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#[[Laxus Dreyar]] (flashback)
#[[Laxus Dreyar]] (flashback)
#[[Zeref Dragneel]] (flashback)
#[[Zeref Dragneel]] (flashback)
#[[Doriate]] (flashback)

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Song of the Fairies is the 233rd episode of the Fairy Tail anime. It aired on May 16, 2015.

As the giants and Team Natsu celebrate their victory, Minerva ends up meeting Kyouka, one of the Nine Demon Gates of Tartarus. After the giants welcome Flare back, the team goes back to Warrod, where they find out that the latter is one of the founding member of Fairy Tail.


Natsu celebrating along

With the village being brought back to normal, the giants celebrate the Mages' victory, being thankful to them. As Wendy and Gray start to eat with them, Erza arrives, wanting to know what exactly happened to the village. After Lucy tells her it was attacked by an Ice Devil Slayer, the giants tell them that facing the enemy with their weapons is all they can remember. Lucy then proceeds by saying that the culprit has mistaken Atlas Flame for a Demon, with Erza coming to an obvious conclusion that he did it due to the misunderstanding. Gray then explains the group when Doriate told him they've opened the gates of Hell, with Erza immediately figuring out it's Tartarus he was talking about, meaning that the Devil Slayer must've been its member. Due to the mentioned facts, the team starts to think there might be another reason for freezing the village, being the one they don't know about.

Flare is back home

Afterwards, Lucy wonders about Flare, finding her to be hiding behind a tree. As she calls her name, the giants suddenly get serious, wanting to see her. With Flare thinking she won't be accepted back, the giants see her as she grew up, even though being still tiny to them. They then proceed by asking her about her experiences with the outside world and after Flare answers their question, they start smirking, telling her that the Sun Village will always be her home, no matter where she goes, subsequently welcoming her back, making her cry out of happiness. Fairy Tail Mages are happy for her, especially Lucy, who starts to cry after seeing her smile so warmly after a long time. As the evening comes, the Mages and the giants spend their night by talking, eating and having fun in general.

File:Kyouka Appears.png

Kyouka appears

Meanwhile, Minerva comes back to the Succubus Eye headquarters, finding it to be in havoc. As she wanders around, she finds out that the hall is filled with many puppets of some sort. Soon after, someone comes in, turning out to be Kyouka of the Nine Demon Gates of Tartarus, who clears Minerva's suspicions by telling her that her own Magic enhances people. Minerva then starts to think it could be a punishment for failing her mission, showing signs of fear. Kyouka, however, doesn't care about Silver's personal request he wanted them to do, proceeding by telling the latter that she is looking for more recruits due to an incoming assault Tartarus is planning. As Minerva refers to her as a fool for slaughtering the others instead of recruiting them, Kyouka calls them weakling, using her Magic on Minerva afterwards.

The next day, Mages head back to Warrod to give him a report about their completed job, as well as to receive a reward for completing it. However, they end up being exhausted due to the long way back. As they rest, Lucy remembers when the giants and Flare saluted them when they departed. Briefly after, the team continues their trek, eventually starting to wonder about the reward for their job, thinking it might be big due to the client being one of the Ten Wizard Saints. When they arrive back to Warrod and tell him about their success, Warrod responds by expressing his pride in them. Gray then wonders what happened to the Hunters all of a sudden, with Lucy telling him about their defeat. Regardless, Warrod is surprised that Tartarus is involved and then rewards the team with a potato, greatly disappointing them.

Warrod reveals his past

In the evening, the girls visit a hot spring, wanting to relax after their hard work. In the meantime, Warrod has made a dinner for the Mages, with the boys starting to eat already. As the girls come, Warrod offers them a tea with healing properties, turning to be much bitter than they expected. Warrod then reveals himself to be one of the founding members of Fairy Tail, still having his guild mark. This greatly shocks the team, but, due to that fact, it explains Makarov's reaction to Warrod's job request. Warrod then proceeds by telling the group that he's happy he met them, going further by telling them that the bonds between the members are all that matters, after which he quotes Fairy Tail's founding words. Due to Warrod's obvious old age, Natsu wonders if he could know something about E.N.D., with the former not having knowledge about it. He does, however, tell about the mysteriousness of such Dark Guild, as well as its demonic rituals, scaring the team to think that there's a Demon in Tartarus. Natsu, however, gets fired up, wanting to fight them to gain more knowledge, all the while not knowing he is hitting Erza, getting petrified of fear upon finding that out.

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Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, the males are in the bath with the girls and Warrod says that the hot spring is a mixed bath. Most of the conversation that is had after the bath scene in the anime takes place while that mixed bathing scene takes place in the manga.


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