Memoirs is the 284th episode of the Fairy Tail anime, and the 7th episode of the 2018 series. It aired on November 18, 2018.

Zeref shares the story of his childhood and how he came to be afflicted with his deadly Curse of Contradiction. Meanwhile, Lucy worries that the old Fairy Tail members have moved on and won't want to help restart the Fairy Tail guild, only to receive the exact opposite response from her comrades.


At the Mildian Magic Academy, Zeref stands before three men who are reading over his dissertation. They are amazed by it but tell Zeref that the subject matter isn't meant for children. The subject of life and death magic is forbidden and that it would anger Ankhseram. They tell Zeref that he will never again study this kind of magic. Zeref reluctantly agrees. As he's walking, Zeref clutches the dissertation close. He says that he only wants to know why people live and die. Suddenly, Zeref wakes up having been asleep on a field of grass. He wonders if that all had been a dream. Zeref sits by the water and thinks about his younger brother who died several years after he was born. That as a child he couldn't make sense of it so that's why he began to study life and death.

At the Mildian Magic Academy, Zeref studies life and death. He presents his hypothesis to a group of people. They are all amazed by his magical framework which is meant to bring dead people back to life. After, Zeref is pulled aside and is reminded yet again that reviving the dead is taboo. The instructor also points out that his design doesn't pay much attention to the part where human lives must be sacrificed. Moreover, he tells Zeref that life and death are a part of nature and that they must not meddle. Later, Zeref is sitting at his desk when the same instructor walks in. He sees that Zeref is still working on his Eclipse project even after he was told to stop. Zeref tells him that he's almost perfected it. The instructor believes that Zeref is creating all of this in order to go back and save his younger brother. He tells Zeref that the board has decided to expel him. This upsets Zeref who suddenly begins to glow. The instructor believes its the wrath of Ankhseram. All of a sudden the glow disappears but the instructor has fallen onto the floor. In fact, every student and teacher within the academy were dead.

As Zeref walked home later, he noticed that every bird or fish he passed died. He was given the Curse of Contradiction. The more he cares about life the more everything around him dies. The only way to suppress was to not care about life. He also lost the ability to age or die. He was plagued by the deaths that he caused but was secretly happy that he could now study for the rest of eternity. Then, many years later, Zeref decided that he wanted to die. So he began messing with magic that could create life. He created demons that could kill him. These demons would be known as Etherious. Unfortunately, none of his demons were able to kill him. So he decided to create E.N.D. Etherious Natsu Dragneel. He used his brother's dead body. It would become the ultimate Etherious and resurrect his brother from the dead. Zeref ends his story because there is a person that he needs to go see. Zeref walks through a cave to find a man waiting for him. The man is Acnologia. Acnologia asks Zeref what he wants. Zeref tells him that Acnologia has been waiting for a serious challenge and Zeref is going to make that happen. He tells him that the time has come for a final battle between a dragon, an immortal, and a human.

Lucy Heartfilia, Wendy Marvell, Carla, Happy, and Natsu Dragneel arrive in Magnolia Town. After the battle, they'd decided to all go their own ways again but promised to meet in Magnolia Town. Wendy asks Lucy if somethings wrong. Lucy just tells her that she was thinking about the past. Natsu gives Lucy a look. Lucy thinks back about when the Master disbanded Fairy Tail. Lucy stops walking and they ask her what's wrong. She tells them that she doesn't think she can go any further. Natsu asks if it's because the building isn't there. He tells her that the building doesn't matter. Lucy says that she's worried about how everyone else will feel. That she sent out letters for everyone to meet here but...They've all gone their own ways and she wonders if they all feel the same anymore. Suddenly, Cana appears and wraps an arm around Lucy. She tells her that they could never forget after just one year. Cana says that none of them knew how to reach out after the disbanding but that Lucy broke that wall for them once she sent the letters. Cana tells her to hurry up because everyone is waiting. She grabs Lucy by the wrist and drags her along. They arrive to find a big group of people waiting for them: Warren Rocko, Nab Lasaro, Reedus Jonah, Max Alors, Alzack Connell, Bisca Connell, Asuka, Jet, Droy, Macao Conbolt, Wakaba Mine, Romeo Conbolt, Laki Olietta, Vijeeter Ecor, Kinana, Lisanna Strauss, Elfman Strauss and Mirajane Strauss. Lucy starts to cry and screams out that she's home.

Natsu digs through the rubble and finds the Fairy Tail flag. He waves it in the air.

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Manga & Anime Differences

  • The following parts occur only in the anime:
    • Scenes of a young to teenage Zeref studying and writing.
    • A teenage Zeref seeing a group of people carrying a casket in the rain and then later passing by a graveyard.
    • Scene of Zeref's realization towards creating life.
    • Zeref passing by a waterfall on his way to meet with Acnologia.
    • Gajeel chasing Happy for mocking him.
  • Image of a hypothetical maze referring to Zeref's mindset wasn't shown in the anime.
  • Some Etherious weren't included within the flashback of Zeref opposed to all in the manga.
  • Levy and Gajeel's clothes are different from the manga.


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