A Dragon God's Melancholy is the 8th chapter of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest by Atsuo Ueda, a sequel to Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Sensing that Team Natsu has no intent to harm him, Mercphobia agrees to negotiate with them peacefully, explaining that he is losing control of his powers and must be killed before he can cause a disaster, but not before he can correct one final "miscalculation". Meanwhile, Diabolos' Skullion retrieves his allies and forbids them from devouring the Water Dragon God, declaring him an imposter.


Descending into the parted ocean, Mercphobia demands that those with ill will towards him leave. Unfazed, Kiria prepares to battle the Water Dragon despite Madmole’s hesitance, only for the two Diabolos Mages to be forcibly teleported away by Black Ash.

Mercuphobia accepts Team Natsu

Mercphobia accepts the Fairy Tail mages

Still doubtful of the Fairy Tail Mages’ intentions, Natsu describes to Mercphobia the details of Elefseria’s quest, leading the former to explain that he had previously been challenged by assassins also sent by the Law Dragon to seal him. Acknowledging Team Natsu’s peaceful approach, Mercphobia invites the group to his temple.

Temple of the Water Dragon God

The Water Dragon’s Temple

Giving the Mages a tour, the Water Dragon showcases a number of underwater facilities with the purpose of providing for the residents of Ermina Town, as well as a watch tower for sighting shipwrecked survivors. However, Mercphobia also informs Team Natsu of his murderous past, in which he killed several humans until meeting his assistant, Karameel, a human girl of whom he’d grown fond of. Despite his contentedness, the Water Dragon admits that his powers have become uncontrollable, and are the culprit behind the town’s unnatural submersion. He requests that the Fairy Tail Mages kill him in order to save the citizens, but not before he is able to correct his most critical error.

On the Diabolos ship, Kiria complains of her wasted efforts trying to find Mercphobia. Demanding that Skullion explain his actions, her guildmate simply responds that he has identified Mercphobia as the false Water Dragon.

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