Elfman Strauss vs. Taurus (Eclipse) is an anime-exclusive fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Elfman Strauss and Eclipse Celestial Spirit Taurus.


Assigned teams

Team Elfman and Mirajane

After the aftermath of Eclipse and the rebelling Celestial Spirits are revealed, Elfman teams up with Mirajane to be one of the teams assigned to solving this problem.[1] Eventually, the Fairy Tail Mages arrive to Astral Spirytus just in time to stop Liberum, a ritual meant to free the Celestial Spirits at the cost of ending their lives twelve days later.[2]

Elfman then enters Taurus' door and finds himself in a forest, facing the bull. He comments that this is a perfect place for the battle of two men, with Taurus questioning whether it was a compliment. However, Elfman notes that he doesn't care about the location as long as he gets to let loose. Taurus hurries him, claiming that he is rather busy, wanting to finish this quickly.[2]


Elfman quickly rushes towards Taurus in an attempt to deliver a barrage of punches, however, he backs away as Taurus dodges every single of them. The Fairy Tail Mage wonders how he could miss and Taurus notes that muscles aren't everything. Elfman replies by transforming into his Beast Soul form, much to the Spirit's distaste, and charges at his opponent one more time. Taurus states that changing into a beast doesn't mean anything and with a simple movement of his index finger, he pushes Elfman off.[2]

Elfman and Taurus clash

Elfman and Taurus clash

The Fairy Tail Mage makes an attempt with yet another attack, but to no avail, as Taurus strikes him down, stepping on his face until it crashes into the ground, while noting that he should've trained his brain instead of muscles. Thinking that his opponent is done for, Taurus turns to walk away, however, Elfman gets up, activating Beast Soul: Weretiger. Taurus transforms his book into an axe in an attempt to fend Elfman off, but the Mage blocks it with Beast Soul: Lizardman and the two proceed to clash one more time. That is when a bit of Elfman's sweat falls on Taurus, much to the latter's horror, as the Spirit claims his opponent to be unhygienic. Elfman sees his chance and attacks, covering Taurus in sweat which causes him to panic. Elfman then strikes yet again and while Taurus is on the ground, he uses Hisui's special key, supported by more sweat, to close the Spirit's gate.[2]


Exhausted, Elfman falls down. However, knowing that he's accomplished his mission, he cheers on being a man. Elsewhere, at Astral Spirytus, Hisui compliments the Fairy Tail Mage for his victory and proceeds to spectate the rest of the battles, wishing for the rest of the Celestial Spirits to come to their senses.[2]


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