing, Erza notes that Gray and Natsu seemed to be overwhelmed, and barely manages to summon a sword to go help them. Noting that the cave seems to be the Vulcan's nest, she approaches the largest of the creatures who spoke earlier and tries to engage it; the Vulcan however states that it is not interested in women, and only wants to fight hot men, much to Lucy and Erza's surprise. When it rushes Natsu, the Dragon Slayer quickly evades its attacks, trying to rebut with his own. As Gray argues that Natsu is trying to hog all of the enemies, Erza flies from the cave, one-shotting the giant Vulcan and grounding it. Stating that her Magic is now completely used up, Erza is shocked when a huge chunk of red ore comes rolling down from the mountain to rest by her feet. Picking it up and demanding they all leave before the Vulcans decide to return, Erza leads the group back to the car.

Light Novel - Erza, Lucy and a Sword

Erza receives her new sword

Whilst Gray drives the team back to the guild, Lucy inspects the red ore, commenting that she feels that she's seen it somewhere. Looking at it too, Happy notes that it looks like a stone he's seen in her apartment. Thinking what Corneille said over once more, Lucy remembers that the stone was supposed to have the seven colors of the rainbow in it, whilst the one they have only contains red. However, the blonde suddenly recalls something else, and decides to go investigate her idea when they get back to Magnolia.

At the Heart Kreuz company the same day, Erza confesses to Corneille that they were unable to obtain the ore. Saddened, Corneille concludes that they will be unable to fulfill Erza's order, though as he finishes speaking, Levy and some of the other guild members walk into his office, with Levy carrying Hilda's jewel box. Asking what they are doing, Erza is told by Lucy that the gem in the box that they failed to remove earlier seems to shine with the colors of the rainbow; the blonde thinks it could be used as a replacement. Reminding them that the stone is sealed to the box, Erza is surprised when Levy reveals that she thinks she knows how to remove it: the jewel can only be taken out if the remover has pure intentions of what they want to do with it. Writing down on the gem that Erza wants to use the stone to dispel evil, Levy succeeds in removing the ore, handing the rainbow stone to Erza, who thanks everyone immensely for their help.

A few weeks later, Erza receives a package from the Heart Kreuz company, opening it with Lucy to uncover a glowing sword with a gem inserted into the handle.

Scene 6: The Color Resides Within The Heart

Sitting in the guild on a rainy day, Lucy listens to Gray and Natsu fight. Glancing out the window, the blonde suddenly feels uneasy, and looks up at the cloudy sky to see a whirlpool beginning to form, with four different colored, glowing lights flying upward towards it. Spotting her open mouth, Erza approaches and asks what she is doing, with Lucy saying that she thinks Anima has reappeared in the sky; however, when Erza goes to look, the clouds are completely normal.

Concurrently, in Edolas, Erza Knightwalker rushes through a ruined street amid the screaming of emergency sirens. Yelling for the citizens around her to calm down, she tries to evacuate them to Area D, being approached simultaneously by a soldier, who informs her that it isn't the Legion attacking, rather a separate group of beasts who take the form of giant, horned frogs. Telling the soldier to keep their defenses up, Knightwalker hurries off to go engage the beasts, recalling how, after Edolas lost its Magic, all of the creatures they had once controlled rebelled against them, destroying their cities and attacking the citizens. Having fought day after day, Knightwalker feels she is spent, though still fights to prove to Erza Scarlet that she is continuing to live each day. Rounding a corner, Knightwalker stumbles upon the Edolas Alzack and Edolas Bisca, who, with Gray Surge, are fighting on the front line. Questioning why they are here, Knightwalker hears that Sugarboy is still hospitalized and Hughes unreachable, and, due to that, Mystogan has ordered every able-bodied fighter to assist in the fighting. Relenting to fight alongside them, Knightwalker prepares for the next wave of enemies.

Nearby, Gray Surge rushes towards Edolas Juvia, trying to get her attention and questioning why he can't be more like his Earth Land counterpart when she ignores him. Being joined by a soldier, Gray hears that Legions have been spotted in Area E, and that Natsu Dragion has just led a small team to try and fight them off. Worried for his friend, Gray Surge wonders how they can possibly defend two areas at once. When asked what his orders are, Gray Surge hastily removes all of his heavy clothing until he is in his underwear, and demands those around him assist him in Area E.

Running from the palace, Mystogan and Lucy Ashley make their way towards Area G, being intercepted by Coco on the way, who informs them that Area A and Area E are under attack by about a hundred Legions. Shocked over the numbers, Mystogan commands Lucy Ashley go to Area A whilst he continues to Area G. Watching Mystogan send Coco to get reinforcements for Area E, Lucy Ashley asks why the beasts seem to be attacking at full force this time around, with Mystogan hypothesizing that due to the Anima machine being tampered with, the beasts probably feel a small amount of Magic Power in the palace and are trying to seize it. Agreeing and heading out to Area A, Lucy Ashley thinks back to her Earth Land counterpart and the strength she always seemed to show, and vows to try her best to be the same. As she enters Area G and sees the ruins it has become, something suddenly falls from the sky, smashing into the ground nearby. Approaching cautiously, the blonde sees that it is some sort of rock, though when she picks it up it glows with an dazzling light, causing her to throw it back and accidentally smash it open on the ground. Leaning in to inspect it, Lucy Ashley is shocked when a flurry of smoke emerges from the stone, Lucy Heartfilia rising up from the ground at her side, armed and ready to fight. Shocked, Lucy Ashley immediately questions her appearance, figuring out by touching her that the Earth Land Lucy is merely an image of some kind, not having a physical form. Telling her to get ready, Lucy Heartfilia explains that both she, Erza, Gray and Natsu all came from Earth Land to assist them in the fight, being brought here through the stones that were sucked into the Anima portal. Concurrently in Area E, Gray Surge and Natsu Dragion also find strange stones, Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster similarly rising from them to assist in the fight.

In Area G, the two Erza's work together to fight back the frog monsters and the Legion, both happy to be working side by side. Forcing the frogs to retreat, the two are faced by a huge Legion that refuses to move no matter how many attacks they throw its way. Recognizing it as Faust's old Legion, the two are approached by Mystogan, who notes that the Legion seems to be acting oddly. Running up behind the King, Coco states that it seems to want to say something, and tries to approach it despite Mystogan and Knightwalker's warnings that she stay back. Understanding what Coco seems to be wanting to do, Erza Scarlet tells the group to leave it to her, and pulls out the sword she recently had crafted with Hilda's gem. Raising it above her head, she begins to chant an incantation, the sword glowing in response as Mystogan tries and fails (due to her lack of physical body) to grab her and demand she state her plans. Ignoring him, Erza finishes her chant, the group noting that the Legion has changed in appearance, looking calmer and much like it did before Edolas' Magic was taken. Approaching, Coco manages to pat and climb onto the creature, with Erza Knightwalker reasoning that the creatures likely went wild because they were so harshly abandoned after the Anima stole all of their Magic. Realizing that they did in fact just release the Legion to the harsh wilderness, Mystogan turns to Erza Scarlet, teary as he thanks her for coming so far to assist them. From behind, Coco suddenly states that they should build a new home for the Legion in the city, as well as train them to be of help without using Magic so that they can live peacefully side by side: Mystogan agrees.

Hearing soon after that the Legions attacking the other sections seemed to have calmed down too, Mystogan turns to Erza Scarlet as she begins to turn transparent and disappear, thanking her for still being there for him and helping him despite the fact that they are worlds apart.


Light Novel - Chilling at the Guild

Everyone happy to be back home

Stomping towards Natsu and Happy where they sit eating in the Fairy Tail Guild, an angry Lucy screams at the two, accusing them of stealing her pink ore from her apartment. As the two deny having ever touched the thing, Gray comments that he too seems to have lost the blue gem that was given to him for completing his quest. Approaching, Erza adds that hers is gone too, causing a suddenly very alert Happy to scavenge through Natsu's bag, becoming distraught when he realizes that the one he and Natsu received from the Exceed is also gone. Suspicious as to why all of them would lose their ores at the same time, Lucy tries to figure out what happened, though Erza tells her just to come to terms with the fact that sometimes odd things occur. Agreeing, Gray pulls out a job flyer and asks the group if they would like to team up once more to complete a quest.

Concluding that it is better to be together as friends than to have gems and precious items that can technically be replaced, the group set out to go have more adventures, unknowing that their gems -and they- already played a part in saving another world.

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  • Lucy Heartfilia vs. Train Robbers
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  • Lucy Heartfilia vs. Phantom Lord Fog Mage
  • Gray Fullbuster & Juvia Locker vs. Titan Nose Jewel Thief
  • Erza Scarlet, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster & Natsu Dragneel vs. Rose Vulcans
  • Return to Edolas
  • Gray Surge, Natsu Dragion, Gray Fullbuster & Natsu Dragneel vs. Legions
  • Erza Knightwalker & Erza Scarlet vs. Legions
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