Enchantment (付加術 Fukajutsu) is an ability that allows the user to bind their Magic onto someone or something.


The process of Enchantment amounts to the user to adding their own Magic onto living or inanimate objects, thereby increasing their natural attributes; i.e. enchanting wood to make it stronger than steel,[1] or enchanting swords into human beings with immense power.[2] While a normal user of Enchantment is simply called an "Enchanter," (付加術士(エンチャンター) Enchantā)[3] a "High Enchanter" (高位付加術士(ハイエンチャンター) Hai Enchantā) is one who has immense prowess in the art. For them, it is possible to attach their Magic in a manner that allows them to change and alter climates,[4] manipulate the atmosphere, completely change geography,[5][6] modify an organism's physique,[7] and even vastly enhancing the power of individuals past their normal limits.[8] High Enchanters also have the ability to extract Magic from human beings.[9] If one has enough Magic Power, such as the amount possessed by a Dragon, they can even cast "Master Enchants," (極限付加術(マスターエンチャント) Masutā Enchanto) which allow them to enchant heavenly bodies themselves.[10]

Notably, Dragons teach Dragon Slayers their signature form of Magic via an enchantment process,[11] and Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is a Magic that almost exclusively specializes in performance boosting.[12] It is also possible for Dragon Slayer Enchanters to attach the basic properties of their Dragon Slayer Magic onto something, thus allowing the person of their choosing to, albeit temporarily, become a Dragon Slayer as well.[13]

If an enchanter dies, all of their existing enchantments will cease to function, and any physical changes that resulted from them are reverted.[14]


Irene's Enchantments




Wendy's Enchantments

Sky Dragon Slayer Magic




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