Fabrizio (ファブリツィオ Faburitsio) is one of the priests of the Zentopia Church and the one who survived the church attack done by the Reborn Oración Seis.


He is a short, old man with pale skin. He has dark brown eyes with big gray eyebrows. A part of his short gray hair is covered with a white zuccheto. Being a member of Zentopia, he wears the traditional Zentopia clothes; a navy black cassock tied with a lighter sash, a necklace with Zentopia's symbol, and a cloak.[1]


Fabrizio values his duty as a priest of his church, as he was seen crying when the church was destroyed[1]. He was shown to be a loyal person, but to a certain degree since he initially didn't tell Lapointe what he wanted to know, but was later forced to due to the torture Lapointe did on him. He also showed fear and anxiety towards his superior, who put him in jail after his denied collaboration[2]. At last, he, along with the rest of the members of Zentopia, shows a deep respect towards the Archbishop.[3]


Key of the Starry Sky arc

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.
Fabrizio was first seen beside the Church destroyed by the Reborn Oración Seis, which Lahar from the Detention Corps was investigating.[1] After denying to cooperate, he was taken away by the Zentopia Church and put in prison with Coco.

Coco talking to Fabrizio

Fabrizio talking with Coco

In jail, Coco asks him why he is put in prison after being survivor from the destroyed Church and Fabrizio answers her that he was targeted just for being a curate and didn't wish to tell Cardinal Lapointe what he wanted to know. When Coco asks that what did he mean by that, Lapointe suddenly appears outside the prison, calling him a traitor.

Lapointe then asks Fabrizio about the names of Neville's disciples, which makes him nervous and intimidated. Lapointe uses his Magic to deform the bars of the cell, entering the cell and then turning to Coco to tell her to see what happens to the ones who oppose Zentopia. Saying so, Lapointe starts torturing Fabrizio with his Deformation Magic, making him scream in front of Coco and rendering her unable to see the violence caused by Lapointe.[2] Finally, Fabrizio was forced to spill out the locations of Will Neville's disciples and their descendants because of the torture.[4]

Fabrizio is later set free after the Archbishop is cured, and, after the Infinity Clock crisis is over, he is present at the Archbishop's speech regarding Zentopia and how it will subsist on from that moment onward.[3]


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