Fairy Academy: Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan is an omake of Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima.

Lucy Heartfilia has just transferred to Fairy Academy from a really stuck-up school for girls. However, Fairy Academy is a school filled with weirdos, such as a cat for a teacher, an alcoholic female student and old men who are still students. Despite this, Lucy comes to love the school because of her new friends.


Gray fell on Natsu's prank

Gray falls for Natsu's trap

Lucy just transferred to Fairy Academy from a really stuck-up school for girls, and is happy to get away from the strictness of that school. As she enters her classroom, she triggers Natsu's water bucket prank. Natsu and Lucy begin to bicker about the prank, with Natsu saying that it was for Gray. Suddenly, Gray arrives and tells them that he would not be fooled by a prank like that and sits down on his chair only to find out that it was heated up by Natsu. As the two start to fight, class president Erza tells everyone to take their seats as the class is about to start. Their teacher, Happy, arrives. Happy tries to climb the platform but fails. Mirajane helps him, and Lucy admires her for being pretty and kind-hearted. Elfman tells Lucy that he won't approve of any guy who is weaker than him to go out with Mirajane.

Teacher Happy begins to teach them all about fish: fish calculation, fish history, and delicious ways to eat fish. When the class ends, Lucy strolls around the school and sees the school heartthrob, Loke, alcohol drinker Cana, and Makarov, Macao and Wakaba who don't look like high school students. As Lucy is getting ready to go home, she meets class president Erza who asks her if she would want to walk home together. Erza reveals to Lucy that she was asked out on a date by Siegrain of the elite Era High School and she wants Lucy's help to find something to wear.

Siegrain sees Erza fighting

Siegrain sees Erza fighting

After finishing their shopping, Erza and Lucy meet students from the Courage Academy. Erza and Lucy try to leave but Gajeel grabs Lucy. Erza tells him to let go of Lucy, and takes out an iron pipe then starts fighting with the Courage Academy students. Suddenly, Natsu and Gray arrive and help Erza defeat the Courage Academy students with their Fire Bombs and Remodeled Ice Shaver; however, Siegrain sees Erza fighting and comments that she is a demon, cancelling their date.

Lucy cheers up a depressed Erza. Erza then decides that they should go for karaoke. Lucy thinks that in Fairy Academy, no day is boring as long as she is with the Yankee-boys, Yankee-girls and the cat and she comes to love the school.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Battles & Events

  • Fairy Academy vs. Courage Academy (started and concluded)

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