Erza Scarlet vs. Daphne's Lizardmen is an anime-only fight fought between Fairy Tail S-Class Mage Erza Scarlet and Dark Mage Daphne's Lizardmen.


Erza vs. Lizardman

Erza fighting the Lizardman

After the Dragonoid flies off to destroy Magnolia, Erza orders Lucy and the others to return to the guild and get everyone mobilized while she goes to stop the Dragonoid. Happy and Carla use their Aera and carry Lucy and Wendy with them while Erza, riding on top of the Elfman, Macao and Wakaba's Magic Four Wheel Vehicle, follows them. Erza tells the others to take care of Gray and promises to take care of Natsu in return. Erza then jumps off the car and begins to fight with Daphne's Lizardmen.[1]


Erza determined

Erza determined to win

Erza requips into her Black Wing Armor and the Lizardman mimics her but Erza already knows how to fight the Lizardman and destroys it with ease. However, Daphne unleashes her new Lizardmen that were designed from records of previous battles. She calls them the Lizardmen v. 2.5 and each sports a different weapon similar to Erza's. Erza realizes the difficulty of her situation but is determined to defeat the Lizardmen.[1]

Daphne's reaction

Daphne's reaction when the Dragonoid overdrives

As the Dragonoid nears Magnolia, Erza begins to get exhausted but still charges towards the Lizardmen. Natsu suddenly unleashes a huge amount of Magic Power after remembering his promise to the people of the City without Sound, causing the Dragonoid to go into overdrive. However, Daphne is able to control the Dragonoid once more and Natsu gives up due to exhaustion.[1]

Erza fights Daphne's Lizardmen

Erza continues to fight the Lizardmen

While the Dragonoid gets nearer to Magnolia, Erza continues her battle with the Lizardmen but is unable to destroy one of them. Erza then begins to talk to Natsu who is able to hear her. Recalling her fights with Natsu, Erza is determined to win and requips into her Japanese clothes, promising to bring Natsu back with her. The Lizardmen charge at Erza but Erza is able to defend herself and destroy their weapons. With their weapons destroyed, the Lizardmen disappear into clouds of smoke.[1]


Erza trying to climb

Erza trying to climb up the Dragonoid

With the Lizardmen defeated, Erza runs and heads for Daphne. However, the Dragonoid already arrived in Magnolia and lands, causing Erza to fall off. Daphne then tries to stomp Erza with the Dragonoid's feet but is stopped by the Mages of Fairy Tail who are ready to do anything in order to stop her. Erza is then reunited with her guild and is briefed about Makarov's orders. Erza yells to inform Natsu of their plan. Natsu agrees with the plan and tells them to destroy the Dragonoid and him with it.[1]


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