The Dragon Slayers' Lineage is the 2nd chapter of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest by Atsuo Ueda, a sequel to Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Team Natsu learns the truth of Elefseria, a self-taught Dragon Slayer who attained power to defeat a certain group of Dragons. To the teams shock, their 100-year quest requires them to seal these Five Dragon Gods, who are said to be as powerful as Acnologia. Meanwhile Gajeel's curiosity turns to Touka when she unintentionally mentions Avatar cultist Briar.


Elefseria in Lucy’s breasts

Elefseria teleports into Lucy’s cleavage

Erza questions Elefseria on the lack of people within the guild, to which the dragon replies that the members of Magia Dragon have long since perished, and that the newer generations of wizards favored more recent guilds. However, Natsu and Wendy quickly identify the dragon as a human, which he confirms by taking on the form of an elderly wizard. Overjoyed by the company, Elefseria teleports within the guild as he converses with the Fairy Tail mages, much to their irritation. He commends them on their observation, revealing that he is a self-taught Dragon Slayer who, like Acnologia, was turned into a dragon as a result of overusing his powers. Elefseria strictly reminds the wizards of the dangers of the quest; however, they reaffirm their readiness to take the risk.

Five Dragon Gods

The Five Dragon Gods

Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tail guild, Juvia is criticized by Touka for her lack of faith in Gray’s return, with the latter proclaiming her own feelings of love for Natsu. Juvia quickly attempts to discourage her by naming several other female mages associated with the dragon slayer, which prompts Touka to do the same with Gray. In the ensuing argument, Gajeel takes notice at Touka’s mention of Avatar member, Briar, studying her suspiciously.

Elefseria requests that the mages sign a written form consenting to the terms of the quest. Although Lucy is initially hesitant, she recalls Virgo’s implication that she may encounter Aquarius in Guiltina, and inquires of the quest’s details upon signing. Elefseria then reveals that they are to seal away the Five Dragon Gods, who are rumored to equip powers on par with Acnologia.

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