The Sea of Dragons is the 7th chapter of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest by Atsuo Ueda, a sequel to Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Kiria attacks Natsu and Lucy, who have trouble withstanding her Blade Dragon Slayer Magic. The rest of Team Natsu comes to their friends' aid, but Kiria's ally Madmole comes to her rescue. Before the fight between the two sides can escalate further, the humanoid Mercphobia splits the ocean waters and descends upon the group, displeased by the commotion.


Virgo star dress swimsuit version

Lucy’s irritation at her first Star Dress being shred

As Natsu, Lucy, and Happy express shock at the discovery of Diabolos’s existence, Kiria inquires of their intention to confront the Water Dragon God. Annoyed by Natsu’s response, the dragon eater attacks unceremoniously; however, the Fairy Tail Mage is unable to take action due to his element of fire being neutralized underwater. This prompts Lucy to engage Kiria in combat, only for her opponent to shred her Star Dress.

Erza hits Mad Morl

Madmole takes Erza’s hit

The trio are joined by Gray, who temporarily incapacitates Kiria, and Kashima, the latter expressing shock at the ice wizard’s deception. The fish also reveals that the “Mercphobia” Kiria had previously battled was actually the messenger of the dragon in question, with Kiria suggesting that the Water God may come to confront her for her actions.

Erza, accompanied by Wendy and Carla, attempts to strike Kiria from above; however, she is intercepted by Madmole, Kiria’s guildmate, who utilizes his Armor Dragon Slayer Magic to shield from Erza’s attack. Despite Madmole’s request that Kiria return to the guild, she refuses in favor of awaiting Mercphobia. Moments later, the Water Dragon descends, splitting the ocean while expressing annoyance at the ruckus, as Natsu takes notice of the former’s human appearance.

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