Erza Scarlet & Jellal Fernandes vs. Motherglare's Hatchlings is a fight fought between Fairy Tail S-Class Mage Erza Scarlet, Crime Sorcière Mage Jellal Fernandes, and Motherglare's Hatchlings.


Future Rogue announces the dragon era

Future Rogue

Following the opening of the Eclipse Gate and the subsequent arrival of seven Dragons from 400 years into the past, the Rogue Cheney of the Future makes his way to the top of Mercurius, where he states that the era of humanity has come to its inevitable end, and that his era, the era of Dragons shall now begin. With his Dragon Supremacy Magic, Future Rogue initiates the first phase of his grand scheme: the annihilation of all the Mages in Crocus, which he does by ordering five of the seven Dragons to kill every last Mage they find.[1]

The battle between the Mages and the Dragons then commences, however, the Mages are at a disadvantage, as their Magic has no effect on the mighty beasts.[2] Meanwhile, on top of the Dragon Motherglare, Natsu Dragneel engages Future Rogue in their second round of combat, where the Shadow Dragon Slayer reveals his true intention: to kill Acnologia and reign supreme over the world as the new Dragon King.[3]

Motherglare releases its eggs

Motherglare releases its eggs

Upon hearing this, Natsu attacks Motherglare and tells the other Dragon Slayers that their Magic was made to slay Dragons, and that they are the only ones who can defeat them.[4] Future Rogue, however, disagrees with Natsu's assessment, telling him that all efforts are futile as mere humans cannot hold a candle to the might of a Dragon. He then calls for Motherglare to release the eggs from its abdomen, which, after reaching the ground, hatch into small Draconian entities, much to the shock of the surrounding Mages.[5]


Erza falls

Erza becomes surrounded by Motherglare's Hatchlings

Laxus rushes at the Dragon Atlas Flame, striking him with his Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic, and tells his guildmates that he shall take care of the burning Dragon whilst they take care of the Hatchlings; Erza and the rest of the guild then wage war on the miniature beasts.[6] Later on, Erza is separated from the rest of her guild and falls to the ground, a result of the injuries obtained during her fight with Kagura, and finds herself surrounded by Motherglare's Hatchlings. Unable to stand, Erza loses hope; the Hatchlings move in for the kill, however, Jellal arrives and defends her from them by using his Magic to blast them away.[7]


Erza and Jellal see Millianna

Jellal and Erza see Millianna

Jellal reaches down and extends his hand towards Erza, asking if she needs help. As she takes his hand, the two turn their heads to see a confused Millianna, who becomes furious at the sight of the Crime Sorcière Mage.[8]


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