Eve Tearm vs. Rufus Lore is a fight fought between Team Blue Pegasus' Eve Tearm and Team Sabertooth's Rufus Lore.


After the first battle of the third day of the Grand Magic Games between Millianna and Semmes comes to an end, the second match is decided by the organizers to be between Team Blue Pegasus' Eve Tearm and Team Sabertooth's Rufus Lore. The two opponents enter the battlefield and prepare to battle.[1]


Eve's memory of Ichiya

Eve's memory of Ichiya

Eve starts the fight with White Fury, sending a blizzard to wrap around Rufus. Rufus, however, begins to memorize Eve's attack and easily evades it.[1] Recalling the abilities of Rufus' Magic, Eve quickly rushes towards him, only to be surprised at the sight of Ichiya in a bathtub, whilst drinking wine. Rufus, poised for attack, comes behind Eve and explains to the confused man that he used his Magic to manipulate his memory, as he delivers an attack.[2]

Injured Eve

Eve lies on the ground, moderately injured

Rapidly charging for another spell, Rufus directs it towards his opponent. Eve, however, manages to evade said attack by creating a Snow Clone of himself, shocking the viewers. He then uses White Fang to locate Rufus' real body, which he succeeds in.[2] Nevertheless, undaunted by his opponent's actions, Rufus then casts a Memory-Make spell, Memory-Make: Karma of the Burning Land, causing multiple pillars of fire to erupt from the ground and burn Eve. Eve then falls, defeated by the Sabertooth member's powerful attack.[3]


Being the victor, Rufus earns ten points for his team.[4] The next battle is then announced to be between Laxus Dreyar of Team Fairy Tail B and Alexei of Team Raven Tail.[5]


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