Fairies' Christmas is an omake of Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima.

Lucy's apartment becomes the venue for a Christmas party for some of her friends. But the celebration soon devolves into chaos as Erza forces the rest of the guild into playing the Guild Master's Game with her. Erza proves merciless as she orders her friends to perform embarrassing acts. Gray finally manages to avenge everybody and orders Erza to walk home naked at the end of the game. As she leaves the party, she runs into Jellal, who kindly covers her up and accompanies her home.


Girls drunk on Christmas night

The girls drink themselves silly

Team Natsu, Gajeel, Juvia, Levy and Panther Lily decide to spend Christmas in Lucy's apartment, much to her consternation. Despite her protests, the party is proceeding in full swing, complete with alcohol. But the males are shocked to see the females drunk, remembering the last time such an incident occurred. Frightened, Gray and Natsu try to make a run for it, but are violently stopped by Erza. Intoxicated, the girls begin to harass the boys, but Erza is left out of the fun and begins to feel jealous.

Gray and Lucy embrace

Gray and Lucy hug

The knight immediately forces her companions to join her in the Guild Master's Game, a game wherein a Guild Master is chosen by a random draw of sticks every round. The others are given numbers which nobody else knows, and the Master has the right to make any person with the number they choose perform any action. The first round goes to Erza and she commands Gajeel to strip naked. This scarring spectacle immediately sobers up the other girls as they realize that the random nature of the game combined with the freedom to give absolutely any order could prove quite dangerous. But Erza refuses to stop and the game continues, with Lucy, Wendy and Levy deciding to go easy on their companions, but Erza and Happy being absolutely ruthless.

Erza strips for Gray

Erza prepares to walk home in the nude

Eventually, Gray is able to draw the winning stick. In an attempt to shock Erza into sobering up, he sneaks a peek at her number and then orders her to walk home naked. But Erza astounds everybody by rising to the challenge. Gray desperately attempts to stop his friend's idiotic behavior, begging for her forgiveness, but she merely shoves him away and leaves the party, only to run into Jellal on her way. Finally embarrassed, she tries to clear up any possible misunderstandings, but her childhood friend correctly guesses that she had one drink too many and gently lends her his coat. As Erza recounts the evening's occurrences which led to her current state, Jellal knowingly smiles at her and offers to escort her home, the two huddling close together under the excuse of warming each other up.

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