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Elizabeth (エリザベス Erizabesu) is a young woman who visited Magnolia with Meliodas and Hawk.


Elizabeth is a young woman with blue eyes and long, silver hair that falls down her back, with a fringe that partially covers her right eye.[1] She wears a light-colored blouse with a ribbon around her collar, a dark-colored miniskirt, white shoes, and a single sock that goes up to her thigh.


Fairy Tail x The Seven Deadly Sins

Elizabeth Takes a Liking to Happy

Elizabeth immediately loves Happy

Upon arriving in Magnolia, Elizabeth and her peers admire the sights of the town as the vicinity prepares for Christmas. As they walk, Meliodas asks Elizabeth if she wants a present this year, which Elizabeth agrees to in astonishment. After pondering, she decides on wanting a talking cat, to which subsequently, they encounter Happy. As Elizabeth marvels at the talking cat, Hawk wonders off feeling forgotten, which later leaves Elizabeth in tears due to the guilt of "cheating on him" with Happy. Despite Meliodas' attempt to pacify her by telling her that Hawk will find his way back, Elizabeth continues to tear as she states that Hawk does not know the town very well.[2]

As Meliodas leaves to look for Hawk, Elizabeth goes out to by some fresh bread, and returns to find that her two friends are safely back. She swiftly gets down on her knees and apologetically embraces the talking pig. After Meliodas suggests they invite the rest of their peers over, Elizabeth agrees. Later, Elizabeth and her peers get together to celebrate Christmas while donning appropriate attire.[3]


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