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Extalia (エクスタリア Ekusutaria) was the kingdom of Exceeds.[1] It was located on a floating island above the Royal City of Edolas.[2]


Extalia's symbol

Extalia was ruled by Queen Shagotte, who took the role of Edolas' "God", in order to manipulate the humans, for the safety of the Exceeds.[3] It was said that not only could the god foresee death, she is also capable of deciding the life and death of all living creatures in Edolas and Earth Land.[4] Executing her orders is a loyal army managed by Nichiya and several other ministers.[5] The Kingdom also relies on the guidance of Nadi, the Minister of State,[6] and the Four Elders: Muganto, Mejeer, Mysdroy and Martam.[7]

Queen Shagotte had once foreseen the demise of Extalia. Through the help of the ministers, they concocted a plan to save 100 unborn Exceed eggs by sending them to Earth Land through Anima. Rather than revealing the truth about such endeavor and causing a widespread panic amongst her people, Shagotte lied and said that the eggs are sent on a mission to eliminate Dragon Slayers. Among those unborn Exceed eggs were Happy and Shagotte's daughter, Carla.[8]


Location of Extalia

Extalia was a huge island, which was densely distributed as many towns and villages inhabited by Exceed. In the highest point of the island stood the palace of the Queen.[9] This island was floating over the capital of Edolas, and near it another island, where the Lacrima crystal was located, in which the Fairy Tail members were sealed.[10] After the Reverse Anima sucked all the Magic Power of Edolas, Extalia was no longer able to keep itself afloat, crashed down, and eventually came to the demise Shagotte had predicted.[11]


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