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The White Inheritance: Face (白き遺産・フェイス Shiroki Isan : Feisu), best known as Face (フェイス Feisu), was an extremely powerful Magic Weapon owned by the Magic Council.


Appearing true to its namesake, Face is an extremely powerful and dangerous weapon owned by the Magic Council that has the ability to nullify all Magic across a continent. As such, people who don't use Magic, or who use abilities that aren't Magic, aren't affected by its powers.[1]

The Faces are similarly structured to Elentear's Hand, wherein they are all extending from the ground in various places but are connected to a main body called the Alta Face underground.[2][3]


This weapon was extremely dangerous, requiring three (now-former) Magic Council members to seal it with Organic Link Magic, with the former Chairman being the only one who knew their identities.[4] The seal can be broken with their deaths.[5]


Face was finally unsealed after Kyôka killed Crawford Seam who had transferred the final key into himself.[6] The power source of Face is seemingly not inside the weapon's body itself as Wendy in her Dragon Force state destroyed the body of Face, but despite this the weapon's countdown still continued after doing so.[7]

Face bombs being destroyed

Once Face was finally destroyed when Carla uses the energy Face is collecting to create an auto-destruction Magic Seal to make Face explode.[8] However, more Face devices arose all across the continent[9] numbering over 3,000.[10] All 3,000 finally activate after Kyôka forces the timer to hit zero.[11][12] The devices slowly begin to drain Magic across all of Fiore, the effects sapping the energy from all Mages and causing all Lacrima-oriented technology to cease functioning.[13] Ichiya, Jenny and the Trimens attempt to use the Christina to destroy one of the Face devices with no success; they soon witness the Dragon Grandeeney destroy the Face device they were next to as Metalicana, Weisslogia and Skiadrum aid her in destroying the remaining Face devices.[14] In the end, only a few of the 3,000 Face devices went off; the rest were all destroyed by the aforementioned four Dragons, thus ending the threat of the magical weapon for good.[15]

In X781, the Alvarez Empire attempted to mount an invasion of the continent of Ishgar with their intention being to capture Lumen Histoire, but was stopped by the Magic Council's firing of Etherion. In addition to this, it was also known the Magic Council threatened to use Face should they not desist.[16]


  • In the manga, the various Face statues all have individual and varying expressions. In the anime, all the bombs have the same impassive expression the original Face (which Wendy and Carla destroyed) possesses, until the episode in which they were destroyed, where a few Faces with varying expressions appeared.
  • In Volume 43, Face was described as being similar to that of an EMP pulse which is used to disrupt the usage of Electronics, just as Face is used to disrupt the use of magic.[17]


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