Blade, Armor, Ash is the 11th chapter of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest by Atsuo Ueda, a sequel to Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Diabolos' might proves to be a tough task for Team Natsu, who are battered by them in their battle over the White Wizard's location. In Magnolia, after receiving the tip from Kagura, Jellal finally comes across the roaming Touka.


Blade Dragon’s Roar

Kyria's Blade Dragon's Tearing Roar

Erza, defenseless as a result of Kyria slicing her “strength”, is tormented by the Diabolos Mage shortly before Wendy launches an attack with her Dragon Force. Along with Lucy, the two attempt to fend off the Blade Dragon, but are ultimately overwhelmed by Kyria’s attack, disabling Mercuphobia, Happy, and Carla as well. Meanwhile, Gray faces off Skullion, with the latter utilizing his magic to turn the sea to ash before seemingly disintegrating Gray. Natsu is also defeated by Madmorl aboard the Diabolos ship as a result of his motion sickness, putting all the Fairy Tail Mages out of commission.

In Magnolia, Gajeel is frustrated with the results of his investigation on Touka, as well as Levy’s irritation. Concurrently, Jellal approaches Touka on the streets, addressing her as the White Wizard.

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