Stars and Lightning is the 12th chapter of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest by Atsuo Ueda, a sequel to Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Jellal questions Touka on her identity as the White Wizard, but before he can apprehend her, Laxus intervenes to defend his new guildmate. Meanwhile, after Diabolos takes off with Erza, Natsu, and Wendy as their prisoners, Lucy finds a beaten Gray rescued by Brandish.


Jellal vs. Laxus

Laxus threatens Jellal

Jellal confronts Touka, the “White Wizard”, revealing that he’s investigated her history and believes she is infiltrating Fairy Tail. Supposedly feigning innocence, Touka explains that she joined the guild out of dedication to Natsu and is a user of water magic, but Jellal remains unconvinced and refuses her explanation. He proceeds to accuse her of having formed the Liberius cult, going into detail about their ideology of turning the world into a “white nothingness”. Also deducing that Touka stole her magic from the Water Dragon, Jellal connects her to a string of Magic Deficiency Disease cases from the past few months, in which several wizards perished as a result of their magic being drained. Before he can take action against Touka, Jellal is intercepted by Laxus, who angrily defends his guildmate. Ignoring Jellal’s warnings, Laxus remains unconcerned about Touka’s backstory and proceeds to threaten the Crime Sorcière Mage, taking Touka under his protection.

Kyria’s “pet”

Erza as Kiria's "pet"

On the Diabolos ship, the dragon eaters pursue the White Wizard, while also holding Erza, Natsu, and Wendy captive. Kiria continues to torment Erza, declaring her a “pet” and holding her by leash. Despite Natsu’s protests, Erza remains under the affects of Kiria’s magic, unable to recover her “strong” mentality. Elsewhere, Lucy, Happy, and Carla, have been sent away on boat by Karameel, angered by the injuries Mercphobia had sustained in the battle. The trio encounter another boat, whose occupant is revealed to be none other than Brandish. Tossing Lucy a miniature Gray, she reveals to have shrunk him after sensing the danger during the confrontation with Diabolos.

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