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'''Fairy Tail''' (フェアリーテイル ''Fearī Teiru'') is an anime series based on the manga of same name by [[Hiro Mashima]]. Produced by A-1 Pictures Inc. and Satelight, it is directed by Shinji Ishihira, and debuted on TV Tokyo at 7:30, 12 October 2009.<ref>[ Fairy Tail (TV) - Anime News Network]</ref> It follows the story of [[Lucy Heartfilia]] as she seeks to become a member of the famous [[Fairy Tail Guild]]. Helped into joining by [[Natsu Dragneel]] and [[Happy]], she goes on an array of adventures with them, along with [[Gray Fullbuster]] and [[Erza Scarlet]]. At Sakura Con 2011, Funimation Entertainment announced that they had acquired the license to the first 48 episodes (Season 1) of Fairy Tail. In sets of 12 episodes each, on both Blu-Ray and DVD, they released Part 1 on November 22, 2011,<ref>[ Fairy Tail Part 1 Funimation Dub]</ref> Part 2 on December 27, 2011, Part 3 on January 31, 2012 and Part 4 on March 20, 2012. As of Otakon 2012, Funimation has announced the licencing of the next 24 episodes.
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==Episode Guide==
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===Macao Arc===
[[Lucy Heartfilia]] desperately wants to go the [[Fairy Tail Guild]], the most popular (and destructive) [[Guilds|guild]] around. However, Lucy's luck either turns for the best or worse when she meets [[Natsu Dragneel]], [[Happy|Happy,]] and other [[Mage|Mages]] from Fairy Tail.
After helping her from a dark Mage, Natsu takes Lucy to the Fairy Tail Guild. However, before she can get used to the crazy things that happen around Fairy Tail, Natsu goes to save his friend [[Macao Conbolt]] and she decides to tag along, embarking on her [[Macao arc|first mission]] ever.
The opening theme for this arc is ''[[Snow Fairy]]'' by ''Funkist'' and the ending theme for this arc is ''[[Kanpekigu No Ne]]'' by ''Watari Rofuka Hashiritai''.
{{Episode|001|Fairy Tail (Episode)|Yōsei no Shippo|妖精の尻尾|Oct 12|2009|}}
{{Episode|002|The Fire Dragon, the Monkey, and the Ox|Karyū to Saru to Ushi|火竜と猿と牛|Oct 19|2009|}}CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE
===Daybreak Arc===
Natsu tricks Lucy to help him on [[Daybreak arc|a mission]] to steal a book from a [[Duke Everlue|corrupted politician]]. However, they soon learn there is more to the book than meets the eye.
<br />
<br />
The opening theme for this arc is ''[[Snow Fairy]]'' by ''Funkist'' and the ending theme for this arc is ''[[Kanpekigu No Ne]]'' by ''Watari Rouka Hashiritai''.
{{Episode|003|Infiltrate! The Everlue Mansion!|Sennyū Seyo! Ebarū Yashiki| 潜入せよ!エバルー屋敷!|Oct 26|2009|}}
{{Episode|004|DEAR KABY|Shin'ai Naru Kābi e|DEAR KABY 〜親愛なるカービィへ〜|Nov 02|2009|}}
===Lullaby Arc===
[[Erza]] returns to the guild and she forces Natsu and [[Gray]] to aid her on [[Lullaby arc|a dangerous mission]]. Sparks fly and mouths drop as Fairy Tail's [[Team Natsu|most powerful team]] is born.
<br />
<br />
The opening theme for this arc is ''[[Snow Fairy]]'' by ''Funkist'' and the ending theme for this arc is ''[[Kanpekigu No Ne]]'' by ''Watari Rouka Hashiritai''.
{{Episode|005|The Armored Mage|Yoroi no Madōshi|鎧の魔導士|Nov 09|2009|}}
{{Episode|006|Fairies in the Wind|Yousei Tachi ha Kaze no Naka|妖精たちは風の中|Nov 16|2009|}}
{{Episode|007|Flame and Wind|Honō to Kaze|炎と風|Nov 23|2009|}}
{{Episode|008|The Strongest Team|Saikyō Chīmu!!!|最強チーム!!!|Nov 30|2009|}}
{{Episode|009|Natsu Eats a Village!|Natsu, Mura o Kū|ナツ、村を食う|Dec 07|2009||BG = FFFF00}}
{{Episode|010|Natsu vs Erza|Natsu VS. Eruza|ナツ VS. エルザ|Dec 14|2009|}}
===Galuna Island Arc===
Natsu and Happy decide to take an S-Class job, and drag Lucy and Gray along with them to the cursed island of Galuna. Gray and [[Lyon]]'s past is revealed... And the truth about [[Galuna Island]].
The opening theme for this arc is ''[[Snow Fairy]]'' by ''Funkist'' until episode 11, before it is changed to ''[[Sense of Wonder]]'' by ''Idoling!!''. The ending theme for this arc is ''[[Kanpekigu No Ne]]'' by ''Watari Rouka Hashiritai'' until episode 11, before it is changed to ''[[Tsuioku Merry Go Round]]'' by ''Onelifecrew''.
{{Episode|011|The Cursed Island!|Norowareta Shima| 呪われた島|Dec 21|2009|}}
{{Episode|012|Moon Drip!|Mūn Dorippu|月の雫(ムーンドリップ)|Jan 04|2010|}}
{{Episode|013|Natsu vs Yuka "The Wave"!|Natsu vs. Hadō no Yūka|ナツvs.波動のユウカ|Jan 11|2010|}}
{{Episode|014|Do What You Must!!|Katte ni Shiyagare!!|勝手にしやがれ!!|Jan 18|2010|}}
{{Episode|015|Eternal Magic|Eien no Mahō|永遠の魔法|Jan 25|2010|}}
{{Episode|016|Galuna Island, the Final Battle!|Garuna-tō Saishū Kessen|ガルナ島 最終決戦|Feb 01|2010|}}
{{Episode|017|BURST|BURST| |Feb 08|2010|}}
{{Episode|018|Reach it! To That Sky!|Todoke, Ano Sora ni|届け あの空に|Feb 15|2010|}}
{{Episode|019|Changeling!|Chenjuringu|チェンジリング|Feb 22|2010||BG = FFFF00}}
{{Episode|020|Natsu and the Dragon Egg!|Natsu to Doragon no Tamago|ナツとドラゴンの卵|Mar 01|2010|BG=00FFFF|}}
===Phantom Lord Arc===
Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray and Erza find their guild headquarters destroyed. After speaking to [[Mirajane]], they discover that a guild known as [[Phantom Lord]] was responsible, and [[Guild War|a war]] [[Fairy Tail vs. Phantom Lord|ensues between the two rival guilds]]. Lucy's past is also slowly revealed...
The opening theme for this arc is ''[[Sense of Wonder]]'' by ''Idoling!!'' until episode 24, before it is changed to ''[[Ft.]]'' by ''Funkist''. The ending theme is ''[[Tsuioku Merry Go Round]]'' by ''Onelifecrew'' until episode 24, before it is changed to ''[[Gomen ne. Watashi]]'' by ''Shiho Nanba''.
{{Episode|021|Phantom Lord!|Yūki no Shihaisha|幽鬼の支配者|Mar 08|2010|}}
{{Episode|022|Lucy Heartfilia!|Rūshī Hātofiria|ルーシイ・ハートフィリア|Mar 15|2010|}}
{{Episode|023|15 Minutes!|Jūgo-fun|15分|Mar 22|2010|}}
{{Episode|024|So No One Sees the Tears|Sono Namida o Minai Tame ni|その涙を見ない為に|Mar 29|2010|}}
{{Episode|025|A Flower Blooms in the Rain|Ame no Naka ni Saku Hana|雨の中に咲く華|Apr 12|2010|}}
{{Episode|026|Wings of Flame!|Honō no Tsubasa|炎の翼|Apr 19|2010|}}
{{Episode|027|The Two Dragon Slayers|Futari no Doragon Sureiyā|二人の滅竜魔導士(ドラゴンスレイヤー)|Apr 26|2010|}}
{{Episode|028|Fairy Law!|Fearī Rō|フェアリーロウ|May 03|2010|}}
{{Episode|029|My Resolve!|Atashi no Ketsui|あたしの決意|May 10|2010|}}
===Loke Arc===
The truth about [[Loke]]'s past, present, and future.
The opening theme of this arc is ''[[Ft.]]'' by ''Funkist'' while the ending is ''[[Gomen ne. Watashi]]'' by ''Shiho Nanba''.
{{Episode|030|Next Generation|NEXT GENERATION| |May 17|2010|}}
{{Episode|031|The Star That Will Never Return to the Sky|Sora ni Modorenai Hoshi|空に戻れない星|May 24|2010|}}
{{Episode|032|Celestial Spirit King (Episode)|Seirei-ō|星霊王|May 31|2010|}}
===Tower of Heaven Arc===
[[Team Jellal|Erza's former friends]] from her childhood make an appearance and cause chaos for Fairy Tail's strongest team, primarily by abducting Erza and taking her to the [[Tower of Heaven]]. There, Erza and her friends must confront [[Jellal Fernandes]], one of Erza's longtime friends gone insane. Erza's past also slowly comes into view...
The opening theme for this arc is ''[[Ft.]]'' by ''Funkist'' until episode 35 before it is changed to ''[[R.P.G. ~Rockin' Playing Game]]'' by ''SuG''. The ending theme is ''[[Gomen ne. Watashi]]'' by ''Shiho Nanba'' until episode 35, before it is changed to ''[[Kimi ga Iru Kara]]'' by ''Mikuni Shimokawa''.
{{Episode|033|Tower of Heaven (Episode)|Rakuen no Tō|楽園の塔|Jun 07|2010|}}
{{Episode|034|Jellal (Episode)|Jerāru|ジェラール|Jun 21|2010|}}
{{Episode|035|Voice in the Darkness|Yami no Koe|闇の声|Jun 28|2010|}}
{{Episode|036|Heaven's Game|Rakuen Gēmu|楽園ゲーム|Jul 05|2010|}}
{{Episode|037|Heart's Armor|Kokoro no Yoroi|心の鎧|Jul 12|2010|}}
{{Episode|038|DESTINY|Desutinī|運命|Jul 19|2010|}}
{{Episode|039|A Prayer Under the Holy Light|Seinaru Hikari ni Inori o|聖なる光に祈りを|Jul 26|2010|}}
{{Episode|040|Titania Falls|Titānia, Chiru|妖精女王, 散る|Aug 02|2010|}}
===Fighting Festival Arc===
[[Thunder God Tribe|New comrades]] and new guild appears! But... Who's the strongest now?! Let's start [[Fighting Festival arc|the grand battle royale of Fairy Tail]]!<br />
The opening theme of this arc is ''[[R.P.G. ~Rockin' Playing Game]]'' by ''S.U.G'' while the ending theme is ''[[Kimi ga Iru Kara]]'' by ''Mikuni Shimokawa''.
{{Episode|041|HOME|HOME| |Aug 09|2010|}}
{{Episode|042|Battle of Fairy Tail|Batoru Obu Fearī Teiru|バトル·オブ·フェアリーテイル|Aug 16|2010|}}
{{Episode|043|Defeat Your Friends, To Save Your Friends|Tomo no Tame ni Tomo o Ute|友の為に友を討て|Aug 23|2010|}}
{{Episode|044|Thunder Palace|Kaminari Den|神鳴殿|Aug 30|2010|}}
{{Episode|045|Satan's Descent|Satan Kōrin|サタン降臨|Sep 06|2010|}}
{{Episode|046|Clash at Kardia Cathedral|Gekitotsu! Karudia Daiseidō|激突!カルディア大聖堂|Sep 13|2010|}}
{{Episode|047|Triple Dragon|Toripuru Doragon|トリプル ドラゴン|Sep 20|2010|}}
{{Episode|048|Fantasia|Fantajia|幻想曲|Sep 27|2010|}}
===Oración Seis Arc===
The [[Light Team]] [[Light Team vs. Oración Seis|Fights]] the [[Dark Guilds|Dark Guild]] of [[Oración Seis]].
The opening theme for this arc is ''[[Egao No Mahou]]'' by ''Magic Party'' until episode 60, before it is changed to ''[[Fiesta]]'' by ''+Plus''. The ending theme is ''[[HOLY SHINE]]'' by ''Daisy X Daisy'' until episode 60 before it is changed to ''[[Be As One]]'' by ''W-inds''.
{{Episode|049|The Day of Fated Meeting |Unmei no Deai no Hi|運命の出会いの日|Oct 11|2010|BG = 00FFFF|}}
{{Episode|050|Special Request: Watch out for the guy you like!|Tokubetsu Irai! Ki ni Naru Kare ni Chūi Seyo|特別依頼!気になる彼に注意せよ!|Oct 18|2010|BG = 00FFFF|}}
{{Episode|051|LOVE & LUCKY |LOVE & LUCKY | |Oct 25|2010|}}
{{Episode|052|Allied Forces, Assemble! |Rengō Gun、shūketsu | 連合軍、集結!|Nov 01|2010|}}
{{Episode|053|Oración Seis Appears! |Orashion Seisu Gen Ru | 六魔将軍(オラシオンセイス)現る!|Nov 08|2010|}}
{{Episode|054|Sky Maiden |''Tenkū no Miko'' |天空の巫女 |Nov 15|2010|}}
{{Episode|055|The Girl and the Ghost |''Shōjo to bōrē'' |少女と亡霊|Nov 22|2010|}}
{{Episode|056|Dead Grand Prix |''Deddo Guran Puri'' |デッドGP(グランプリ) |Nov 29|2010|}}
{{Episode|057|Darkness |''Yami'' | 闇(やみ)|Dec 06|2010|}}
{{Episode|058|Spirit vs. Spirit|''Seirei Gassen''|星霊合戦|Dec 13|2010|}}
{{Episode|059|Recollections of Jellal|''Tsuioku no Jerāru''|追憶のジェラール|Dec 20|2010|}}
{{Episode|060|Death March|''Hametsu no kōshin''|破滅の行進|Dec 27|2010|}}
{{Episode|061|Super Air Battle! Natsu vs. Cobra|Chōkūchūsen! Natsu vs. Kobura|超空中戦! ナツvs.コブラ|Jan 10|2011|}}
{{Episode|062|Jura of the Ten Wizard Saint|''Seiten no Jura''|聖十(せいてん)のジュラ|Jan 17|2011|}}
{{Episode|063|Only Your Words|''Kimi no Kotoba Koso''|君の言葉こそ|Jan 24|2011|}}
{{Episode|064|Zero (Episode)|''Zero''|ゼロ|Jan 31|2011|}}
{{Episode|065|From Pegasus to Fairies|''Tenma Kara Yōsei Tachi e''|天馬から妖精たちへ|Feb 07|2011|}}
{{Episode|066|The Power of Feelings|''Omoi no Chikara''|想いの力|Feb 14|2011|}}
{{Episode|067|I'm With You|''Watashi ga tsuiteru''|私がついてる|Feb 21|2011|}}
{{Episode|068|A Guild for Only One|''Tatta Hitori no Tameno Girudo''|たった一人の為のギルド|Feb 28|2011|}}
===Daphne Arc (Filler Arc)===
[[Daphne]] [[Daphne arc|Traps]] Natsu, Happy, [[Carla]], and [[Wendy]] while Gray betrayed his friends and his guild.
The opening theme of this arc is ''[[Fiesta]]'' by ''+Plus'' until episode 72, before it is changed to ''[[Evidence]]'' by ''Daisy X Daisy''. The ending theme is ''[[Be As One]]'' by ''W-inds'' until episode 72, before it is changed to ''[[Lonely Person]]'' by ''ShaNa''.
{{Episode|069|Call of the Dragon|Ryū no Izanai|竜の誘い|Mar 07|2011||BG = FFFF00}}
{{Episode|070|Natsu vs. Gray!|Natsu VS. Gurei!|ナツ vs. グレイ|Mar 14|2011||BG = FFFF00}}
{{Episode|071|Friendship Will Overcome the Dead|Tomo ha shikabane wo koete|友は屍を越えて|Mar 21|2011||BG = FFFF00}}
{{Episode|072|Fairy Tail Wizards|Fearī Teiru no Madōshi|フェアリーテイルの魔導士|Mar 28|2011||BG = FFFF00}}
{{Episode|073|Rainbow Sakura|Niji no Sakura|虹の桜|Apr 02|2011||BG = 00FFFF}}
{{Episode|074|Wendy's First Big Mission!?|Uendei, hajimete no ōshigoto!?|ウェンディ、初めての大仕事!?|Apr 09|2011||BG = FFFF00}}
{{Episode|075|The 24-Hours Endurance Road Race (Episode)|''Nijyū Yon Jikan Taikyū Rōdo Rēsu''|24時間耐久ロードレース|Apr 16|2011|BG = FFFF00|}}
===Edolas Arc===
[[Magnolia]] has [[Anima|disappeared]], along with everyone in it, except Natsu, Happy, Wendy and Carla. [[Edolas]], another world with insufficient [[Magic]], reversed versions of themselves in [[Earthland]], and strange turns of [[Edolas arc|events]], holds a very mysterious secret that awaits Natsu and the others.
The opening themes of this arc are ''[[Evidence]]'' by ''Daisy X Daisy'' until episode 85, before it is changed to ''[[The Rock City Boy]]'' by ''JAMIL'' while the endings are ''[[Lonely Person]]'' by ''ShaNa'' until episode 85, before it is changed to ''[[Don't Think. Feel!!!]]'' by ''Idoling!!''.
{{Episode|076|Gildarts (Episode)|''Girudātsu''|ギルダーツ|Apr 23|2011|}}
{{Episode|077|Earth Land (Episode)|''Āsu Rando''|アースランド|Apr 30|2011|}}
{{Episode|078|Edolas (Episode)|''Edorasu''|エドラス|May 07|2011|}}
{{Episode|079|Fairy Hunting|''Yōsei Gari''|妖精狩り|May 14|2011| }}
{{Episode|080|Key of Hope|''Kibō no Kagi''|希望の鍵|May 21|2011|}}
{{Episode|081|Fireball|''Faia Bōru''|ファイアボール|May 28|2011|}}
{{Episode|082|Welcome Back|''Okaerinasaimase''|おかえりなさいませ|Jun 04|2011|}}
{{Episode|083|Extalia (Episode)|Ekusutaria|エクスタリア|Jun 11|2011| }}
{{Episode|084|Fly! To Your Friends!|Tobe! Tomo no Moto ni!|飛べ! 友のもとに!|Jun 18|2011| }}
{{Episode|085|Code ETD|Kōdo ETD|コードETD|Jun 25|2011| }}
{{Episode|086|Erza vs Erza|Eruza vs. Eruza|エルザ vs. エルザ|Jul 02|2011| }}
{{Episode|087|These Are Lives!!!!|Inochi Darō ga!!!!|命だろーが!!!!|Jul 09|2011| }}
{{Episode|088|The River of Stars for Pride's Sake|Hoshi no Taiga wa Hokori no Tame ni|星の大河は誇りの為に|Jul 16|2011| }}
{{Episode|089|Dragon Chain Cannon of Demise|Shūen no Ryūsahō|終焉の竜鎖砲|Jul 23|2011| }}
{{Episode|090|The Boy from That Time|Ano Toki no Shōnen|あの時の少年|Jul 30|2011| }}
{{Episode|091|Dragon Sense||DRAGON SENSE|Aug 06|2011| }}
{{Episode|092|For All The Living Things|Ikirumono-tachi yo|生きる者たちよ|Aug 13|2011| }}
{{Episode|093|I'm Standing Here|Ore wa Koko ni Tatte Iru|オレはここに立っている|Aug 20|2011| }}
{{Episode|094|Bye Bye Edolas|Bai Bai Edorasu|バイバイエドラス|Aug 27|2011| }}
{{Episode|095|Lisanna (Episode)|Risāna|リサーナ|Sep 03|2011| }}
===Tenrou Island Arc===
The Fairy Tail Mages have begun their [[S-Class Wizard Promotion Trial]], in order to become the next S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail. [[Tenrou Island arc|The event]] will be held on [[Tenrou Island]], the holy ground of the Fairy Tail Guild, with [[Tenrou Team|8 chosen participants and their chosen partners]] to start the trial. But little do they know that hidden in the island, lies the most powerful and most dangerous entity ever come to existed, who is currently known as the "Black Wizard [[Zeref]]", and a dark guild called "[[Grimoire Heart]]" has appeared to awaken such darkness and despair upon Fairy Tail. What will become of the Fairy Tail members, and will they be capable of stopping Grimoire Heart?
<br />
<br />
The opening themes of this arc are ''[[The Rock City Boy]]'' by ''JAMIL'' until episode 98, ''[[Towa no Kizuna]]'' by ''Daisy x Daisy'' until episode 111 and last ''[[I Wish]]'' by ''Milky Bunny'' while the endings are ''[[Don't Think. Feel!!!]]'' by ''Idoling!!'' until episode 98, ''[[Kono Te Nobashite]]'' by ''Hi-Fi Camp'' until episode 111 and last ''[[Boys Be Ambitious]]'' by ''Hi-Fi Camp''.
{{Episode|096|That Which Extinguishes Life|''Inochi o Kesumono''|生命を消す者|Sep 10|2011|}}
{{Episode|097|Best Partner|''Besuto Pātonā''|ベストパートナー|Sep 17|2011|}}
{{Episode|098|Who's The Lucky One?|''Un ga ii no wa dare?''|運がいいのは誰?|Sep 24|2011|}}
{{Episode|099|Natsu vs. Gildarts|''Natsu vs. Girudātsu''|ナツ vs. ギルダーツ|Oct 01|2011|}}
{{Episode|100|Mest (Episode)|''Mesuto''|メスト|Oct 08|2011|}}
{{Episode|101|The Black Wizard|''Kuro Madōshi''|黒魔導士|Oct 15|2011|}}
{{Episode|102|Iron Soul|''Tetsu no Tamashī''|鉄の魂|Oct 22|2011|}}
{{Episode|103|Makarov Strikes|''Shingeki no Makarofu''|進撃のマカロフ|Oct 29|2011|}}
{{Episode|104|Lost Magic (Episode)|''Rosuto Majikku''|失われた魔法 (ロストマジック)|Nov 05|2011|}}
{{Episode|105|Fire Dragon vs. Flame God|''Karyu vs. Enjin''|火竜 vs. 炎神|Nov 12|2011|}}
{{Episode|106|The Ultimate Magic World|''Dai Mahō Sekai''|大魔法世界|Nov 19|2011|}}
{{Episode|107|Arc of Embodiment (Episode)|''Gugan no Āku''|具現のアーク|Nov 26|2011|}}
{{Episode|108|The Door of Humans|''Ningen no Tobira''|人間の扉|Dec 03|2011|}}
{{Episode|109|Lucy Fire (Episode)|''Rūshi Faia''|ルーシィファイア|Dec 10|2011|}}
{{Episode|110|Dead-End of Despair|''Zetsubō no Fukurokōji''|絶望の袋小路|Dec 17|2011|}}
{{Episode|111|The Tears of Love and Life|''Ai to Katsuryoku no Namida''|絶望の袋小路|Dec 24|2011|}}
{{Episode|112|The One Thing I Couldn't Say|''Ienakatta Hitokoto''|言えなかった一言|Jan 07|2012|}}
{{Episode|113|Tenrou Tree|''Tenrō Ki''|天狼樹|Jan 14|2012|}}
{{Episode|114|Erza vs. Azuma|''Eruza vs. Azuma''|エルザ vs. アズマ|Jan 21|2012|}}
{{Episode|115|Frozen Spirit|''Kogoeru Tōshi''|凍える闘志|Jan 28|2012|}}
{{Episode|116|The Power That Becomes Life|''Seinaru Chikara''|生なる力|Feb 04|2012|}}
{{Episode|117|Thunder Crashes|''Raimei Hibiku''|雷鳴響く|Feb 11|2012|}}
{{Episode|118|The Man Without the Mark|''Monshou o Kizama no Otoko''|紋章を刻まの男|Feb 18|2012|}}
{{Episode|119|Realm of the Abyss|''Shinen no Ryouiki''|深淵の領域|Feb 25|2012|}}
{{Episode|120|Daybreak at Tenrou Island|''Akatsuki no Tenrō Jima''|暁の天狼島|Mar 03|2012|}}
{{Episode|121|The Right to Love|''Aisuru Shikaku''|愛する資格|Mar 10|2012|}}
{{Episode|122|Let's Join Hands|''Te wo Tsunagō''|手をつなごう|Mar 17|2012|}}
===X791 Arc===
[[Timeline|Seven years]] [[X791 arc|have passed since the destruction of Tenrou Island]] and the disappearance of the Fairy Tail members at the time. Macao Conbolt is the new master, and Fairy Tail is facing a major crisis as the guild's strength has diminished considerably.
The opening theme of this arc is ''[[I Wish]]'' by ''Milky Bunny'' while the ending is ''[[Boys Be Ambitious]]'' by ''Hi-Fi Camp''.
{{Episode|123|X791 Fairy Tail|''X791 Nen Fearī Teiru''|X791年 妖精の尻尾|Mar 24|2012|}}
{{Episode|124|The Empty Seven Years|''Kūhaku no 7 Nen''|空白の7年|Mar 31|2012|}}
===Key of the Starry Sky Arc (Filler Arc)===
After the [[Tenrou Team|core Fairy Tail members]] have returned, things seem to have gone back to normal. However one day, a [[Imitatia|mysterious girl]] looking for [[Lucy Heartfilia|Lucy]] drops by the guild and brings with her a strange memento from her father. Little did they know that that memento is the key to the end of the world, even though it itself is just a piece to the [[Infinity Clock|puzzle]]. Many different plotlines of both [[Reborn Oración Seis|old]] and [[Legion Corps|new]] faces and factions will arise and when tied together, Fairy Tail must race against time to save the world from destruction.
The opening theme of this arc is ''[[Hajimari no Sora]]'' by ''+Plus'' while the ending is ''[[Glitter (Starving Trancer Remix)|Glitter]]'' by ''Another Infinity''.
The second opening theme arc is ''[[Tenohira]]'' by HERO while the second ending theme is ''[[Yell ~Kagayaku Tame no Mono~]]'' by Sata Andagi.
<br />
{{Episode|125|Magic Dance Ball|''Mahō Butōkai''|魔法舞踏会|Apr 07|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|126|The Truly Evil Jiggle Butt Gang|''Shin no Waru Ketsupuri Dan''|真の悪ケツプリ団|Apr 14|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|127|The Terror of Invisible Lucy|''Tōmei Rūshī no Kyōfu''|透明ルーシィの恐怖|Apr 21|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|128|Father's Memento|''Chichi no Ihin''|父の遺品|Apr 28|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|129|Raging Showdown! Natsu vs. Laxus|''Dotō no Taiketsu Natsu VS Rakusasu''|怒涛の対決 ナツVSラクサス|May 05|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|130|Targeted Lucy|''Nerawareta Rūshī''|狙われたルーシィ|May 12|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|131|Legion's Fierceness|''Region no Mōi''|レギオンの猛威|May 19|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|132|Key of the Starry Heaven|''Hoshizora no Kagi''|星空の鍵|May 26|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|133|Traveling Companions|''Tabi no Nakama-tachi''|旅の仲間たち|Jun 02|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|134|Labyrinth Rhapsody|''Meikyū Kyōsōkyoku''|迷宮狂想曲|Jun 09|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|135|Trail of the Myth|''Shinwa no Ashiato''|神話の足跡|Jun 16|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|136|The True Villain, Once Again|''Shin no Waru, Futatabi''|真の悪、ふたたび|Jun 23|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|137|That Which Exceeds Calculation|''Keisan o Koeru Mono''|計算をこえるもの|Jun 30|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|138|The Whereabouts of the Crusade|''Seisen no Yukue''|聖戦のゆくえ|Jul 7|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|139|The Moment That's Activated|''Ugoki Hajimeta Toki''|動き始めた刻|Jul 14|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|140|Reborn Oración Seis Appears!|''Shinsei Orashion Seisu Arawaru''|新生六魔将軍(オラシオンセイス) 現る|Jul 21|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|141|Chase the Infinite Clock!|''Mugen no Tokei o Oe''|無限の時計を追え|Jul 28|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|142|The Dissonance of Battle|''Tatakai no Fukyōwaon''|戦いの不協和音|Aug 04|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|143|Anti-Link|''Anchi Rinku''|アンチリンク|Aug 11|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|144|Unleashed Despair|''Tokihanatareta Zetsubō''|解き放たれた絶望|Aug 18|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|145|Real Nightmare|''Riaru Naitomea''|リアルナイトメア|Aug 25|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|146|The Spiral of Time|''Toki no Supairaru''|時のスパイラル|Sep 01|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|147|To the Infinity Castle!|''Mugen-jō e!''|無限城へ!|Sep 08|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|148|The Angel's Tears|''Tenshi no Namida''|天使の涙|Sep 15|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|149|A Friend's Voice is Heard|''Tomo no Koe ga Kikoeru''|友の声が聴こえる|Sep 22|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
{{Episode|150|Lucy and Michelle|''Rūshī to Missheru''|ルーシィとミッシェル|Sep 29|2012|BG = FFFF00|}}
===Grand Magic Games Arc===
The opening theme of this arc is ''[[Break Through]]'' by ''GOING UNDER GROUND'' while the ending is ''[[Kimi ga Kureta Mono]]'' by ''Shizuka Kudo''.
{{Episode|151|Sabertooth (Episode)|''Seibātoūsu''|剣咬の虎 (セイバートゥース)|Oct 06|2012|}}
{{Episode|152|And We Aim For The Top|Soshite Oretachi wa Choujyou o Mezasu|そしてオレたちは頂上を目指す|Oct 13|2012|}}
{{Episode|153|Song Of The Stars|Hoshiboshi no Uta|星々の歌|Oct 20|2012|}}
{{Episode|154|Only Enough Time to Pass By One Another|Surechigatta Jikan no Bun Dake|すれ違った時間の分だけ|Oct 27|2012|}}
{{Episode|155|The Blooming Capital - Crocus|Hanasaku Miyako Kurokkasu|花咲く都・クロッカス|Nov 3|2012|}}
{{Episode|156|Sky Labyrinth (Episode)|Sukai Rabirinsu|空中迷宮(スカイラビリンス|Nov 10|2012|}}
{{Episode|157|New Guild|Shinki Girudo|新規ギルド|Nov 17|2012|}}
{{Episode|158|In a Night of Falling Stars|Hoshi Furu Yoru ni|星降ル夜ニ|Nov 24|2012|}}
{{Episode|159|Lucy vs. Flare|Rūshī vs. Furea|ルーシィ vs. フレア|Dec 01|2012|}}
{{Episode|160|Bad Omen|Kyōzui|凶瑞(きょうずい)|Dec 08|2012|}}
{{Episode|161|Chariot (Episode)|Chariotto|戦車(チャリオット)|Dec 15|2012|}}
{{Episode|162|Elfman vs. Bacchus|Erufuman vs. Bakkasu|エルフマン vs.バッカス|Dec 22|2012|}}
{{Episode|163|Mirajane vs. Jenny|Mirajēn vs. Jenī|ミラジェーン vs. ジェニー|Jan 05|2013|}}
{{Episode|164|Kagura vs. Yukino|Kagura vs. Yukino|カグラvs.ユキノ|Jan 12|2013|}}
{{Episode|165|Malice is Concealed by the Veil of Darkness|Urami wa Yoru no Tobari ni Tsutsumarete|怨みは夜の帳に包まれて|Jan 19|2013|}}
{{Episode|166|Pandemonium (Episode)|Pandemoniumu|伏魔殿(パンデモニウム)|Jan 26|2013|}}
{{Episode|167|100 versus 1|100 tai 1|100対1|Feb 02|2013|}}
{{Episode|168|Laxus vs. Alexei|Rakusasu vs. Arekusei|ラクサスvs.アレクセイ|Feb 09|2013|}}
{| width="100%" border="0" style="border: transparent; background: transparent;"
{| width="270" cellspacing="1" align="center"
|{{PortalDVD/OVA|ova=1|image=OVA DVD 1.jpg}}
|{{PortalDVD/OVA|ova=3|image=Memory Days Promo.jpg}}
|{{PortalDVD/OVA|ova=4|image=Fairy Tail OAD 4.jpg}}
The OVA are released as a part of the limited edition of Fairy Tail Volumes.
The opening theme of OVA 1-3 is ''[[Eternal Fellows]]'' by ''Tetsuya Kakihara'', and the ending theme is ''[[Nichijō Sanka 〜This Place〜]]'' by ''Aya Hirano''. The opening theme for OVA 4 is ''[[Blow Away]]'' by ''Tetsuya Kakihara'' and ''Yuichi Nakamura'', and the ending theme is ''[[Happy Tale]]'' by ''Aya Hirano'', ''Sayaka Ohara'', and ''Satomi Satō''
{{Episode|OVA1|Welcome to Fairy Hills!! (Episode)|''Yōkoso Fearī Hiruzu''|ようこそ フェアリーヒルズ!!|Apr 15|2011|Bundled with Volume 26, it will be focusing on Lucy's Adventure to [[Fairy Hills]].|BG=ff9999}}
{{Episode|OVA2|Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan!|''Yōsei Gakuen Yankee-kun to Yankee-chan''|妖精学園 ヤンキーくんとヤンキーちゃん|June 17|2011|Bundled with Volume 27, it will be focusing on the Fairy Tail members in a School setting.|BG=ff9999}}
{{Episode|OVA3|Memory Days|''Memorī Deizu ''|メモリーデイズ|Feb 17|2012|Bundled with Volume 31, it will be focusing on Team Natsu going to the past.|BG=ff9999}}
{{Episode|OVA4|Fairies' Training Camp|''Yōsei-tachi no Gasshuku''|妖精たちの合宿|Nov 16|2012|Bundled with Volume 35, the extended version of Chapter 261 with Mavis visiting Fairy Tail and Lucy visiting Natsu's house.|BG=ff9999}}
{{Episode|Movie 1|Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix|''Fearī Teiru Hōō no Miko''|FAIRY TAIL 鳳凰の巫女|Aug 18|2012|The movie is based upon Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail manga and anime, but has no relation to the current storyline whatsoever.|BG=71FF71}}
==Cover Gallery==
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{| width="270" cellspacing="1" align="center"
|{{PortalDVD/OVA|ova=1|image=OVA DVD 1.jpg}}
|{{PortalDVD/OVA|ova=3|image=Memory Days Promo.jpg}}
|{{PortalDVD/OVA|ova=4|image=Fairy Tail OAD 4.jpg}}
*Initially, the anime was supposed to last one season- until episode 48, but the series' massive popularity overturned this; it continued onto a second season of 47 episodes and later onto a third season of 55 and is currently airing a fourth season.

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