Fairy Nail (フェアリーネイル Fearī Neiru) is a Celebrity Guild located in the continent of Guiltina.[1]


The Fairy Nail guild has a wide range of celebrity members such as singers, models, actors and more.[1] By sheer coincidence, the names of the guild and many of its members are nearly identical to those of Fairy Tail, a Mage guild on Ishgar; most of said members' also share physical appearances, but have different personalities, similar to the Fairy Tail guild in Edolas.[2][3]

Location and Building

Exterior Design

The Fairy Nail Guild is located in the city of Tekka. The guild building has a large banner with the name of the guild written on it above its entrance which has a pair of curtains tied on its sides. On top of the entrance there is a pair of hands with long adorned nails and its palms facing the sky, between the pair of hands is a shiny disco ball and a pair of fairy statues standing on each side. The guild building second floor walls is mainly made of bricks, and its roof is covered with roof tiles while the first floor is decorated with small flag banners and potted plants.[1]

Interior Design


Name Career Team Status
GlenPole DancerNoneActive
JuvinaSwimwear DancerNoneActive
GazelStand-up ComedianNoneActive
LizzieStand-up ComedianNoneActive
ElvmanMake-up ArtistNoneActive
LacrisSingerLacris and the Lightning King PeopleActive
CaraFoot ModelNoneActive
LokiAdult StarNoneActive


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