The Sealing of the Five Dragon Gods is the 5th chapter of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest by Atsuo Ueda, a sequel to Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The mystery surrounding Touka deepens as not only Gajeel's team witnesses her disappearing tail, but Jellal also makes his own request for Sabertooth to track her down. Meanwhile, Team Natsu considers a more peaceful interpretation of their mission to "seal" the Five Dragon Gods after they've made themselves enemies of Ermina for hunting Mercphobia. As the others investigate the city while disguised as fish, Natsu, Lucy, and Happy discover a human prisoner who is about to be sacrificed to the Water God.


In Magnolia, Gajeel and Juvia point out Touka’s tail in disbelief; however, the latter seemingly does not notice as her tail suddenly disappears, and continues to converse with other Fairy Tail members. Lily also bears witness to this revelation, but Levy still remains unconvinced.

Sorano compliments Yukino

Sorano and Yukino cuddling

Meanwhile, in the Sabertooth guild, their newest member, Sorano, boisterously compliments Yukino as a visiting Jellal is greeted by Sting and Rogue. Upon being inquired of his business in the city, Jellal admits to be searching for someone, which prompts other members to offer their assistance. Jellal reveals that his target is Touka, requesting that the Sabertooth Mages are to alert him immediately should they find her, before strictly warning them to avoid contact with her.

Kyria captured

The mysterious woman

Still on the run in Ermina, Team Natsu finds themselves in an empty alleyway, expressing shock at the fishes’ sudden change in attitude. Despite Natsu’s determination to defeat Mercphobia and his followers, Lucy admits that the fishes did not seem evil, pointing out a more peaceful alternative to “sealing” the five dragons. After convincing the others not to attack as a first resort method, Lucy uses Gemini’s power to transform their party into fishes, excluding Wendy, who is turned into a jellyfish as a result of Lucy’s lack of magic power. The group heads out to investigate, where Gray is confronted by an unsuspecting Kashima. The former asks the fish of the humans from the previous day, who had been investigating Mercphobia’s whereabouts, to which Kashima responds that they’ll serve as a sacrifice to the Water God. Simultaneously, Natsu picks up a human scent, which leads him, Lucy, and Happy to discover a woman with a mysterious guild mark, chained to the bars of a cell.

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