Erza Scarlet vs. Lizardman is an anime-exclusive fight fought between Fairy Tail S-Class Mage Erza Scarlet and a Lizardman.


Erza's cake

Erza's cake

Wanting to welcome Wendy and Carla into the guild, Erza goes to town to buy them a cake. After asking the baker to make her fifty cakes (one for Wendy and forty-nine for herself), Erza leaves the shop. After stepping out of the door, she senses something and enters an alley where a hooded figure attacks her.[1]


Lizardman charges

The Lizardman charges at Erza

The figure attacks Erza with a sword but Erza manages to defend herself by summoning two swords. She then charges at her opponent and manages to destroy his sword. However, the figure is able to use Requip as well and summons two swords to help him fight. Erza and her opponent charge at each other and their swords met. Erza then recovers and realizes that her opponent disappeared.[1]


Erza's story

Erza recounting her battle

Erza returns to the guild and recounts her battle with Makarov and the other guild members. Erza comments that her attacker smelled like a beast and did not seem to be breathing like a human. Elfman concludes that another group is probably behind the attack. Makarov agrees, saying that they should just leave things as they are since the group will reveal themselves in time. Erza tries to protest but Makarov tells her that they should just take precautions and to not worry too much. Juvia then begins to cry since Gray left and didn't tell her where he was going.[1]


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