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November 20, 2014 – August 20, 2016



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Fairy Girls (フェアリーガールズ Fearī Gāruzu) is a Japanese manga series by BOKU and a spin-off of Hiro Mashima's manga series Fairy Tail.


The story centers around the female members of the Fairy Tail Guild and their adventures.


Written and illustrated by BOKU, Fairy Girls is a monthly spin-off manga that was serialized in Magazine Special from November 20, 2014 to August 20, 2016. The individual chapters had been collected and published in tankōbon volumes by Kodansha, with the first one being released on May 15, 2015. As of September 2016, 4 volumes has been released in Japan. The series amassed a total of 21 chapters (originally 22 during it's serialization, before being re-numbered for the volume release) during its run.

The series was licensed for an English language release in North America by Kodansha USA on January 14, 2015, with the first volume released on November 10, 2015.

Volume List

Volume 1

Japanese Release Date: North American Release Date:
May 15, 2015.[1]
November 10, 2015.[2]
Fairy Girls Volume1cover.jpg Chapters English chapter titles Cover character(s)
  • 001. 4人の妖精
  • 002. 出撃!王城・フロ・空中!
  • 003. 激闘! クマったちゃん!
  • 004. “クマさん”の秘密
  • 005. 魔導士の覚悟

  • 001. Four Fairies
  • 002. Charge! Palace-ing • Bathing • Flying?!
  • 003. A Grizzly Fight!
  • 004. Teddy's Secret
  • 005. What a Wizard is Prepared For

Volume 2

Japanese Release Date: North American Release Date:
November 17, 2015.[3]
April 26, 2016.[4]
Fairy Girls Volume2cover.jpg Chapters English chapter titles Cover character(s)
  • 006. 妖精はリゾートがお好き!?
  • 007. ウェンディの・・・初めて!?
  • 008. 折れない心で・・・
  • 009. 心の奥に射す光
  • 010. “女子力”の極み

  • 006. Fairies Love Resorts?!
  • 007. Is This...A First for Wendy?!
  • 008. With an Unbreakable Spirit...
  • 009. Light That Pierces the Depths of the Heart
  • 010. The Ultimate Girl Power

Volume 3

Japanese Release Date: North American Release Date:
March 17, 2016.[5]
October 18, 2016.[6]
Fairy Girls Volume3cover.jpg Chapters English chapter titles Cover character(s)
  • 011. “おもてなし”の行方
  • 012. 妖精 vs.人魚
  • 013. 人魚の誤算
  • 014. 華麗なる“おしおき”♡
  • 015. はぐれそうな“天使”を救え!!
  • 016. 真実の匂い!?

  • 011. The Whereabouts of Great Service
  • 012. Fairies vs. Mermaids
  • 013. Mermaid's Miscalculation
  • 014. The Splendid "Punishment" ♡
  • 015. Save the Stray Angel!!
  • 016. The Smell of Truth?!

Volume 4

Japanese Release Date: North American Release Date:
September 16, 2016.[7]
April 25, 2017[8]
Fairy Girls Volume4cover.jpg Chapters English chapter titles Cover character(s)
  • 017. スクープは危険な調べ
  • 018. 笑顔の魔法
  • 019. Invisible Crime
  • 020. 妖精たちの逆襲
  • 最終話: FAIRY GIRLS

  • 017. Scoop is a Dangerous Investigation
  • 018. Magic Smile
  • 019. Invisible Crime
  • 020. Fairies' Counterattack
  • Final Chapter: Fairy Girls

List of Chapters

Volume 1
Name Summary Cover Release Date
1. The 4 Fairies
After the Grand Magic Games ended, Erza, Lucy, Wendy and Juvia are wondering in Fiore's capital city, Crocus where they meet a little child called Roil and they ask him to give him a tour round the city. Finally, the girls are shown walking down an ally, with Erza carrying a drunk Juvia. Roil tells them about some random thugs in the city that take money in the name of Fairy Tail just to be kicked in the face by one of the very thugs themselves. Suddenly, the group find themselves surrounded by the Coping Guild, Dark Mirror with every one of them dressed like a member of Fairy Tail. Erza and Juvia start attacking the members of the copying guild, leaving Lucy and Wendy watching them. Roil questions their tranquility in the middle of a battle, Lucy replies that that's who Fairy Tail is. The two girls then join their comrades in the battle, attacking the imposter Mages all at once and finally defeating Dark Mirror. After the fight, Erza apologizes to the young child for showing him something so scary, after realizing the strength of the said guild, Roil shouts to the girls stating he has a job to request to them in which Erza replies that they will talk about it after escaping, due to the damage they caused after the battle. Fairy Girls 1 Cover.png November 20, 2014
2. Sortie! Royal Castle-Floating-Midair!?
The girls are seen infiltrating the Royal Castle, as a request from Roil to find out who attacked his father. The girls start searching the castle and end up in front of a huge door, which turns out to be the Royal Office, as stated by the king. The king then states the he would know if anything happens in the castle, which turns to be false as they got in without being noticed, Lucy then starts interrogating the king just to be interrupted by two grievously injured guards opening the office door and then collapsing. The girls discover a pile of badly hurt guards in the office and are suddenly attacked from behind with a powerful explosive blast. The king turns out to be an imposter called Daume, who is a member of the Dark Invention Guild Black Goblin. Lucy tries to attack the latter from behind just to be forced back by another explosion generated by the researcher's Explosive Cloth. Daume then blows up the ceiling and attempts to flee by hanging on a rope from a fly blimp just for Lucy, Taurus and Capricorn to catch him. The latter, angered, casts All Direction Explosion, blowing the Celestial Mage and the two spirits away, stating that his invention has no blind spot, just to be attacked from the top by Loke who stated the his head is his "blind spot". The Lion Spirit begins attacking the Black Goblin Member by Regulus and finally manages to bring him to the ground, defeating him. The group then hangs on the rope, with Erza stating that they now are Fiore's only hope. Fairy Girls 2 Cover.png December 20, 2014
3. Fierce Fight! Bear-chan!!
(激闘! クマったちゃん!!)
As the girls manage to get on the airship, they encounter the researcher sisters, Lucia and Roen, who start attacking the girls and playing tricks on them. They then activate their weapon Fan Engine, almost blowing the girls away with a powerful jet of wind. Lucia commands her comrades to capture the overwhelmed Mages, just for their subordinates to be blown away too. Embarrassed, the two sisters activate their Maximum Output attack at the girls with tremendous power, blowing the rest of their guild members in the process. Wendy, stunned at the fact of their carefree nature about hurting their comrades, uses her Magic to stop their fans and finishes the sisters off with her Sky Dragon's Roar. As the Black Goblin Headquarters appears in sight, it turns out to be a flying bear-shaped blimp. The airship crashes into it's neck, alarming the guild's researchers. As the girls defeat the members of the guild, they are attacked by Risia, a member of Black Boblin dressed in a bear suit. Risia overpowers the girls and manages to control them with it's cuteness. Content with their apparent victory, Risia is shocked to see Juvia, free from their control, capturing them with her Water and defeating all the researchers with one attack, stating the that she didn't fall for them as Gray is way cuter. Fairy Girls 3 Cover.png January 20, 2015
4. The Secret of "Mr. Bear"
After defeating Risia, the Fairy Tail girls find the unconscious king tied to his throne. As the girls rush towards him, Black Goblin’s Guild Master, Ripenílle, traps Lucy, Juvia, and Wendy in a magical barrier that repels any Magical attacks. Although Erza manages to avoid getting trapped, she is overwhelmed by ]the assault of the entire Black Goblin guild. Witnessing Erza’s struggles, Lucy summons Aquarius from within Juvia’s body, flooding the barrier. The two then use their Unison Raid spell to shatter the barrier and whip all of Black Goblin Mages. Having been captured and interrogated, Ripenílle admits she was acting on behalf of her father who had told her that the country couldn’t be entrusted to the king. At that moment Ripenílle’s father, Silverspark, interrupts and scolds his daughter for failing in her task before blasting the girls with the bear fortress. The girls dodge the attack and rescue Ripenílle as well. They desperately cling to the bear’s belly as Silverspark moves to crush them. Fairy Girls Chapter 4 Cover.png February 20, 2015
5. The Mages Resolution
The four girls continue their fight against Silverspark, with the latter brutalizing the Fairy Tail Mages with all of his subordinates' inventions. When asked about his intentions, Silverspark that he was the leading wizard of Fiore six years ago, working under the King. Back then, he tried to persuade the king into creating powerful mechanical weapons that Magic has no effect on, but was rejected and was heavily antagonized by every one in the palace. After that, he and his daughter formed Black Goblin, in order to protect the kingdom from the day when Magic betrays the humans. Lucy then tells her comrades to get back into the bear and start tearing it from the inside out. Suddenly, Ripenílle regains conscious and restricts the four girls and tells her father to shoot the beam, sacrificing herself for his plans. The canon fires but misses the group, resulting in them rushing towards the hole. As Silverspark charges at the, the four girls, Lucy counterattacks and charges at him, revealing that she knew he couldn't hurt his daughter, before kicking him away towards the bear's head, breaking the remote and defeating him. After admitting defeat, he tells them to remember his words, in which they reply that if the world crumbles due to Magic, the wizards will be the ones to save it. Back at palace, the girls are seen taking a shower, extremely exhausted after the battle, when Mira enters and tell them that the palace was wrecked by four mysterious women. Fairy Girls Chapter 5 Cover.png March 20, 2015
Volume 1 Bonus A small story of the author talking about moving to a perfect resident with her editor and Hiro Mashima. Fairy Girls Volume 1 Extras.png May 15, 2015

Volume 2
Name Summary Cover Release Date
6. The Fairies Like Resorts!?
After saving the kingdom, the girls are back at the guild with Mavis offering them a trip as a reward for their work. As they arrive in a beach resort they are welcomed by Gen and Lily, who offer them a lot of activities. After the girls have fun playing, swimming and relaxing, Lucy is lying on a bench, receiving a massage from Lily, the girls are, suddenly, captured by Lily's vines. Lucy then sees groups of chained people hallucinating, discovering that the the resort was an illusion created by Gen's Magic, who is a member of Antilon alongside Lily, who state that they capture Mages who come to their resort to extract their Magic . Lucy starts falling unconscious as her Magic Power is being drained just to be encouraged once more by Mavis. Lucy, mustering all what is left from her power, succeeds in summoning Loke who instantly frees her from the plants. Gen and Lily then summon a giant plant, using all the Magic they've gathered, only to be punched away by the Celestial Spirit. Loke then destroys the Magic Extractor with Regulus Impact and defeats Antilon. The girls then are shown returning by train, all fresh and energetic as Mavis states that she will make it up for them once again. Fairy Girls 6 Cover.png April 20, 2015
7. Wendy's...First Time!?
A girl arrives at the Fairy Tail Guild introducing herself as Sumire and claiming to want to join the guild. Upon seeing Wendy, she rushes and hugs her, addressing the Dragon Slayer as her "Senpai". After joining, Sumire is taken by Wendy to show her around. After meeting up with most of the guild, and showing her Plant Magic, the five girls are on the roof enjoying the view, where Sumire seen asks Wendy to go on a specific quest. In a forest near Magnolia, the two girls and Carla arrive to arrest some people who throw garbage and reproach them. The newbie suddenly rushes into the forest with enthusiasm and finally gets lost. However, she still manages to find the illegal Dugas Gang who are throwing away waste in the middle of the forest. Her attacks are uneffective against the criminal who defeats both Sumire and and her puppet with one punch. As the leader start scolding the guild, the four girls appear, defeating the entire gang and leaving only him standing. Wendy then rapidly finishes off the leader, before checking on Sumire. Lucy interrogates the man who states that they were're ordered to do so by a girl with a rose mark on her forehead. Suddenly sleeping gas comes out from the barrels near them, causing everyone to faint, with the exception of Wendy and the Dugas leader, who is then suddenly struke by Sumire's Puppet Whip. As the man falls down, Wendy is captured by the girl, who turns out to be the said girl with a rose mark, stating that Wendy Marvell was her target from the beginning. Fairy Girls 7 Cover.png May 20, 2015
8. My Heart Won't Break...
Wendy wakes in an unknown place to find her friends under a hypnotic spell, in the hands of the Dark Guild Rose Marionette, whom Sumire is working for. They state that they're goal is to steal the power of the Dragon Slayers, after seeing Wendy's performance in the Grand Magic Games. They then reveal their Magic-Absorbing Device that will be used to extract Wendy's Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, as they were the creators of the Magic Extractor used by Antlion. After sixteen hours of draining her Magic, Wendy is still able to talk as Sumire deactivates the device. She then asks about her intentions, in which Sumire states to be only materialistic gain. Sumire unintentionally shows a bit of reluctance in her speech, resulting in the leader stabbing her in the back, claiming that she could leave right now if she wanted to. However, before they can kill her, Wendy manages to break free and stands to defend Sumire, declaring that it is a senior's responsibility to correct their junior's mistakes. Fairy Girls Chapter 8 Cover.png June 20, 2015
9. The Light Shines in the Depths of the Heart
As Wendy stands between her and Rose Marionette, the wounded Sumire gets up and holds a knife to Wendy's throat to threaten the Dark Guild, demanding that the others release their captives and give her the payments they owed her, prompting the leader to taunt her, explaining that she no better than them, while his subordinates attack her from behind. However, Sumire was actually trying to get Wendy away from them and succeeds by cutting the ground in half. She tells Wendy to take her friends and flee while she holds them off, just to be quickly overwhelmed, resulting in Wendy refusing to abandon her and attempting to defend her. Suddenly, Erza manages to overcome the hypnosis and takes out the hypnotist, breaking his hold on the others. A swordswoman named Lauren challenges Erza into a duel, just to have her clothes shredded before she could finis talking. The girls then overwhelm the guild, finishing them off. Afterwards, Sumire apologizes to the girls but refuses the offer to return to Fairy Tail and leaves to atone for her crimes, before parting away with the girls. Fairy Girls Chapter 9 Cover.png July 18, 2015
10. The Height of "Girl Power"
Lucy is left depressed after waking from a dream where she won a Ms. Fairy Tail contest and a considerable cash prize. She gloomily tells her friends about the dream at Fairy Hills, just before they start cleaning the building. As Cana jokes around that Lucy has so much "girlish powers" that she could win an guy even Gray. This caused Juvia to appear behind her and challenge Lucy for a girl contest over Gray, in which Cana agrees spontaneously, much to Lucy's dismay. After four rounds, the two girls come to a draw, with both of them determined to win. Suddenly, Mira enters, saying that Gray was looking for Juvia as he has a job that she can be his partner in. Upon hearing that, Juvia rushes outside, leaving the competition on hiatus. In the evening, as the girls are bathing together, Lucy wonders about the last round, in with Cana states that she was planning a bust competition, as she gropes Lucy. After that, Mira comes in again, informing them that dinner is ready. As they ear their meal, they praise Mira's cooking skills, recognizing it as the true girlish power. Fairy Girls Chapter 10 Cover.png August 20, 2015
Volume 2 Bonus Two short stories, one about the trip home after Chapter 6, where Mavis tells the girls to "show-off a talent" before she starts sticking her hands through Erza's body. The second is a story of Sumire after Chapter 10 where she thanks Fairy Tail for the gifts they sent to the church, before receiving some pictures, several days later, of the posing competition between Lucy and Juvia. Fairy Girls Volume 2 Extras.png November 17, 2015

Volume 3
Name Summary Cover Release Date
11. Where's the "Hospitality"
With Cana's arrangement, the girls go into a host club, dressed as men, on a job request from an aristocrat, demanding they make his daughter break up with one of the hosts there. Later that night, Mireille Revast, the aforementioned daughter, appears in the club, and as her favorite host is absent, the cross-dressed Fairy Tail Mages proceed to court her. Eventually, Erza manages to impress Mireille, after Lucy and Cana's failure, but not before getting drunk in the process. Offering to take her home, the daughter takes Erza into the street and quickly tries to kidnap her, forcing her into a warehouse, where it is revealed that Mireille was kidnapping her favorite hosts and men and keeping them as her collection. After the rest of the girls storm in, Erza defeats Mireille's henchmen, before lecturing her on the malice of her doings. Fairy Girls 11 Cover.png September 19, 2015
12. Fairy vs. Mermaid
(妖精 vs.人魚)
Upon Mermaid Heel's request, the four girls travel to the guild's restaurant where they help Kagura, Millianna and Araña, as the rest of the guild is off for the day. After huge success, the girls have a volleyball match, on a wager of the memberships of Erza and Kagura, just for the latters to knock the others girls out, leaving the match with no clear winner. While relaxing in the hot springs, the Mermaid Heel Mages request that their Fairy Tail friends stay for another two days, are the rest of their guild has completely fallen to anemia the other day, so they're still in need of their help. Fairy Girls 12 Cover.png October 20, 2015
13. Miscalculation of Mermaids
The next day, while the girls are preparing for the new day, Ainelle Riverton, a proclaimed new member of the guild who joined while Kagura's group was away appears, stating that her illness wasn't as dire as her seniors so she recovered at home. She then voices her discontent with having Fairy Tail Mages helping the guild. When the work starts, Ainelle shows off her quick cooking skills, before telling the girls that they should not be needed anymore. Due to Master's request, Erza states that they should be leaving anyway. At night, the four girls encounter a regular at the Mermaid Heel restaurant, who reveals to them that there hasn't been any new members in the said guild for a month. Returning to Mermaid Heel, they discover that it has all been a scheme by a bandit team of slave traders to sell the female Mages as slaves, with their leader being Ainelle herself, who has already poisoned Kagura and the other two, just as they have done with the rest of the guild. Although they managed to defeat most of the bandits and rescue Millianna and Araña, Ainelle managed to escape with an incapacitated Kagura through the sea. Fairy Girls 13 Cover.png November 20, 2015
14. Splendid "Punishment" ♡
After catching up with the slave traders, the girls arrive at the island headquarters and, after discovering the location of all the hostages except for Kagura, they split into pairs, with Erza and Lucy setting off to retrieve the Mermaid Heel Mage and the antidote. However, they are separated when Ainelle and the elite Mages of her organisation attack and corner Lucy. Erza, after being thrown off a cliff, manages to locate Kagura, just to be confronted by the head trader, Jist. After a small brawl between the two, Ainelle arrive holding an unconscious Lucy, prompting Jist to attempt and deliver the final blow to Erza. However, the Fairy Tail Mages knocks the slave trader, allowing Lucy to get hold of the serum he had, before revealing that the "Ainelle" with her in non other than her Celestial Spirit, Gemini. After Jist admitted defeat, the Mages recuse the imprisoned girls and depart from the island. Fairy Girls 14 Cover.png December 19, 2015
15. Save the Lost "Angels"
Upon arriving, the four girls find a young baby girl with Gray,, who stating that he's been waiting for them. He then reveals that he found the infant stranded of the countryside, and that he wants them to take care of her, while he joins Natsu and Happy in the search for her parents. After tense interactions, the girls finally manage to take care of the girl and cool her temper. After that, the girls decide to join the search party as well accross the town. Much to their shock, the babu is suddenly snatched from their hands by a Magic Bird, said by Juvia to be from a species that steal the important things from humans. Even though Wendy is able to retrieve the baby midair, she is surrounded by the flock of the theiving birds. Much to her luck, the birds flee upon the arrival of Mirajane in her Satan Soul form, before stating that she was on an urgent job to locate a lost baby. After reuniting with their child, the parents gracefully thank the Fairy Tail Mages, explaining that the birds got hold of their child while they were working on their farm. The small family then bid farewell, prompting Lucy to wonder if she'll ever get to have cute children of her own. Fairy Girls 15 Cover.png January 20, 2016
16. The Truth of the Smell!?
Upon the request to investigate a serial theft occurring in the Fiore Royal Girls Academy, the four girls are admitted to the school as students and instantly gain huge popularity due to their status and membership of the Grand Magic Games victor: Fairy Tail. Swayed by the campus life, the Mages waste the first four days enjoying themselves, until Wendy stumples upon the Principle, leaving a locker room with an underwear. After informing the rest, the girls ambush the thief, who is then revealed to be the Head Teacher in disguise, thanks to the Dragon Slayer's powerful sense of smell. After apprehending the culprit, news about the girls' achievement spread, causing the students to protest against the Mages leaving. Fairy Girls 16 Cover.jpg February 20, 2016

Volume 4
Name Summary Cover Release Date
17 (Part A). Scoop is a Dangerous Investigation
After completing a photoshoot session with the freelance reporter Silda, Lucy, Juvia and Levy go on to have an interview with the reporter an enjoy themselves. During their chat, Silda reveals that she is currently investigating a huge corruption case, involving a huge enterprise called DS Company, that might shake the entire Kingdom. Later, after the Mages part with the reporter, two mercenary Mages appear and burn down Silda's house and obtain her data of DS Company. With Silda refusing to sell out her informant, one of the Mages tries to kill, just to be saved by the arrival of the three girls. However, Shizuna, the other mercenary, quickly overwhelms Juvia and Levy with her Mirror Sword, before disappearing with her comrade. After the brawl, the girls urge Silda to fill them in on the situation. Fairy Girls 17 A Cover.png March 19, 2016
17 (Part B). Scoop is a Dangerous Investigation (Part Two)
Danny Seedel, the president of DS Company, aims to secretly control the entire Kingdom, by monoplizing every business in Fiore and controlling the economy, by weeding out key figures from opposing companies and replacing them by his allies. At his office, Danny tortures his personal secretary after discovering her as the true spy who leaked the information out. Suddenly, the three girls come crashing through the window into the office and engage Danny's men in battle, while protecting the secretary. Lucy, alongside Capricorn, faces off with Shizuna, eventually outsmarting and disarming her. This allows Juvia to strike Shizuna, alongside the rest of the mercenaries, with Water Nebula, crashing through several floors and defeating all of them. With the crimes of DS Company brought to light, Silda develops a reputation for being the lead investigator in the case, and continues to pressure the three Fairy Tail Mages for photoshoots afterwords. Fairy Girls 17 B Cover.png April 20, 2016
18. Magic Smile
Regis, a boy from the town, visits the guild as asks Wendy to accompany him on a practice date before he goes on a real one with his crush. Despite her protests, the girls put her up on the job and start teaching her their techniques of going on an adult date. After that, one the day of the practice, the two youngsters wander around the town, with Wendy following advises from her guildmates over Magic radios. Eventually when the date seems to be failing, Wendy and Regis suddenly start enjoying themselves on their own and continue hanging out in the town until the evening. Regis then thanks the Fairy Tail Mage, stating that she did teach him how to go on a proper date. Fairy Girls 18 Cover.png May 20, 2016
19. Invisible Crime
(Invisible Crime)
On a job as security guards, the girls visit the Sunny Crocus mall in the royal capital, where they do some shopping and relax in the mall's indoor hot springs. There, they meet rookie singers Prin and Lane who, upon realizing the Mages are from the Fairy Tail Guild, accompany the girls around the mall before their concert in the afternoon. After knowing the girls' reason for visiting the Sunny Crocus, the two singers reveal that they have received a threat letter to cancel the concert days before. When Nelson, the Advertising Executive, appears searching for the duo, he brushes off the claim, saying it's only normal to receive such things. However, a mysterious figure contacts the group via a Communications Lacrima, revealing himself as the sender. Then, a huge explosion strikes the nearby park, with the figure acknowledging it as one of his bombs and stating that he planted nine other explosives in the mall, much to the Mages' shock. Fairy Girls 19 Cover.png June 20, 2016
20. Fairies' Counterattack
After managing to locate eight of the remaining nine bombs with the help of Wendy's Dragon Slayer's sense of smell, the Mages find themselves unable to find the last one and, with the time for exploding nearing, start to panic. Thankfully, after realizing that the last bomb is on the incoming train instead of the mall, Wendy and Erza storm the cabinet and quickly defeat the terrorists, who reveal themselves as past fans of Prin and Lane and have gotten enraged after the music duo distanced themselves from their fans after getting more famous. After redirecting the train away from the Sunny Crocus and saving its hostages, the Fairy Tail girls to join Prin and Lane in their grand concert. Fairy Girls 20 Cover.png July 20, 2016
Final Chapter: Fairy Girls
With Erza, Juvia and Wend bed-bound due to a cold, Lucy, on Levy's request, takes it upon herself to nurse them back to health. However, Lucy then has a hard time cooking, cleaning and doing basic tasks in the nearly empty Fairy Hills, much to her sadness. Upon unintentionally dozing off, she dreams that the cold caused the three girls' death and wakes up with the scream to find them sound and healthy. After recounting her dream to the Mages, Lucy states that she can be pretty useless on her own and thanks her progress on her friends, to which the reply with the same, claiming that she ought to have more self-confidence, much to her apparent joy. Finally, Mira finds the four with a job request for them, while adding that their group have been dubbed by the guild as "Fairy Girls". Fairy Girls Final Cover.png August 20, 2016



Fairy Tail
Lucy Fairy Girls.png
Lucy Heartfilia
Rūshi Hātofiria
Erza Fairy Girls.png
Erza Scarlet
Eruza Sukāretto
Wendy Fairy Girls.png
Wendy Marvell
Wendi Māberu
Juvia Fairy Girls.png
Juvia Lockser
Jubia Rokusā
Carla Fairy Girls.png
Mavis Fairy Girls.png
Mavis Vermillion
Meibisu Vāmirion
Makarov Fairy Girls.png
Makarov Dreyar
Makarofu Doreā
Mira Fairy Girls.png
Mirajane Strauss
Mirajēn Sutorausu
Levy Fairy Girls.png
Levy McGarden
Rebī Makugāden
Cana Fairy Girls.png
Cana Alberona
Kana Aruberōna
Gray Fairy Girls.png
Gray Fullbuster
Gurei Furubasutā
Natsu Fairy Girls.png
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Doraguniru
Celestial Spirits
Taurus Fairy Girls.png
Capricorn Fairy Girls.jpg
Loke Fairy Girls.jpg
Loke (Leo)
ロキ (レオ)
Roki (Reo)
Aries Fairy Girls.jpg
Aquarius Fairy Girls.png
Gemini Fairy Girls.png
Virgo Fairy Girls.png
Mermaid Heel
Kagura Fairy Girls.png
Kagura Mikazuchi
Kagura Mikazuchi
Millianna Fairy Girls.png
Araña Fairy Girls.png
Araña Webb
Arānya Webu


Black Goblin
Daume Fairy Girls.jpg
Lucia Fairy Girls.jpg
Roen Fairy Girls.jpg
Risia Fairy Girls.jpg
Ripenílle Fairy Girls.png
Silverspark Fairy Girls.png
Lily Antlion.png
Rose Marionette
Big Guy Fairy Girls.png
Unnamed Member

Gorilla Fairy Girls.png
Lauren Fairy Girls.png
Tall guy Fairy Girls.png
Unnamed Member

Sumire Fairy Girls.jpg
Sumire (former)
Slave Traders
Ainelle Fairy Girls.png
Ainelle Riverton
Aineru Ribāton
Jist Fairy Girls.png
DS Company
Shizuna Fairy Girls.png
Danny Fairy Girls.png
Danny Seedel
Dani Shīderu


Roil Fairy Girls.png
Toma Fairy Girls.png
Toma E. Fiore
Tōma E Fiōre
Prin Fairy Girls.png
Lane Fairy Girls.png
Magic Council
Crawford Fairy Girls.png
Crawford Seam
Kurofōdo Shīmu
Dugas Gang Leader Fairy Girls.jpg
Dugas Gang Leader

Mireille Fairy Girls.png
Mireille Rivast
Silda Fairy Girls.png
Regis Fairy Girls.png
Fiore Royal Girls Academy
Graymane Fairy Girls.png
Zevis Graymane
Zebisu Gureimein
Bramby Fairy Girls.png


Fitting Magic (試着魔法 Shichaku Mahō): This Magic enables the user to switch his or anyone's clothes with other ones in the room used by Juvia.[9]

Requip: The Knight (換装騎士(ザ・ナイト)Kansō Za Naito): This Magic allows the user, Erza, to store weapons and armors in pocket dimensions and summon them during battle.[10]

Water (水流(ウォーター) Wōtā): A type of Magic that utilizes and manipulate water.[11]

  • Water Nebula (水流昇霞(ウォーターネブラ) Wōtā Nebura): The user attacks the target with a giant wave and blast the opponent into the air with tremendous force.[12]
  • Water Slicer (水流斬破(ウォータースライサー) Wōtā Suraisā): By swiping their arm, the user sends scythe-like blades of water at their intended target.[13]

Sky Dragon Slayer Magic (天の滅竜魔法 Ten no Metsuryū Mahō): This Magic gives it's user, Wendy, the manipulation of air in battle.[14]

  • Sky Dragon's Roar (天竜の咆哮 Tenryū no Hōkō): The user quickly gathers and releases a large quantity of air from their mouth in the form of a tornado-like blast.[14]
  • Sky Dragon's Wing Attack (天竜の翼撃 Tenryū no Yokugeki): The user shoots a large slash of wind from their arm at the target.[15]
  • Heal (ヒール Hīru): The user can cure injuries and wounds on the target.[16]
  • Sky Dragon's Crushing Fang (天竜の砕牙 Tenryū no Saiga): The user cloaks one of their hands in a whirlwind and strikes the target with their fingertips, leaving behind a trail of wind.[17]

Celestial Spirit Magic (星霊 魔法 Seirei Mahō): This Magic allows the user to summon the Celestial Spirits from the Celestial Spirit World.[18]

Ice-Make (氷の造形魔法(アイスメイク) Aisu Meiku): This Molding-Type Magic allows the user to create ice from nothing and use it for different purposes.[19]

Wool Magic (羊毛の魔法 Yōmō no Mahō): A Magic the involves that creation and manipulation of wool.[20]

Sword Magic (剣の魔法 Ken no Mahō): A Magic related to the use of swords in combat.[21]

  • Pentagram Sword (天輪・五芒星の剣(ペンタグラムソード) Tenrin: Pentaguramu Sōdo): The user slashes their swords in the shape of a pentagram at the target.[21]

Aera ((エーラ) Ēra): A Magic used by Exceed for flying.[22]

Illusion Magic (幻影魔法 Genei Mahō): A Magic revolves around illusions allowing the user to create hallucinations,[23] as well as projecting a different appearance in the eyes of others[24] and create fake afterimages.[25]

Regulus (王の光(レグルス) Regurusu): A form of Magic related to the usage of light in battle and a variation of Light Magic.[26]

  • Regulus Impact (獅子王の輝き(レグルスインパクト) Regurusu Inpakuto): The user shoot a tremendous blast of light from his hand at the opponent.[27]

Plant Magic (植物の魔法 Shokubutsu no Mahō): A Magic that revolves around creation and controlling of plants.[28]

  • Magic Puppet (傀儡人形 Kugutsu Ningyō): The user summons a puppet-like tree from the ground that can do whatever the caster desires.[29]
  • Puppet Whip (人形の鞭 Ningyō no Muchi): By using a Magic Puppet, the user sends out thorn whips, which slice their targets.[30]
  • Puppet Strike: By manipulating a Magic Puppet, the puppet rams its stick-shaped hand on the ground with tremendous force that was able to break a whole building in half.[31] (Unnamed)

Hypnosis: A Magic used by a member of Rose Marionette, which is applied through sight using a pendulum and places the target in a hypnotic thrall.[32] Defeating the user dispels the hypnosis.[33] (Unnamed)

Copy (コッピー Kopī): This type Magic allows the user to mimic the appearance, Magic and thought patterns of any other individual.[34]

Take Over: Satan Soul (接収(テイクオーバー)サタンソウル Teiku Ōbā Satan Sōru): A form of Magic that allows the user to consume the bodies and abilities of Demons, giving them a myriad of various, tremendous powers.[35]

  • Satan Soul (サタンソウル Satan Sōru): One of Mirajane's forms, that gives her the appearance of a demonic being and a supply of various Magics, as well as flight, immense speed and strength.[35]

Water Magic (水系各種魔法 Mizu Kei Kakushu Mahō): A form of Magic that utilizes the element of water.[36]

Transformation Magic (変身魔法 Henshin Mahō) is a Caster Magic that allows its caster to change his or her appearance.[37]

Fire Magic (火の魔法 Hi no Mahō): A type of elemental Magic that utilizes the element of fire in various styles: creating big explosions[38], manipulating flames,[39] and conjuring solid weapons from the fire.[40]

Solid Script (固体文字(ソリッドスクリプト) Soriddo Sukuriputo): The user materializes solid words in their depicted form for various uses.[41]

  • Solid Script: Guard: By writing the word "Guard", the user can use it as a barrier that protects the user from their opponent's attacks,[41] as well as a platform for safe landing.[42]
  • Solid Script: Fire (固体文字(ソリッドスクリプト) (ファイア)): The user writes the word "Fire", which changes into a mass of flames, and throws it at the target.[43]
  • Solid Script: Thunder: With the word "Lightning" written in front of them, the user is able to fire several lightning bolts at the desired target.[13]

Teleportation Magic (瞬間移動の魔法 Shunkanidō no Mahō): A type of Spatial Magic, also referred to as Portal Magic. that allows the user to transport themselves to another location instantly.[44]

  • Direct Line (瞬間移動(ダイレクトライン) Dairekuto Rain): The user is able to teleport to any location in a direct line.[45]

Important Terms


Fairy Tail (妖精の尻尾(フェアリーテイル) Fearī Teiru): Fiore's strongest guild, in which the four girls are members of.

Dark Mirror (ダークミラー Dāku Mirā ): A copying guild in Crocus that wandered in the streets taking money in the name of Fairy Tail.[46]

Black Goblin (ブラックゴブリン Burakku Goburin): An inventing Dark Guild that tried to kidnap the king and bring chaos to the kingdom. Daume, Lucia, Roen and Risia are its top members.

Antlion (ウスバ・カゲロウ Usuba Kagerō): is a Dark Guild that drains the Magic from mages that comes to their resort.[47]

Rose Marionette (ローズマリオネット Rōzu Marionetto): A Dark Guild which created the Magic Extractor used by Antlion.[48]

Mermaid Heel (人魚の踵(マーメイドヒール) Māmeido Hīru) is an all-female, Legal Guilds in the Kingdom of Fiore.[49]

Magic Items

Celestial Spirit Gate Keys: Celestial Spirit Gate Keys are Magic Items utilized by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon Celestial Spirits.[18]

Heaven's Wheel Armor (天輪の鎧 Tenrin no Yoroi): One of Erza's armors that she utilizes through her Requip.[21]

Magic Extractor (魔力吸収装置 Maryoku Kyūshū Sōchi): A giant palm tree-like magic item, it is capable of extracting magic from mages through its tendrils.[50] Prior to its destruction it had contained about 100 people's worth of magic.[51] It was created by Rose Marionette and sold to Antlion.[48]

Magic Absorbing Device: A modern robot shaped like a claw machine with two robotic claws.[52] When it grabs a Mage, it starts absorbing his Magic Power, similar to the Magic Extractor, and then gathers it in an orb and ejects it. If the orb is activated, it release all of the Magic Power with tremendous force.[53]

Pendulum: A pendulum used by a member of Rose Marionette to apply hypnosis. It resembles a red crystal tied to a thin string.[32]

Magic Staff: A long staff which shoot magical beams that was able to destroy Sumire's Magic Puppet and severely wounding her.[54]

Clear Heart Clothing (清心の衣 Seishin no Koromo): One of Erza's battle outfits, which consists of a white sarashi round the upper chest and a red hakama with a gold flame-like pattern at the bottom with black highlights, tied by white strings.[55]

Mirror Sword: A double-edged sword made from glass with the ability to reflect any Magic it strikes back at its caster, as well as slice its target with immense speed and range.[56]

Lacrima (魔水晶(ラクリマ) Rakurima): A Magic crystalline substance powered up with different spells and used for different purposes:

  • Surveillance Lacrima (監視魔水晶(ラクリマ) Kanshi Rakurima): Crystal ball Lacrima used to broadcast live events for the user to view.[57]
  • Communications Lacrima Crystal (通信用魔水晶(ラクリマ) Tsūshin-yō Rakurima): Another type of Lacrima shaped like a crystal ball and used to communicate voice calls.[58]

Magic Radio: Hand-free communication ear-pods used for close-range voice calls.[59]


Explosive Cloth (爆発の服 Bakuhatsu no Fuku): An invented Magic item that consists of a full unifrom that is able to generate explosions.[60]

  • All Direction Explosion (全方位爆発 Zenhōi Bakuhatsu): The user generates a massive explosion with his clothes, which engulfs all enemies from every direction.[60]

Fan Engine: An invention that the researcher sisters created. It consists of big fan with eight arms. When it's activated, it generates powerful winds that can blow more than 1,000 people at once.[61]

  • Increase Size 2 Combination Mode: Maximum Output: The sisters were able fuse their Fan Engines together forming an enhanced one that generates extreme wind with tremendous power.[62]

Kuma-san Whole Set: A bear-like suit the allows who wear to use it's cuteness to distract and control his female targets,[63] it also included a powerful pair of claws that a can swing rapidly.[64]

Magic Barriers: A number of thin elastic brands that appear from the ground to completely restricts and immobilze that target, while a Magical dome appears around the targets, captivating them.[65] The outer barrier is said to be invincible against Magical attacks and is able to hold even the Wizard Saint Jura himself. the barrier, however, can receive attacks from outside, allowing the user to completely manipulate his prisoners.[66]

Bomb Spheres: A ball-shaped bombs with a skull symbol on them which causes severe damage upon exploding.[67]

Bear Fortress: A remotely-operated[68] flying blimp in the shape of a teddy bear,invented by Silverspark [69], which the Black Goblin Guild took as their base of operations.[70] It was later seen to be able to move with immense strength [71] and fire explosive canons from it's mouth.[72][73]

Jet Pack: A small pair of rockets attached to Silverspark's back that he uses to fly.[74]


Flower Blooming Capital: Crocus (花咲く都 クロッカス Hanasku Miyako Kurokkasu): The capital of Fiore where the Grand Magic Games where held. It's also where the girls meet Roil and fight the Dark Mirror Guild.

  • Flower Light Palace: Mercurius (華灯宮・メルクリアス Katōkyū: Merukuriasu): The royal palace of the Kingdom of Fiore, located in Crocus. It's where the king lives and where the girls infiltrate to investigate the wounded guards.[75]
  • Sunny Crocus: A huge mall that opened recently in the capital. It's dubbed as the biggest marketplace in the Kingdom and is particularly famous with female customers.[76] It also encompasses amusement park attractions inside its perimeters.[77]

Magnolia Town (マグノリア タウン Magunoria Taun): Fairy Tail's hometown.[78]

Mermaid Heel's Restaurant: The HQ of the all-female guild, as well as a restaurant, resembling a maid café.[49]

Slave Traders Island: A small island a few kilometers off the shore of Mermaid Heel's town, which acts as the base of operations for the slave traders.[80][81]

Fiore Royal Girls Academy: A boarding school with a huge campus that suffered numerous thefts of student possessions, prompting the administration to request the help of the Fairy Tail female Mages.[82]


Unison Raid (合体魔法(ユニゾンレイド) Yunizon Reido): An ability that allows two Mages to combine their Magic to create a stronger attack, even stronger than a Wizard Saint.[83]

  • Water Spell: Lucy combines the power of Aquarius' Water Magic with Juvia's Water to increase the amount of water and launch it at the target with tremendous force.[83] (Unnamed)

Magic Bird: A specific Magical species of birds, donning a dark back and white stomach with a beak resembling that of a toucan, which can detect and steal what is considered valuable and dear to humans.[84]

DS Company: A huge enterprise in the Kingdom of Fiore, that covers a huge line of businesses in the kingdom, ranging from Magic utilities to simple housewares.[85]

Sorcerer Magazine (週刊ソーサラー Shūkan Sōsarā): A magazine that details all about guilds and their functions. It's published every Wednesday and published articles about the Fairy Tail Guild.[86]


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