Ash and Dark Clouds is the 16th chapter of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest by Atsuo Ueda, a sequel to Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

After reinforcements come, Diabolos and the reunited Team Natsu reach a stalemate causing Skullion to whisk him and his guild members away. Meanwhile, in Mercuphobia’s home, something strange is occuring with the Water God Dragon, who forcibly attacks Caramille.


Madmorl recovers

Madmorl recovers from Natsu’s attack

With Natsu managing to burn through Madmorl’s armor, he and Wendy are reunited with Lucy, Carla, Gray, and Happy, who prepare to assist in the fight. At Skullion’s command, Madmorl is able to stand once again, despite his burns from Natsu’s previous attack. Concurrently, Erza dons her Flame Empress Armor and successfully manages to land a hit on Kyria, breaking the two through the ship’s deck, where her opponent is forcibly teleported by Skullion to his location. The latter acknowledges the Fairy Tail mages’ strength, to which Natsu responds that they will ensure Mercuphobia’s safety, resolved to find a way around eliminating the Water Dragon. However, Skullion informs them that their guild is much larger than their trio of dragon eaters, promising to showcase their true power before teleporting he and his companions away. To Team Natsu’s disbelief, the Diabolos ship disintegrates into ash, speculating that it had been a creation of Molding Magic.

The Fairy Tail mages decide to return to the Water Dragon’s palace, despite Carla’s hesitance due to Caramille’s previous outburst. Meanwhile, at their destination, the Water Dragon awakens, suddenly grasping Caramille’s neck in a forceful manner, yelling for her to get away.

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