Erza and Millianna Reunite is an event that takes place during the Grand Magic Games arc.


After the second day of the X791's Grand Magic Games ends, Erza and Jellal Fernandes meet under the Crocus bridge to discuss the strange Magic every year and its sudden disappearance. Jellal tells Erza his plans to inspect the organizers while she reminds him not to overdo things. After talking, the both of them leave after saying goodnight to each other while Jellal expresses his happiness over how he and Erza are finally able to have a normal conversation and silently thanks her for that.[1]


Millianna reveals herself

Millianna introduces herself

As Erza walks back, she is called by a member of Mermaid Heel who then reveals herself to be Millianna. The two women then quickly hug each other. Erza comments on Millianna's decision to finally join a guild and asks her if Wally and Sho are also in her guild, to which Millianna responds saying Mermaid Heel is a female-only guild.[2] They discuss Kagura Mikazuchi's sword, Archenemy and its use: to kill Jellal. Millianna states her hatred for him as he killed their friend Simon and turned them into slaves. She also thinks that Erza feels the same way as her. Erza can only guiltily look away in response due to her not feeling the same way as Millianna anymore since she knows Jellal was possessed by Ultear, and that he is atoning for everything he has done.[3]


After that, Erza thinks about Millianna's hatred for Jellal, when she encounters Gray. The two talk for a while and then return to the lodging.[4]


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